Sunday, December 27, 2015

On the greens!

Yes, the post is about Golf!

And cricket!

And me!

And my beautiful life! :-)

Lately I have started playing golf... To be precise, I played 5 times till today and I am already in love with it. :-)

I was into cricket since I was a kid (I am still a kid though) :P, I mean as a kid.. I used to play cricket a lot...  I was raised with my twin brothers so I played cricket with guys most of the times...  Watched it, played it and was totally into it!

With time I switched to badminton... In between I tried volleyball, athletics, football, basketball, cycling, shot-put etc., but cricket was always my first love... followed by badminton...

Now, I am loving golf... it is a game of mind.

I have a very noisy mind, so, I have this habit of analysing everything...

Coming back to the game... while playing I was analysing golf and cricket... I feel, while cricket is like an exam with unexpected questions... Golf is more like an open book test...
For instance, in cricket you always wonder what kind of ball it might be or what kind of shot you’ll hit... In golf, you know the ball is in front of you... you know your swing and clubs... All you need is a control over your mind which decides your game!

One more reason of loving golf is you are your own judge.. You know your game and your weak points... you know you can improve with practice, you can judge yourself on an individual level... No one is sitting there to tell you that you are no good or you are rejected or you can never play! here, if you think you can play, you can play. :-)

This game tests your character, your patience and your true self!

You can easily tamper your score or cheat to win... that’s where it helps you being a better human. So, you know what you can do but you don’t...

For now my game is bad... But, I know I’ll improve with time and practice...

What is the fun without targets in life, so, with this game my target is to play at par by the end of “Game of Thrones”-Season 6. And I do have an incentive for myself... if I’ll improve my game.. Yayy, I am super excited :D :D

With this I am ending my post... tomorrow is a Monday.. I am just waiting for the day when I’ll start loving my Mondays :P

Good night Pearl.. Love you God. Take care of my people... Muuaah. :-))))

Monday, November 30, 2015

Happy Birthday Pearl :-)

The most difficult thing is when you don’t have feelings to express!

I started Pearl to write whatever I feel, but now, I don’t feel anything... just nothing. I am blank mostly in my head. And heart, what’s heart? Oh yes, the blood pumping organ. Yeah, I have that :P

Weird I know but true.

I have changed or something died in me or may be everything is all right, I just over think.

Happy 6th Birthday Pearl. I am sorry for being so irresponsible towards you.

But, I still love you. And love is not a feeling. Muuaah.

Friday, September 11, 2015

10 things I learned in my 1 year @Mirchi

Today, on 11th September I completed my first one year in this office. This is not the first office where I completed my 1 year but this one year was great in terms of learning. I learnt things which no book or work experience can teach ever.

I learnt practical things about life and people and I am glad I stayed here after all the storms and troubles.

So, beginning with my list of lessons-

1.      There can be a life with a background music

O yes, I clearly remember the day when I walked into this office for the first time, there was a music in background all the time. For a girl like me who loves music, office couldn’t be better. The only thing I prayed was to be a part of this organisation and as you can see, I am completing my 1 year here. :D
So , when something bad happens to me here I think about the music and cheer myself up instantly.

Learning- Music truly lightens up mood and makes life beautiful.

2.      Life is Filmy

I am a Disney princess and my life is always filmy, and here I feel I am living a movie in real... where i have paintings of bollywood actors all around me, music in background. Freedom to think and do what I like. Just WOW!

Learning- At times, Dream jobs are for real! :)

3.      You need to be your own HERO

Yes Sweetheart, you need to fight for yourself and stand up for what is right, even if it means standing all alone. But, trust me its all worth fighting for, it’ll only make you a stronger and a better person. So, when bad time hits badly, just hold on and fight. NEVER GIVE UP. In future it’ll help wherever you’ll go.

Learning- God keep on testing all of us, just have faith and carry on.

4.      Don’t believe what others think of you

 I know myself the best. Period.

