Saturday, May 25, 2013

Working Weekend!

“Oh No! Another working weekend”

This is one thought which usually never bother me… Being a workaholic… I love working… But, I guess after 20 days of work without a single break, I now understand my mom’s words- “Beta, rest bhi toh zaroori hai”… when the tiredness is ruling all over me…

I so wish companies should understand this… On the other hand I feel, Indian companies & Indian people will never understand the concept of ‘rejuvenation’…  Where people are normal human bodies that needs rest physically as well as mentally…

Looking back, professionally, 

I was picked from campus by my first organization, where I used to work 365 days round the clock…. But, then, I had flexibility of taking rest…. My boss was considerate enough to give me that liberty of taking a break… Still, life was tough... without Saturdays off and unofficially working Sundays…. My social life was limited only inside office…I still loved it... 

My second job was a bit stable…. Fix 6 days working, sometimes Sundays too… very fix timings…. But nightmares should not be recalled… :P

Coming on to my present job… I like the place where I work… I like my work… I like the culture… though there are always certain positives and negatives about every place…. But *touchwood* it’s more of positives there… The only thing I hate the most is working weekends without any comp off….

I dunno why companies don’t understand making employees work for 2 weeks without a break will never improve their business or performance instead it will further result in slow and poor results with employee dissatisfaction and higher attrition rate… A happy employee can work more efficiently, and one day off in a week is everyone's right..

I m so tired… given a day off, I’ll only sleep for 20-25 hours… My mind is tired… My routine is all disturbed... My personal tasks which I try to finish after office are still half pending… My family needs my time, every second day my mom or my bhai asks “Tu kab free hogi, kab we can go for this or that” :-(…. I haven’t met my friends from long time, usually when they ask “Are you free on sat/sun”…. My reply is “Event hai” … And for God, you know better... what not….

I need sleep... I never thought I'll say it so publicly but yes, I need SLEEP! I need REJUVENATION, a short break.. A small escape to an isolated place... :-(

Dear God, lets catch up soon someday... After office of course! Love you.. ;-)

P.S.- This post was purely written with a Saturday morning mindset, with a ‘working weekend ahead'  feel!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

'No Money' day-out!

After a long long time I am coming back on my blog with a realization happened JLT… :-)

Though I miss writing terribly… I rarely write it down now a days… I think I should restart writing my filmy life & its happenings  :P

Yesterday was just another day…. I got up… cooked food (which wasn’t very usual though)…. Got ready for office… And left for my meeting directly…while driving I saw a shop where they sell one of the finest cakes in town… It tempted me and I decided to buy one for myself…. I was driving and talking on fone… I turned my car towards the shop and parked… Moment I was about to get down of my car I realized I left my wallet home… LOL

It wasn't a ‘LOL’ moment though…. I was kinda shocked…. I was almost 50 kms away from home on an isolated planet… crossed Toll roads… Without any further option I started my car and looked around how much money I had in form of coins and change… I counted, it was 70 Rupees…

Calculation started in my mind… 20 for parking, 25 for toll and rest miscellaneous…. Have you ever realized we feel like eating something special on the day when we can’t actually buy it…. :P

Talking to myself, I reached for my meeting… The office was in a mall... I parked my car…. And finished my meeting…. Then I saw McDs… I never crave for their food on normal days…. But yesterday it was a craving… I recounted my money and realized I had 30 bucks extra… I decided to buy a burger… :P

Their burger never tasted so good ever in my life… I relished it.. And left for my other meeting which was in the other corner of Delhi…. Luckily my home was on the way… I picked up my wallet and continued my day…. But, in that short time I actually relived my school days… where money used to be so limited and we used to save 5 Rs as well…. Today, if I look at myself…. Or even people around me…. No one bothers about it…. We earn & throw…

Life changed so much…. Still some change saved my ‘HALF DAY’ :P

God, Love you… Give me strength and be with me.. Muaah.. :-)
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