Thursday, July 17, 2014

Super cool life ;-))

Inspired by honey Singh's 'Char botal vodka'... I tried drinking 4 glass full of milk today... Lol.. M too full in 2 glassful..

He he... Life can't be better...

Now a days my life is being very exciting & eventful at workplace... I joined this new office in March and till now I m fighting for my PC... I call myself a queen of disguise... Tough situations love me and I love them back with equal intensity.. May be that's why we are always close.. ;-))

This PC trouble was not settled down when I realized back-office people deleted my system login ids which I was using daily... Pheeww... a long chase began today for that as well..

I have not seen any workplace so slow or may be God is adding more spice to my life to enjoy the show.. But you know what God, I love spices.. ;-P

This phase will pass too... And its actually good that I am learning something which no one knows... And I am really happy about it.. :-))

Yesterday night, I saw an interesting dream... I saw I went to Mumbai... Although I won't share the reason here on blog :-P but I liked the city... I feel like going there in real now... :-((

I wanna travel everywhere and enjoy the beauty of every place... I especially love beaches... Its kinda good that I don't live in Mumbai or else I would never have left beach... I imagine at times... how it would be to get up every morning with a sunrise above the sea... And sitting near sea in the evening after a stressful day... Wow... :-) :-)

I love sea... I also like mountains but I dunno still... somehow.. there is something very special about Delhi that attracts me... And I know I don't wanna spend my life anywhere else in the world... May be that is my love for my city... :))

Why I m writing such posts today... Am I falling in love..? :-O Wait.. I m already in love  ;-))

God, I love you for giving me such a brilliant life... Take care of my people... Good night... Muuahh :-)

Rain Girl-2 :-)

Wow! Rains in Delhi :-))

Have you ever experienced the feeling of dying in excitement or happiness...? I do when it rains... :-D

Rain truly drives me crazy... My heart sing a song & soul dances when rain pours down... And getting drenched in it.. Wow! is one of the world's most pleasurable experience.... :-D

God, I truly love you for pouring down rain.. it washes away all my pain and I feel truly blessed... It internally touches some part of me... Which even I am unaware of.. I feel like a frog or a peacock.. I just wanna dance.. :-))

When it rains I think of all good things... It induces positivity in me... And gives me a new life every time I get drenched in it...

God, today while driving I was recalling my school time.. how you always blessed me... when I was weak... Whenever someone used to do bad to me and I used to feel upset and helpless you used to answer and do justice on your own.. You are my sweet Mafia... love you :-))

I love you for the love and blessings you gave me... You know me and understand me without judging with all my badness... I remember whenever you refused to give me something, I used to fight with you but you always answered me why it happened and I always felt blessed and thanked you.. :))

You made me believe that sometimes its a blessing if you refuse to fulfill my wish... I am sometimes too kiddish to understand things...I am an emotional fool kid of yours but, I know, you love me the most... And you can't do any wrong to me ever.. :-)

God, I m sorry for thinking negative about life in bad times... I know from within, I have the most wonderful life... My people are the best in the universe... Family... Friends... Though, now, I am not a very friendly person but people around me are good they like me and make me feel amazing... I love it.. :-) 

Rains makes me feel awesome and brilliant... This post I am writing while sitting in my car enjoying the most mesmerizing & sensuous sound of rain...

Now, I ll go home and post this.. Yayy... Life is soooo damn beautiful...

My heart is singing a song... Lala la lala la la la lalala la la... ;-))

Love you muuuaah.. ;-)

PS- I am back home, ordered my favorite pizza and posting this while waiting for it.. Yayy Yayy :-)))

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Weird Me! :P

I love winters… I even love summers…. But monsoons drive me super crazy.. :-))

God, I know you made rains to take some kinda revenge from me…. I don’t feel like doing anything on a rainy day... I just feel like getting drenched in the pouring water from sky… :P

Life is indeed good… And monsoon is truly beautiful…

Half of my team is in Goa from office… My office rewarded last year’s performers by a sponsored trip to Goa… Lucky people… I m here dreaming of it… dyinnggggg to go…. :-(

Anyways, there was a guy in my team not interested in going I counseled him that he should go… After all Goa is religious place when alcohol is your religion.. Convincing somebody to go Goa... that too when it’s FREE of cost... is a Godly work…  :P

Ahhh Goa, even the thought induces excitement inside me… :-D

I don’t really appreciate discussing about work after work hours, but we can discuss workplace of course… while driving today my brain was busy thinking.. as usual… sometimes, I feel it also runs on diesel :P

So, I was thinking why professionalism and friendship can’t go hand in hand… few days back when I got this team to work with… I had nice terms with every one… We used to share lunchbox, laughs and general talks apart from work… But, as soon as number pressure started building up… that so called ‘good terms’ changed in to professionalism… of course, work is the priority and if the team I got will not work from where will I meet my numbers…

