Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Presentation!

I am indeed ‘the chosen one’ by the almighty! :P

What a day it was...! 

Sometimes... it seems like God plans or actually crafts every day specially for me ;-)

After my MBA, this was the first time when I was involved so deeply and creatively in my PowerPoint presentation... Adding all cartoons, clip art, charts and what not to it... I really think I worked for it, not very hard though...

I was kinda excited... reached office on time and in morning itself heard an announcement that a new station head was going to join us from the very day... So, just 6 hours prior to my presentation we all gathered in a hall to welcome him... In his intro he said 'I somehow love presentations, so each one of you will be giving many ppts in coming time'

Inside my head, I was telling myself 'Deepika beta, aaj ka Mirchi murga is you' :P

I sensed either of things was going to happen.. Either they will postpone my presentation or I’ll be meeting our new station head as an audience.. :-P

Latter was true!

To add on to it, my boss asked me to add 7-8 more slides and edit certain things in my ppt... That editing took almost 4 hrs... :P

I was dying with hunger... And with all that hungry and nervous feeling... I realised it was 'the moment' I was waiting for... Clock was showing 5 and I forgot everything else... Cinderella moment it was... And I had to carry on!

5 senior people entered in meeting room... yes, of course, with our New station head.. I was feeling a bit nervous about the last minute edits...

Hiding all my nervousness behind a smile... I started with my presentation...  And believe me I never realised how I lasted there for more than an hour’s time.. I finished it and saw time it was 6.15pm...

Pheww... though it was not the best of what I could have presented but everyone was kinda content... And I was happy.. :-D

It was a rock star feel \m/

As if, I cleared some IIT exam :P

Dear God, thank you so much for saving me once again :D

Please be there with me... I love you... And take care of my people! :-) Muuaah :*

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A Different Phase!

It's a comeback... 

Yes, It's a comeback of what I used to be when I ever started blogging!

I thought I’ll restart writing many times but somehow I lacked that courage inside... I lacked that confidence of putting my blog on public forum again.. And trust me, it took me long to gather myself and be here again... And now I am in a phase where I bother no more!

Life is all about facing your fears and reverting back to them with a hard punch on their nose. I learnt hard lessons of life in last two years... Though, I am sure we all learn something or the other everyday with everything we do... Today, I am at a point where I fear no more... Come what may...

When I tried to come back last time there were external elements who tried to stop me... because no matter what there will always be some people who will internally wish that you should not live...

But, let me tell you... you should live with even more enthusiasm... because you have more reasons to be happy... And some losers can’t rule your life... \m/

This time I am not here to run or hide, I am here to write & live in the best possible manner I can... To all those who wanna stop me... I just have to say.... “Go get a life for yourself”... actually, I would love to abuse them as well but I don’t wanna spoil my blog by doing so... ;-)

By the way, my Pearl’s  5th birthday is coming very soon... So, I should be more active... :-)

Today is one important day... I have to give my first presentation in my new office and I am kinda stressed... let’s see... I am hoping for all well with my fingers crossed...

Last week, I turned 27, to be precise last Tuesday itself... But I am still not feeling mature :P

I believe it’s not about age, its about experiences which help in growing up... For me I am still a Disney lover... I watched more Disney movies in last month and cherished them with all my heart... And wished again with all my power that it should come true :-) I know... Silly me... hehe

I think I’ll now get ready for work... Will share many interesting things happened and happening in life... I never thought I’ll meet so many stars but I did... Life is simply good...

Thank  you God. I love you.. :-) Please take care of my people!
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