Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I am surely in LOVE!!

I lived one of my worst nightmare yesterday….!! I was in a state of shock by the time I fell asleep.

I still feel terrible thinking about the moment…. Day started with a bad note when I was searching for the keys of my car and got too late for a meeting…. Day proceeded with rushing for the other meetings….

After doing 2 meetings in 2 hours I had to reach for the 3rd one which absolutely out of the way…. I rushed and almost managed to reach the place 5 minutes before time… Since, it was not my meeting and I was almost on time I parked my car in “No Parking” area and rushed for the meeting.

I quickly finished the meeting in 15 minutes and when came back.. my car was not there…. For a second, I felt I have lost it forever… It was a terrible feeling… I asked everybody standing around and got to know that it was towed away….

I took an auto and reached the place… It felt like I have lost something I am totally in love with… My car was standing outside the police station and three old men were sitting there…. They were so called policemen… I went there and shouted at them…. I tried to be normal but I was not able to…. How the hell they touched my CAR without my consent…. I felt like slapping them then and there…. But then I controlled I was dying to drive my car again… I just paid the money and took my car….

For some time... I stopped my car in between and felt like crying but then I had a very bad headache and I decided to run away to some place far away and wanted to spend some time in isolation…. So, I went to Noida and tried to sleep.. After trying hard for two hours I finally fell asleep and ended my bad day….

Yesterday was a day I was actually waiting for… Something good was planned for the evening… but then I cancelled everything…. I needed that isolation therapy…. I know I am mean at times…. But, I was in a bad form….

I am surely in love with my car…. And it was scary like hell to even imagine yesterday’s moment….. I would rather…. Anyways…. Chuck it…

My heart stopped beating for few seconds…. And I reacted badly… I know…. But it was out of my control…….

God!! Hope you are listening to me!!… Don’t give me such heart attack again…. Pheww!!... Love you…. :) :)
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