Sunday, June 21, 2009

Life is "Eventful"

Life is being different since my internship ended….. Well, I would rather say its eventful…. Things I never thought happened… things I never wanted happened…. Faced situations I always wanted to avoid…. And most of them are quite personal to share here publically…. But then life is not always a bed of roses and my life is even much better than the majority of the people in this world… so no issues…. :D
Sometimes I think life in past was so stress free… Wait , from past I mean life in “Stone Age” ;)….. Aah no tension of studies, job, money, love, honesty, responsibility….. Blah blah…. Well yes you must be thinking the opposite of course that there were other tensions and I know those were still easier to handle… We as humans not making life easier but also making it more complicated and difficult….. (Look, who’s talking ‘a tech-savvy’ herself blaming mankind for technology).. :P
We are creating reasons for the next destruction, when nature will quit and we’ll be nowhere (though I know am not going to live that long but it bothers me a lot)…
My internship was good and I miss it a lot at least there I was close to nature and was doing something which gave a feeling of immense satisfaction… but as they say nothing is forever…. People I know were dying to join back college moment their internship started….. Few didn’t liked the work and few didn’t wanted to work…. Whatever the reason it may be I miss my internship…. :((
In just one month of college I feel am living “Rang de basanti” kinda life….. Where I have a reason to fight….. a reason to stand up against all odds….. A reason to work in benefit of others and in order to improve things… Fighting for all that we deserve and we should have… And while doing all this I really miss my Marketing professor who is no more :’(…
Classes are as usually mandatory for attendance….. I do attend most of them in order to fulfill the criteria… As long as studies are concerned I can study any moment really want to.... But my focus here is other prevailing college issues…. Let’s see how far it’ll take me…. But one thing is sure when I have started it I’ll do it….. I find it difficult to understand the words “No” and “impossible”….. only thing I know is “yes” i will do it… when I think about it I can feel the fire within me.... Ahh life is…. A struggle :D…. Latest event am working upon is our first “guest lecture” for this new semester coming up this week… And guess what am organizing and hosting it.... Am kinda excited and stressed… its first event for the junior batch so it should be good…. Well, my fingers are crossed…..
And for overall issues…. I would say….
So I lay my head back down, and I lift my hands and pray”…. (A line from favorite song “only hope”)
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