Those who don’t even know me are no one to judge me or tell me who I am. I am introvert, silent, aggressive, mean blah blah blah. To hell with the opinions. I spent 27 years with me, so, I know the best. And in 27 years I met more than 27000 people to judge me. I don’t care anymore. Peace.

Learning- Believe in YOURSELF. That’s what matters in long run.

5.      Eating alone

Yes, I was always reluctant to eat alone in public, not because I lack courage, it’s because I love eating with people. In my all previous workplaces we used to eat food together always. But, here I learnt to eat my food alone. Though, I really hated it. I even stop carrying lunch to office for sometime, but, then I gradually adapted. If that’s how it is... LET IT BE, why should I suffer?

Learning- If it’s necessary for you do it, even if it means doing it alone.

6.      No, you cannot find friends everywhere

This reminds me of Ranbir Kapoor’s answer for an interview question (In office context though), he said “ there are times when I pick my fone and scroll down contacts list but out of more than 1000, I can’t find one to call and share my heart out”. Believe me, initially used to think with time I’ll make friends, I was sure as I think I am a good friend. But, it doesnt matter how nice you are, you can't always find friends. So, instead I have learnt to work without them. Though even if I believe it’s great to have friends, I can do without having any in office.

Learning- I am now very comfortable being alone in office. People you need to impress can never be your friends.

7.      Everything happens for a reason

Yeah, though I need answers for many things happened. I need to know the reason behind :P
Just kidding, everything happens for a reason for sure and I always got my reverts from God. I believe in supreme power and I am sure anyone can be unfair to me but God can never be. I am his favourite Kid and I have blind faith. This one is for you, God- Muuuaaah ;-)

Learning- Trust the power above when you are restless.

8.      You cannot change everything

Though I know it’s obvious, I am no God. But, at times I really want to change certain things and it’s the only point where sometimes I feel really upset. But, as they say life is not always a bed of roses. Disney princess will have to fight a few villains anyways :P

Learning- Problems really makes us feel alive.

9.      People will judge you anyway

Yo, it’s very true. No matter what you say or do, good or bad, right or wrong, people will judge you. So, really do whatever you like, in a way you are comfortable with. At least please yourself because it’s really worth it.
Initially I used to attend all office parties thinking that they are my office people I should know them and I never enjoyed it for 1 good reason I never had friends here. And if they are not my friends it doesn’t matter what they think. So, if you want to skip a few parties you don’t enjoy go ahead and do it, anyways it doesn’t matter as long as you are happy doing it.

Learning- Do things for your people and please yourself, not everybody.

10.  There are happy workplaces in REAL!

Yes Yes there are and mine is one. So, it doesn’t really matter if I have friends or not, or I eat alone, I like working here. I am happy when I enter my office with background music, happy faces, colourful walls, creative and independent work culture. I am in love with it!
Whether I talk to people or not I find myself attached to them automatically I dunno how, its the culture bond we share. So many happy people around and it all seems like blessing to me.

Learning- Second time I am in love with my workplace. First was my first Job!

Dear God, I would like to thank you for everything. Be there with me always. And bless my people. I love you :)) muaah

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Don't just survive. Live!

Sometimes I wish I could take an year off from work and travel the world, do whatever I really want to do... Pursue my interests and enjoy my life to the fullest.. For I know I will not get this time again... 

I have so much in mind... So many destinations to travel, interests to pursue, games to play, things to learn... How come I grown up so fast... :-(

Many times I fail to understand why we work like we are not humans for something which is not our dream...

'I love my company so much, I wish I could work here forever' said no one ever but I have met people who said and wished they could travel for the rest of their lives... Or spend time with their kids and family more often..

One reason for being dissatisfied and unhappy in life is not doing what you aspire to do and pushing yourself into something which makes you feel miserable...

I have changed jobs. And believe me I failed to explain it to people why I made those choices... Even if I tell the truth people can't accept it... Above all I don't understand why I even need to explain... Isn't it my life & can't I make my own decisions! Does changing jobs makes me inferior or less competent? The answer is No!

