Thursday, July 2, 2009

"Drinking Habits Among youngsters" A SURVEY....

Last weekend I worked for a Market Research Company in which I had to conduct a small survey and had to collect Interviews of 175 youngsters ranging between 21-35 years of age….. Of course a person aged 35 is not a youngster but that was the upper limit.
When I first read the requirement notice by the company, it was clearly mentioned that they require 3 people for the survey… I thought it’s very easy and we two friends in a team will do the entire thing in one day…. We had a deadline…. Till Sunday 3pm we had to submit the data….
We approached the person concerned and got to know that we had to go through a short briefing before the survey…. We went for briefing and came to know that we had to visit different corners of Delhi in order to collect the data and that’s so through personal interviews…. Different corners meant different universities in Delhi which are poles apart… I sometimes wonder how I met someone so CRAZY like me… And we enthusiastically accepted the work…. Hell yeeah.... ENTHUSIASTICALLY…. Ha ha
It started, Saturday morning…. We hired a cab (of course we were paid well for that) and started with our work… We thought of starting with South Delhi… Since its admission season it was difficult to find people above 21 years of age 70% were ranging between 17-20… But then work is work….
Started with Venky college…. Came across many people… here i am elaborating a few…. One guy was there for his younger brother’s admission I interviewed him (main highlights):

Me: what comes to your mind when you hear the word “liquor”?
He: (with a smile on his face and sparkle in his eyes) Liquor… Whiskey…. Where is the bottle… it excites me
(his expression was loud enough to say it all)
Me: your perception/opinion about Liquor?
He: Well, in my opinion it’s one of the best creation of Man and everyone must drink it…..
(and before I could say anything) it should be neat, on the rocks (lots of ice), a girl to serve it…
Me: (Before he could continue I prompted) you are done FULL STOP. Thank you. (After a pause) You are here for your brother’s admission, right? Does he know your views and all about liquor…?
He: NOOOOO……. He doesn't know anything !!
Me: :P

I met girls too asked them the same set of Questions…. I am glad to say at least girls are more sensible and intelligent when it comes to “Liquor”... they too drink (some of them) but wisely…. Unlike guys who are desperate every now and then to grab a bottle :P
I collected data from venky and headed towards another college….. I am skipping ARSD…. Lets talk about MLNC, there I entered in one classroom where admission was going on…. And most of the people were busy filling forms… I approached a guy from North east (first target in that college and the first and last one who rejected to give interview :P)

Me: (Smiling face :P) Hello… You are here for the admission, Right?
(Looked at me as if am an Alien, speaking Chinese :P)
Me: Can I take your two minutes if you don’t mind?
He: NO!

I studied with a North Eastern guy in my graduation, I understand... he had no knowledge of hindi, so I consider all north easties as Zero in Hindi…(though few can speak very well in Hindi)…. But Hello… I was talking English dude…. Gemme a break….!!
I walked straight out of the class…. Was sitting alone on the stairs of the college and was just observing people moving here and there with no interest in asking any further Q to anyone… A guy approached

He: Hi, are you here for admission?
Me: No.
He: For Mark sheet?
Me: No
He: Actually, i saw that you are sitting here alone since quite sometime. May I help you, I am a final year student Political science, I am here to help students coming for admission.
Me: I explained the whole thing...….
He: Iam Faiz, you can take my interview
(I conducted his interview and we started chit chatting)
He: I cleared TOEFL and am going to Germany after my Exams
Me: that’s good
(We continued to talk for some more time)
He: how many more interviews you need?
Me: 20 more from here
He: Only? Just gemme sometime and be here
Me: okay!!

After sometime I was surrounded by guys too happy to give their interview :D
It wasn’t difficult at all…. All credit goes to Faiz….
I thanked him and moved to North campus, A place where I spent 3 most precious years of my life….. A place which makes me nostalgic everytime i go there............
I first headed towards my college, Hansraj, conducted few interviews, roamed in college and went to my science faculty…. Got few people for interview and in the end I moved to the Arts faculty, and there I met an interesting personality… His name was Varun
My team mate approached their group (2 guys and 1 girl)
He started with the interview of one guy, I with the other

Me: (After filling the details) first thing comes to your mind when you hear the word “Liquor”?
(Sorry but I don’t remember precisely what he replied)
After few usual survey questions… He started with his Questions,
He: what are you doing? Is this your job?
Me: Nopes, m a student it’s some research work m doing for experience
He: studying what?
He: I am also a MBA graduate from Amity. Which semester and college?
Me: IIIrd (gemme a break, i am the one who is supposed to asked Qs not u :P)
He: what’s your name?
Me: Deepika
He: full name
Me: Deepika Gupta
He: Delhiite?
Me: yess, k tel me which of the following drinks do you consume? (i had a list of drinks)
He: I have tried all…. Do you drink? (Again his Qs started)
Me: NO
He: Seriously? Actually I also don’t drink….. actually in past 6 months since I joined office….. blah blah
Me: :P….. it’s okay!! Don’t worry, your name is not going to be there in the magazine it’s a general survey
He: I don’t care even if it’s gonna be there
Me: Thank you.

He was the last interview of that day…. Pheww!!! Hell it was Tiring….
After that we submitted the data collected….
Well, I dunno when the data analysis will be out… What I can say is… guys are more into drinking…. Than girls…. They love Whiskey(most), beer and Vodka…. Whereas most preferred drink among girls is Vodka…
My last weekend was good… I have already started looking for work for this weekend and further weekends… I can’t sit idle for two complete days… As far as hanging out, chilling is concerned… I do it daily…. Remember, m still in college and I still have an option of bunking ;))
Life Rocks!!!!!! \m/ :D :D
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