Sometimes we need to choose, we intentionally murder one relation to survive the other one…  at times without our will…! :-(

I very strongly believe that I am a feeling less, cold blooded, devilish girl… but I hate it when emotions bother me… they should not be a part of me at all… They only create barriers in life… I hate this part of me… Emotions are like an injured body part… they don’t leave you but compel you  to bear the extreme pain and live with it…

But I hate how strongly and extremely I think about things… God, you made me a weird person! :P

Dear God, If you call this growing up… I am not really having fun in it… After all life is all about having fun :-))))… So, you kindly alter it and make it interesting and happening for your favorite girl…  :-)

I am willing to write a lot…. About every damn thing… My yesterday’s trip to Manesar…. My PC trouble… My SALE plan…. Brothers’ Birthday planning and what not…. Bhai log’s birthday is the topmost priority as of now… I wanna make it grand this time… beyond their imagination… :D Lets see… lets see…

Weekend is also near… Another interesting movie coming up… yayy! :-))), also, I wanna go for photography… I wanna click… Just need a push… May be a company would do…  I am way too lazy…. :-) :-)

God, I love you for being there for me…. Just stand by me.. Give me strength to carry on… And take care of my people...! Muuaaaah :-) :-)

Monday, July 7, 2014

All is well, All is well!! :-)

When things are going against you... Always remember, there is always something to be thankful for... You'll find thousand things... Thank God for giving you chance to find your true Superhero power... Most people never realize how powerful & blessed they are... You are lucky if you do! :-) :-)

It’s a beautiful Monday morning :-)… beautiful weather.. strong coffee… And everything full of excitement… :D

A major goof up has happened at my workplace though I am not truly responsible, but, I am the one to be blamed for it… after all I am a Sales person… :P…. So, I am trying to gather all my positivity to resolve it… And since Saturday I am telling myself  “All is Well”…

This major trouble panicked me on Saturday… But since it was a Saturday eve… I decided to focus on party as I had two options either to enjoy my party or spoil it by thinking… So, I decided to choose former option & I had a great evening… Awesome food, drinks & shopping ;-))

Out of my dream world, it’s a real & practical Monday where I have to face what already happened… God, please save my life… I can sense now.. how big it is… And it’s time for me to be a warrior :P

Recently, I have started playing Ironman on my fone.. So, I’ll take some lessons from him… how to fly… gather all electricity in one go and shoot…. :P… Even when you are attacked & injured badly… you still regain your power by giving up few credits... It’s not an end :P

All is well… All is well…

On a serious note, I am totally scared… I dunno what will happen... I wish I could post my real expression here… But, what may happen… Let’s think of worst… I might lose my job or screw up my confirmation or affect my first appraisal very badly… what more… :P… It’s not an end of my life… It won’t affect my shopping, parties, my workout, plans of Goa & Bora Bora, bhai log’s birthday… things which truly matter won’t be affected… hmmm… :D :D

Sometimes I feel like Dennis of “Dennis the Menace”…. Queen of problems… All troubles love me so much that they automatically come attracted towards me… But, I guess that’s what is adding spice to my life… :-))… without these problems life will be like everybody else’s.. dull & boring… Of course, a Disney princess life can’t be boring & smooth… :-P

All is going to be fine... I just have to be calm & composed… which I know is a very difficult task :P

God, Please please be there with me… Like you are always… I understand you have followers and lots of work.. but today you have to be with me on priority… Love you…

And… Of course, take care of my people :-)) Muuuaaaah :* 

Friday, July 4, 2014

Its July! :-)

Its July... So.. With the beginning of this month.. Its time to give myself some new interesting targets to achieve.. life is being super busy now a days and I m loving it..

I wanted to be in a place where I could be super busy.. This is the one... And here I work like a bee... Yayy.. :-)

Financially, I am broke.. I bought two more phones last month on cash down.. One for bhai and one for me.... So far both are awesome...

Rest, I have improved my health... Not yet started collecting watches though... Need more money.... Looking forward positively.. 

You know what pearl... I like many people around me... I like people who can convince me as I m a very hard to convince person... I feel good..

Last month I was absent from blog.. But it was a good month... I enjoyed watching all movies released on theatre.. Went to places..  Had fun... I loved June overall...

Coming to the target... My account balance is really low... So I have no idea how will I manage... I know God will show a way.. :-)

But yes, this month I'll buy one watch... My swimming costume plus I also wanted to buy shorts but not sure that offer will b there or not anymore..

I am very happy and monsoon is here to add on to it... Life seems beautiful and I am loving it..

God ji please give me strength to move on successfully and to meet all my targets personally & yes professionally too...

Take care of my loved ones... Love you... Muaaah :-)))
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