Thursday, July 2, 2009

"Drinking Habits Among youngsters" A SURVEY....

Last weekend I worked for a Market Research Company in which I had to conduct a small survey and had to collect Interviews of 175 youngsters ranging between 21-35 years of age….. Of course a person aged 35 is not a youngster but that was the upper limit.
When I first read the requirement notice by the company, it was clearly mentioned that they require 3 people for the survey… I thought it’s very easy and we two friends in a team will do the entire thing in one day…. We had a deadline…. Till Sunday 3pm we had to submit the data….
We approached the person concerned and got to know that we had to go through a short briefing before the survey…. We went for briefing and came to know that we had to visit different corners of Delhi in order to collect the data and that’s so through personal interviews…. Different corners meant different universities in Delhi which are poles apart… I sometimes wonder how I met someone so CRAZY like me… And we enthusiastically accepted the work…. Hell yeeah.... ENTHUSIASTICALLY…. Ha ha
It started, Saturday morning…. We hired a cab (of course we were paid well for that) and started with our work… We thought of starting with South Delhi… Since its admission season it was difficult to find people above 21 years of age 70% were ranging between 17-20… But then work is work….
Started with Venky college…. Came across many people… here i am elaborating a few…. One guy was there for his younger brother’s admission I interviewed him (main highlights):

Me: what comes to your mind when you hear the word “liquor”?
He: (with a smile on his face and sparkle in his eyes) Liquor… Whiskey…. Where is the bottle… it excites me
(his expression was loud enough to say it all)
Me: your perception/opinion about Liquor?
He: Well, in my opinion it’s one of the best creation of Man and everyone must drink it…..
(and before I could say anything) it should be neat, on the rocks (lots of ice), a girl to serve it…
Me: (Before he could continue I prompted) you are done FULL STOP. Thank you. (After a pause) You are here for your brother’s admission, right? Does he know your views and all about liquor…?
He: NOOOOO……. He doesn't know anything !!
Me: :P

I met girls too asked them the same set of Questions…. I am glad to say at least girls are more sensible and intelligent when it comes to “Liquor”... they too drink (some of them) but wisely…. Unlike guys who are desperate every now and then to grab a bottle :P
I collected data from venky and headed towards another college….. I am skipping ARSD…. Lets talk about MLNC, there I entered in one classroom where admission was going on…. And most of the people were busy filling forms… I approached a guy from North east (first target in that college and the first and last one who rejected to give interview :P)

Me: (Smiling face :P) Hello… You are here for the admission, Right?
(Looked at me as if am an Alien, speaking Chinese :P)
Me: Can I take your two minutes if you don’t mind?
He: NO!

I studied with a North Eastern guy in my graduation, I understand... he had no knowledge of hindi, so I consider all north easties as Zero in Hindi…(though few can speak very well in Hindi)…. But Hello… I was talking English dude…. Gemme a break….!!
I walked straight out of the class…. Was sitting alone on the stairs of the college and was just observing people moving here and there with no interest in asking any further Q to anyone… A guy approached

He: Hi, are you here for admission?
Me: No.
He: For Mark sheet?
Me: No
He: Actually, i saw that you are sitting here alone since quite sometime. May I help you, I am a final year student Political science, I am here to help students coming for admission.
Me: I explained the whole thing...….
He: Iam Faiz, you can take my interview
(I conducted his interview and we started chit chatting)
He: I cleared TOEFL and am going to Germany after my Exams
Me: that’s good
(We continued to talk for some more time)
He: how many more interviews you need?
Me: 20 more from here
He: Only? Just gemme sometime and be here
Me: okay!!