Quite often my caliber and capabilities are judged on my stability.. But, I know myself better than anyone else.. If I want to do something no one can stop me or beat me at it, but, if I don't, no one can make me work for it. 

I feel if you are born as a human there is a purpose... If something is not good enough don't waste time or crib about it... There is a reason God chose not to make you a tree. At least be passionate about your own dreams!

If something is not right or apt no one will come and help.. but.. you. People can only give you suggestions but its you in the end. You know yourself the best and no one else can live this life for you.

We are are born alone and die alone then why we need to live somebody else's life?

I really feel the only people worth prioritizing in life are our parents...  Rest the life is ours. \m/

Changing jobs, leaving them or sticking to them, work, travel, hobbies, photography and so on... Do what really makes you happy..

This life won't last forever not this time will come back...

I don't wanna regret in my old age that I wasted my life working for something which was of no good for me..

Don't bother what people think, it's your life and they are not going to be with you forever. So, pursue your dreams and live them... 

Don't just survive through this life. LIVE IT! You won't get it again.

God, bless me with a life I want and give me courage to pursue my dreams. Take care of my people. Love you. :-)

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Mumbai- My first planned Solo! :)

I used to read so much about this city and always used to think how it would be in real...

It’s truly amazing in every sense! :-)

One fine evening, out of the blue while sitting... As usual, I was checking tickets and 2 days prior to Friday I booked my dates for Mumbai... And woohoo I was going to Mumbai... :)

It was a Friday morning flight, I didn’t sleep Thursday night in excitement and reached airport much before time..

Day 1

Quest for Vada Pav

One purpose of booking a morning flight was to eat vada pav in my Friday morning breakfast. \m/

All charged up, keeping in my mind my Chennai “flight missing” incident, I was at airport 3 hours prior to my departure time..

Flight landed, I was dying of excitement... Not even for a second I felt it was my first trip to Mumbai, and had an instant connect with the place..

I booked a cab for my guest house and asked him to stop in-between for vada pav...  but, there was no vada pav shop on the way, I reached guest house around 10.15 am... I asked the caretaker from where I can have the best of vada pav.. he suggested chowpathy.. I went downstairs and asked people where chowpathy is... it was not very far, so, I took a taxi and starting talking to the driver about the city and asked him to suggest a good place for vada pav..

On his recommendation we went to CST to eat Vada Pav.. It was not very near but worth the travel..  I had the first & the best vada pav of my journey..

I came back to the guest house & took a nap... I got up in an hour and left my guest house to explore Mumbai...

Beautiful South Mumbai

I called up my friend in Mumbai and decided to roam around in South Mumbai..

We started with Social Colaba, this was decided when he visited Delhi & we went to Social Hauz Khas.

After that we covered up nearby paces including Colaba street, Leopold Cafe, Gateway of India, Marine Drive and randomly tried bakeries on the streets of south Mumbai... We walked almost 9-10 kms or even more... It was 10-10.30 pm... We were full though but we had to try sizzler in one of the famous places there... So, we headed towards ‘Relish’....  After over eating... I left for my guest house...

Day 2

The Day of Minions & Phoenix!

I had plans to visit the other side of Mumbai.

I started my day with a morning show of Minions with a friend at IMAX 3D, Wadala, as we don’t have Imax here in Delhi... I loved the movie and above all I loved the caramel popcorn... :D

After the movie, I had plans to meet my old friend and her daughter at Phoenix Mall, so, I took a monorail as suggested by a friend, and boarded in local train from Chembur for Reay road... In between, I quickly grabbed a pastry :P

Rushing from Reay road I took a taxi and reached phoenix,  I started searching for her in the mall, we coordinated on fone multiple times, we both waited in front of Zara but were not able to see each other... After almost 2 hours of search in mall, we figured out they have 2 phoenix malls in Mumbai and we were in different malls. She was also new in Mumbai so we both had no clue... :P

I was in Pheonix Parel and she was in Pheonix Kurla. The best thing about these two malls is they both are similar in terms of their showrooms and placement :P but are very far from each other...

