Monday, October 29, 2012

F.R.I.E.N.D.S Forever!

Today while driving to my office, I realized that I never ever dedicated any post to the people who deserve a special space in my life… It’s not very tough to count them though… 

Broadly I can say, it’s my friends & my family members…. 

Of course, there are other influential people as well… like my First bosses (Internship and first job) who played very important role and still deserve a very good space in my mindset and life… Who helped me to grow like a lost kid in the fish-market…. My Marketing Professor Late Mr S.K. Jaimini who helped me in taking very crucial decisions at the point where I was super confused… 

But, I specifically wanna dedicate this post to my Friends…..

In the morning while driving, I was thinking… I must have done really good deeds in past life to have people like the ones I have… Honestly, I am one of the toughest and most complicated people…. Very short tempered, bad, rude, moody and crazy… It takes hell lot of patience and concern to deal with me…. And life is busy so no one has time to devote… So, the people who jhelofy me without complaining are the ones who have spoilt me to the core… At times, they treat me like a small spoilt kid who dunno anything about life and people… And makes me realize so many things I ignore to notice… And I don’t appreciate but I love them for this.. I don’t know nor I have words to thank them for this.. :D

O dear God, I feel very privileged and lucky to have such people… It’s very difficult to find people who understand you so well… *touchwood*

I am not a very expressive person, so, most of the times... I am unable to speak what I feel… The good I feel is mostly hidden… but the bad I feel is mostly on my face… but having such people who even understand that  the expressions are temporary and kiddish… and the feelings I posses are real and true is a pure blessing…. 

I wish to write so much… but, I am running short of words… 

I have seen and met people, who are there for you only when you are happy, but the moment you are in tough situation or in a mid of a mood swing they drop you like a hot potato… I am not criticizing such people but I must say they can’t be anybody’s friend. People who switch their friends as per their requirement at that point of time are simply don’t deserve friendship…. And they are like an eye-opener which makes you realize…. People can be illusive…

But, all is well when the end is well…. And there is no end to true friendships… Me and my friends do fight like kids… but that only adds on to our understanding towards each other…. And then of course, they know me so well… that we rarely need too many words to patch up…. :-)

Dear God, Thank you so much for these people in my life…. You know what you have given me… Of course, you never forget to add some negative elements in my life to give me a “Disney movie” feel… And expect your princess to manage it all… :P

But, trust me I will… Because, I know You are with me…. And My people are with me… And together we’ll win the game… Love You… Muaah.. :D  :-)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My 25th Birthday…

I had a very strong urge to write blog post on my birthday… But, at the end of the day I was too tired to type anything….

It was my 25th birthday so I had certain plans from past few months which were all thrashed due to my work…. Anyways, I still managed to enjoy my day… thanks to my family and friends…. I feel lucky to have them... :-)

I can sense winters in Delhi… The weather is changing… So is my mood… It’s pleasant and better…. Every time its winters... I feel a different world around me... A better... more beautiful and serene... And as I always say… Winters make me fall in love with everything around me…

On my birthday, someone told me 25 is the age after which many things start changing…. I dunno what it means actually… As far as maturity level is concerned... I am least bothered… brains & heart I don’t posses…. So what is left? May be metabolism level… :P

Anyhow, sometimes I find it very difficult to understand myself.. I ask myself where am I going… I am 25 now, but.. I still ask myself, In which direction I am going… will I be able to reach my destination this way or not and if yes, then when?

I have dreams, interests, destination, resolutions and so many things to do… And, I hate it when someone asks me about marriage plans… Man! I don’t have time for all that but I guess it’s very difficult to make people understand that… So, I have stopped trying…  I just say- “No plans”

I have noticed, lately I am being more social…. May be I have realized the feeling of being away from my friends… I have realized it’s very difficult to find people who truly understand you and still be with you… I have realized people we randomly meet can be deceptive... And, I have realized life changes….

But, honestly, I have no regrets so far… Yes, I am still not very sure about the path I am moving on will take me how far in the journey towards my destination… But, life is all about moving… And realizing…. And rectifying… And the most importantly…. Having FUN!!!

So, cheers to the upcoming life….:)))

And God, thanks for being there for me….  I Love you for giving me the best of parents, brothers and friends…. I really wanna thank you with all my heart…. And yes, you know the things I wanna change in my life… Please help me with that… I promise I will try to be your good girl… Love you… muaah :-))
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