After sometime I was surrounded by guys too happy to give their interview :D
It wasn’t difficult at all…. All credit goes to Faiz….
I thanked him and moved to North campus, A place where I spent 3 most precious years of my life….. A place which makes me nostalgic everytime i go there............
I first headed towards my college, Hansraj, conducted few interviews, roamed in college and went to my science faculty…. Got few people for interview and in the end I moved to the Arts faculty, and there I met an interesting personality… His name was Varun
My team mate approached their group (2 guys and 1 girl)
He started with the interview of one guy, I with the other

Me: (After filling the details) first thing comes to your mind when you hear the word “Liquor”?
(Sorry but I don’t remember precisely what he replied)
After few usual survey questions… He started with his Questions,
He: what are you doing? Is this your job?
Me: Nopes, m a student it’s some research work m doing for experience
He: studying what?
He: I am also a MBA graduate from Amity. Which semester and college?
Me: IIIrd (gemme a break, i am the one who is supposed to asked Qs not u :P)
He: what’s your name?
Me: Deepika
He: full name
Me: Deepika Gupta
He: Delhiite?
Me: yess, k tel me which of the following drinks do you consume? (i had a list of drinks)
He: I have tried all…. Do you drink? (Again his Qs started)
Me: NO
He: Seriously? Actually I also don’t drink….. actually in past 6 months since I joined office….. blah blah
Me: :P….. it’s okay!! Don’t worry, your name is not going to be there in the magazine it’s a general survey
He: I don’t care even if it’s gonna be there
Me: Thank you.

He was the last interview of that day…. Pheww!!! Hell it was Tiring….
After that we submitted the data collected….
Well, I dunno when the data analysis will be out… What I can say is… guys are more into drinking…. Than girls…. They love Whiskey(most), beer and Vodka…. Whereas most preferred drink among girls is Vodka…
My last weekend was good… I have already started looking for work for this weekend and further weekends… I can’t sit idle for two complete days… As far as hanging out, chilling is concerned… I do it daily…. Remember, m still in college and I still have an option of bunking ;))
Life Rocks!!!!!! \m/ :D :D


Anonymous said...

i know i know guys!! bt they arent e1 that bad while drinkin...
i gues u dint get the original piyakkads!!!
bt its good that u r using ur time very well n applyin the teachins o MBA ;)

Deepika Gupta said...

@Anonymous :P :P
i met REAL bewdas.... And you toh dont talk about after drinking :P... I remember everything :P

Smarak said...

hey Deepika, interesting narration. wud like to point somethin...

* Guys aren't really tht mad abt drinking... they exaggerate their feeling; actually u need to understand their psyche to know the difference between their professed attitude and their real attitude. guys feel tht they create a 'stud image' of themselves in front of gals if they show tht they drink. more the social taboo of something, more bold guys r abt professing it -u sud sometime interact with ppl who r on grass

* Yeah the guy who helped u, the guy who was asking u questions etc they were hitting on u. i myself used to do tht stuff whn i was in delhi. i used to frequent DU central library, nd wud hit at ny hot gal i found alone sumwhere... now tht i think abt it, it was silly nd i was acting like a loser

Nazish Rahman said... nice experience deepika!!!

the first guy was trying to be "cool" as u see may be was trying to impress!!! I mean just look at his answers "t should be neat, on the rocks (lots of ice), a girl to serve it…"...he had to add girl!!!
m sure had this survey been done by a guy..his response would be different..or would have not even rem my days!!

met so many bewdas....hope u were not influenced by them to enter the pub......lolz!!!!


Arv said...

Hi Dee...

that a kewl post and despite the tiredness, I think that it was a good experience for you...

quite an adventure too :)

have a nice day :)

do drop in an email sometime :)

Deepika Gupta said...

Thanks for helping out.... Thats what i was wondering.... What's wrong with our generation ;))

And about that loser thing... I may not agree.... Those people were just trying to help me out...... :)
Lolz... u used to do the same hitting thing,Guys will be guys...!!! :)))
but i appreciate ur honesty :D

Deepika Gupta said...

Influenced... lolz.... Neea i am not... ;)
Well... i had no clue it was an act for showing himself as 'cool'.... he was rather portraying an image of a 'fool'... lolz

Some guys are so.... lolz :)))

Deepika Gupta said...

Thank you :)
yess it was a good experience.... i really enjoyed it... was laughing at the end of the day... :))

Creativity!! said...

Hmmm.....Good description Dear..Its a good experience too :)

hemu said...

so u are doing most enjoying job! nice interacting with different people! boys drink more than girls obviously! but now a days girls number is also increasing!

Deepika Gupta said...

yup dear it was a great experience:)

Yup girls are into it too... but they drink sensibly... Atleast more sensibly than boys... :)

muthu said...

oohh come on...

whats with the girls drink sensibility statement...

I mean- 2 drink is 2 drink-

Is there any sensibility to it once U decide 2 get smashed....

& I think Vodka rules..

esp with 7up.

And hey -- U neva gave out the results of your study...

ShantanuDas said...

"I sometimes wonder how I met someone so CRAZY like me"--- this is what I too wonder!!!

btw the interviews were hilarious.. and of course the one where the girl serving drinks got choked off by u!!

Btw.. guys or girls.. you cannot just stereotype people like some have done in their comments here ... either way... for eg i may feel the first guy was not trying be kool or even hit with you.. he may have actually been saying his true feelings !! how do you know?

hary!! said...

Hey Deepika... thats a good survey to take.. but ya i do think guys always exaggerate when it comes to drinkin as though thats all it takes and nothing can beat it...well wat was yur opinion finally ? :D

Deepika Gupta said...

I know I know... A guy will favor guys :P
but you have to accept the fact you'll find REAL PIYAKKADS among guys and its least likely to b a girl... :))

May be your preference is vodka but what i mentioned is what majority of guys said :)
Survey results even i dunno....
they'll be published in some Liquor related magazine :)

Deepika Gupta said...

At last somewhere you think like me... :P
Yeea I never know... whether they were telling a lie or truth... but my work was to encourage them to speak up the truth... :)
M not stereotyping it was just what i felt during the survey.... Everything teaches us something.... This was a good learnind chapter indeed... :)

Deepika Gupta said...

Thanks for visiting my blog.... :)
Hmm.... May be they exaggerate but i dont find the reason why they do... people who are into alcohols are no way cool.... M not talkin about social drinking but otherwise its something very bad....

Well, in My opinion...
1. Guys are more into it
2. their fav is Whiskey and Vodka :))
3. And they love flaunting their addiction.

ShantanuDas said...

haha!! No no guys do not suppot guys always. the chap only said what is true for the age you surveyed. at the college going age ppl do tend to boast and show off a bit in front f girls.. though I do not personally know why a sensible guy would do that!! I mean there are 100 other ways to impress a girl.. Surely getting drunk an 'Not High' (I bet no guy expects impressing a girl after getting high) cannot be the turn-ons for you girls is it? Smoking on the other hand is some sort of social acceptance tool I guess.

Anyway.. I drink all sorts.. let me give u that interview recollecting my colLege age MINDSET:

"what comes to your mind when you hear the word “liquor”?"

Ans: Daroo!! Cheaper but not qualitywise. So rum is the best! No beer. Beer does not give a kick. If I am spending money I need to get high.. and since I never got high less than 7 pegs rum OLD MONK was the best bet. Not beer. Beer gives pot belly, has glycerine and tends to give amoebiosis in the next day!! And beer will need 7 bottles (1 bottle contains same alchol as 1 peg). In fact I do not drink tea too because it does not give me a high.. nor do I smoke because smoking makes me a slave.. not drinking.. (I do not plan to be addictive).

"your perception/opinion about Liquor?"

aNS: For fun but Bad for health.. I started drinking only at 3rd year and on my own choice.. nobody forced me to it.. I had gone to college planning to start in 3rd year only (siggh... if only I had planned my other things so well !!) .. nobody should drink,, if anyone asks me I will say... but of course it is always fun to drink in group and see others getting drunk.. but forcing is not good... . I drink it is my choice.. ahhh !! I will like to see a girl drinking in my company.. I have never seen drunk girls (my pet dream haha!) but if anyone asks I will say don't drink.. actually it is harmful.. so better control it!!

What were the other questions??

Girls by nature have a safety device in built.. so they will never be drunkards nor bad drivers.. of course exception is always there.. so you are right that Guys are more into drinking than boys!!.. or men more than women!!...

Now that the interview has ended.. DEEPIKA come let us have drink together!! rbr my pet dream??

Pritish said...

hey deepika, trust ur fine. thanks a lot for posting about your experience on the survey front.
honestly, would have liked the post more had u writter more about the analysis and what you learnt from the analysis.
from my experience outta drinking in india and cardiff(uk) with friends, i will agree to ur statement that girls certainly drink lesser than boys. reasons are simple - they dont wanna get sloushed, the girls can not drink a lot, vodka and baileys are their favos, a very few of the girls love beer, girls drink just to enjoy but a higher % of guys drink to not only enjoy but also to forget their worries and that is why whisky, brandy and beer are guys' favos.
girls can lose control after two to three drinks.
FYI - I used to drink but quit forever.

ShantanuDas said...

And since this is also a serious topic touching millions of lives.. let me also tell you a few observations from my own life and the world around:-

1. At first most of us drink for innocent fun.. to let our hair looose.. but then other things start getting loose if you cannot control it... like character,, like money.. like family lives... One bad thing leads into others.

2. At first we drink for fun.. then we drink in grief.. then we do not need any excuse.. the drink comes first the excuse comes later.

3. Drinking and driving not good we all know.. but nothing like a light drink and driving down the hills of Himalayas. among tea gardens.. such memories will haunt you always.. and make you drink further!! lol !

4. Drinking alone is bad they say... but it all depends on your control of your mind.. many drink alone but never get drunk...this is also true..

5. Girls today are more into drinks than earlier times.. because of westernisation of society...

6. Men who drink vodka and white rum and all the white drinks.. do so to say they have arrived in society (whiteness gives a sophistication to them) or plain like me because they smell less and so I will hv less chance to get caught at home.. these two reasons are the most common..

7. GIN has always been considered lady's drink.. but blv me it gives the same kick.. after all the % alcohol is same!! it is therefore a myth..

8. To get drunk on Beer you need to convert the pegs into bottles.. if u get high with 5 pegs then u need 5 bottles.. but beer will never lift you and drop you flat..whisky and rum and vodka (ordinary ones) will lift and lift and lift and drop you flat.. you will just drop flat!! and wake upnext day... Beer lifts and lifts and will keep you floating.. for a long time.. and then drop you.. here you enjoyment is prolonged.. but as I said.. you neeed to drink in bottles.. You can also get drunk with Wine.. again drink more.. and you will..

9.Good drinks are those which does not drop you flat.. the SCOTCHES... scotch.. will lift you slowly.. allow you to remain sophisticated in the party... go ome safely.. and then float into your sleep.. and wake up with nil hangovers.. but then empty pockets!!

10. If you have 25 gm butter before drinking.. it lines up your stomach walls and you can show off if you want to (for those who want to).. that you can drink a lot..!! the absorption into the blood is slower...

11. Always drink lots of water..roughly one glass extra water for each glass of whisky/ rum/ etc (of one peg) or more to avoid hangovers next day.. since drinking dehydrates body.. and is the sole cause of hangovers and headaches next day..

Anything else? well i will tell you if I rbr again..

so when are u starting to drink? I have given so much infor. u shld now start!!

GAURAV said...

nice post dear...

Deepika Gupta said...

Smoking? Acceptable?? No way... Not in my opinion atleast... I just cant stand ppl smoking near me.. :P
Social drinking is though acceptable unless its too much.. :P

your college age mindset was so mature :P
And out of 175 not a single one neither guy nor gal.. said they prefer RUM... lolz.. you are an exception....
You are an ALCOHOLIC a big one... :P :P

Safety device built in... rofl... yess its their BRAIN... :P

And i feel you better try to fulfil your 'pet dream' with your wife...

**Thanks for sharing interesting tips... i'll forward to all my alcoholic and semi-alcoholic friends ;))

Deepika Gupta said...

Well... yess i must have analysed it better... but i love the analysis you gave... he he he
Good observation... but do not under estimate gals... They dnt drink much coz they understand its excess is bad....
The best part is.. you quitted :D

ShantanuDas said...

strange!! nobody said RUM? Strange indeed!! arrey I am not a Big one!! (see? I am feeling ashamed bcs u called me this.. how can then guys use drinking to attract girls!! I feel ashamed when a girl calls me this!! lolz)

Wife? !! lolz!!.. arrey how did U guess I have a wife? very intelligent!! lolz!!

;-) nah... dreams are meant to remain as dreams only... you cannot fulfill them with reality!! lolz!!

Deepika Gupta said...

I guessed... you said you are married.... So i guessed it must be a girl ;)

Sharad Sharma said...

as I said before , your enthusiasm for work and life in general,is appreciable :) keep it going

good to read the interview excerpts.
I think youngsters start with random social drinking by drinking only at the parties but soon, they do not realize when it becomes an addiction and they party for no reason,just to drink,more often than they should.
I also think that habit is not flaunt-able :)


ShantanuDas said...

aww come on!! how do you know I am not gay? Now after the Delhi HC order .. it is okay to come out na??


Deepika Gupta said...

yeea its legal now.. thats why i said "I GUESSED" :P

ShantanuDas said...

yeah.. so my pet dream may not be possible with my 'wife' na!!
hee heee

ZiLliOnBiG said...

Thanks for dropping by and you have a lovely blog. Will come back to read more. Cheers:))

ScarletTd1ar1es said...

um i read the whole thing. dunno wat to say though. i think your writing style has a certain good touch to it i cant really define.

ps: add a shoubox to your blog. makes commenting so much more easier.

keep penning and best of luck with the drunkards and bewdaas. :P

Jagjit said...

I used to drink quite a lot. But then I stopped getting that heightened sense of joy out of it. So I quit. No used to swallow a bitter liquid when all it does it fill your tummy and make you go to the rest room every 15 minutes. Now I am high without drinking. Glad it happened. Anyway nicely written post. I am sure you had lot of fun during the survey. I am new to your blog. Nice work.

Amal Bose said...

sorry for being very late..
nice post..
actually the result was not a surprising one, i guess.. well most guys drink, n some girls do it. the important thing is to not get addicted to it.
btw i really envy u..
u get to do all the cool things.. travel a lot for ur internship, now this.. life surely rocks for u..

Saif said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Saif said...

In my opinion there is nothing known as sensible drinking ... drinking alcohol is in itself a senseless act, no matter in what amount it is consumed. Even drinking socially is not acceptable ... you never know when you become an addict. Alcohol is something that is prone to being highly addictive.

The gender differences in alcoholism will depend on age, education level, and socio-economic status. The group in which the survey was done, its seems quite probable that guys will be found to be more involved in alcoholism compared to girls. I believe the people who participated in the survey were all, more or less, of the same educational level and socio-economic status.

The results may change a lot if the educational level and socio-economic status of the participants are different.

For instance, among the rich and high profile people, I don't think there'll be much of a gender difference. I'm talking about the extremely rich people. High society women have the tendency of getting extremely drunk, especially in those cocktail parties where they even might be accompanied by male strippers.

The same goes with people who belong to an extremely low socio-economic status. In such societies you will find women to be highly alcoholic. The women will come under the category of "bewdas" and "piyakkads" that you mentioned. In such societies it is quite possible that women may be more alcoholic than men.

NEHA said...

u always impress me gal :)

KParthasarathi said...

interesting blog
Can you tell me how to put the background pics as you have done in side bars

रंगनाथ सिंह said...

cute blog...

"life is beautiful" the film i cn never forget...

u really hv good spirit to keep this title...
we r ppl from different planet so...
hv a good luck for future...

रंगनाथ सिंह said...

i forgot to tell u...

texture of blog is very very nice...
u keep keep us human,

best of luck


Nice survey...Also the comments are at par with the article..:)...You have nothing to do this weekend,so why don't you try and feel whether the survey results suits ur opinions or not...:)

sawan said...

the interviewing part seems like fun :)

Harshita said...

"I sometimes wonder how I met someone so CRAZY like me" ... hehehehe

Wow! must be tiring but fun naa... I wonder ismein survey ki kya baat hain nahi..

We gals can gang up say once n for all "Guys drink more and they are bigger bewdaas"...LOL

But yeah! I have seen couple of my gal pals all out on liquor.. ;) and I shud add that Guys behave weird wen drunk and all the gals wud do is try being an aeroplane or they will just pass out. :D

Hey Deepika, I loved this post...

ShantanuDas said...

now now!!

ShantanuDas said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Deepika Gupta said...

Thanks for being here.... :)

Thank you for the appreciation :)
m not surrounded by drunkards... :P

Deepika Gupta said...

First of all welcome to my blog.. :)
Its really good to know people can leav it too.... i thought its next to impossible to quit once u r into it.... :)
remain high on life its the best thing to have fun.... :D

Deepika Gupta said...

Good to see u here... after a long break.. :)
Well, i agree its different in different classes of society and social status one way responsible...
But i must say there is something called sensible drinking... yes, drinking socially with low concentration of alcohol is acceptable in my opinion...
its necessary you'll get high with every alcoholic drink.....
One should keep in mind their capability of drinking...
i know few of my guy friends who can talk normal and walk straight even after drinking complete bottle of vodka.... so its upto an individual....

Deepika Gupta said...

Thanks gal :)

i have mailed you the solution..

Deepika Gupta said...

Its k yaar.... :)
i know you read weneva u get time... :)
he he he.. yea life truly rocks for me \m/

Thank you so much...

yep it was a nice survey... :)
hmmm.... rains are here.... So m planning to enjoy this weekend rather than working... :D

Deepika Gupta said...

lolz.... thanks dear...
yes.. So true... guys are big bewdas ;) ;)

it was real was obvious survey though... :)

Gals dont drink more than they can really manage to handle.... thou guys wen start.... :P :P

Deepika Gupta said...

What "now now" :P

Shaunak said...

Not exactly a habit...more like it's considered a "cool" factor. The way I see it, drinking starts more because of bewda friends and the concept of mai talli ho gayi :P

Surveys out here in Mumbai says something similar, but the ratio's almost 50-50. There's one sect of youngsters where girls drink as much as guys and even more.

Nice experience. Must have been hilarious after every interview! =D

Saif said...

@ Deepika
Like i said, that's my opinion. But, even chronic alcoholics begin with trying a little bit or believing in drinking "sensibly". As I said alcohol is highly prone to being addictive, so if not now then may be 10 years down the line a person can become addictive.

Anyway, if others feel that they can drink in a controlled manner then its perfectly alright. I feel that one should not drink alcohol at all and if you or anybody else disagrees with that then thats fine ... no problem at all :)

ShantanuDas said...

nahhh nothing.. i just read the comment of Harshita and commented 'now now'....sply the part where she thought of shouting guys are all bewdaas & her gal pals being all out.. it reminded of my dream

ShantanuDas said...

btw.. for some let me clear.. one thin about Addiction.. it is a myth that something or other is addictive.. Alcohol is not addictive...
It is the mind that makes you an addict. If you are weak then you become addictive.. the way I see some people not able to go without tea.. and even getting headache.. should I not then say Tea is addictive? In fact some do say that too!!

Saif said...

there's a lot of difference in tea addiction and alcohol addiction. firstly, tea addiction does not come under substance abuse. alcohol addicts require counseling and psychotherapy and alcoholics have to be admitted in rehabilitation centers. alcohol causes degeneration of the brain and a decline in motor abilities. chronic alcoholics experience hallucinations and delusions. it may lead to disorders like alzheimers. it may even lead to personality disorders or even some psychotic disorders.
tea addiction may lead to heart problems but only on rare occasions.
alcohol is a completely different thing. side effects like brain degeneration might occur even if alcohol is taken in small amounts.
its a big myth to say that only the weak become addictive ... anybody anytime can become an addict.

ShantanuDas said...

wah wah! expert huh?

for one who does not drink and never drunk. i suppose all this knowledge from observation only.. or helping addicts maybe or mabe you are a doctor..!!! [if you are then good for you though-- that is beyond the point here!!]
well cannot argue with an expert !!


I believe in personal experience before spreading my expertise. Haha!! Anyway...

eye-in-sty-in said...

ice... oops... nice :D

thanks 4 checking out my blog...

mohit said...

hahaha...that sure was a popular topic to write about!
and ure right with the conclusion...

nice blog, btw :D

Anonymous said...

Really interesting experience!

Randeep said...

You could 've conducted the survey here babe.. :)

1st time here.. :)


Venky said...

hey who is that namesake of mine, he has absolutely opposite view of mine. I would prefer to drink even urine for liquor if i had to chose between the too.

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