Since, it was already 3.30pm and I was dead hungry, we decided to continue in our respective malls and planned to meet in evening at marine drive...

I was back in my ‘kung fu panda’ mode and started looking for food to eat... I ate a burger in appetiser... I was hungry and craving for pasta... I saw a very nice looking place around the mall by the name of ‘The California kitchen’, I went inside and ate the worst pasta of my life...

Though I was full, I took an ice-cream to change my taste...

I went back to the guest house, quickly washed face, took my camera and left for Marine drive to meet my friend...

She stays far from Marine drive, so while waiting I decided to click some pics, I clicked, enjoyed naturals ice cream on marine drive, had a great conversation with the loud waves and finally met my friend at around 9.30pm... we roamed there for a while and went for dinner...

After dinner I came back & slept.

Day 3

Divinity day

It was my last day in Mumbai and I had only half day..

I got up at 5 am as I decided to visit Sidhivinayak, Mahalaxmi & Haji Ali...

Finished all 3 by 9.30am...

I had time till 2pm, I boarded a local bus for Bandra, I visited Bandra fort & Bandstand, captured it in my camera... I rushed to the linking road for the most talked about market... I roamed there for a while but didn’t like anything... It started raining... I waited for rains for 2 complete days... I enjoyed vada pav there and left for CST to buy the yummiest vada pav for my family.

I boarded local from Bandra to CST, walked till the market just to realize it’s closed on Sundays... :P I waited for bus to go back to my guest house but some shopkeeper suggested to take a taxi as it’s hard to find a bus on a Sunday.

I reached back to the guest house, packed my stuff and left for airport...


It was drizzling in Delhi when I reached... I never loved my Delhi more...

People always compare Mumbai & Delhi... I can’t because the feel of both the cities is totally different... I loved the sea, vada pav, simplified transportation, hassle-free taxis, safe environment and helpful people...!

But, my core belongs to Delhi.... 

And will travel more often to Mumbai *<3>

God, you are the best! Thank you for everything  :)

Monday, July 6, 2015

I am an Addict!

O Yes! I am an addict.. A Travel addict...

Like Ranbir said in Ye jawani hai Deewani- “Main udna chahta hoon, daudna chahta hoon, girna bhi chahta hoon ... bus rukna nahi chahta”

I dunno what it is... But, I keep on reading about travel when I am not travelling... I don’t precisely know what addiction is all about, but, I crave to visit new places.... I love travelling... No matter to which place... for me its new... I love nature; I love different cultures, the food, the sunrise, the sunset, the journey, the air, the water and the feeling of my being in a new place...

It gives me immense happiness when I travel to a new destination, and when I am not travelling (I mean sitting in office or at home) I dream about my next travel, I plan another trip.... I read about destinations, I make a list of what is missing in my travel bag... For me... I never unpack my bag... ;-)

My weekends when I travel are more relaxing than the ones I spend at home... Its weird I know but it’s true....

When I am unable to travel to any new place for a month or so I feel upset and depressed... It’s a same feeling which I get when I skip my espresso... you know that addiction wali feeling...

Travel makes me happy... it gives me enormous pleasure to be able to breathe in a different air.... It’s like my basic need... and nothing else can fulfil it... No coffee no shopping no food nothing...

Whenever I visit a beautiful place I feel I leave a part of my heart there and it remains with me... though... I forget everything in maximum 3 days.... Thanks to my memory... I can’t remember anything.... but the feel stays in me.... A connection with that place... A pull that calls me back....

It’s a passion in me which is only growing stronger day by day... Dunno where I will end up... But... wherever it may be... all I really wish is to travel travel and travel for the rest of my life...

God, please help me.... I promise I’ll try to be a better person, but please help me... Love you.... Bless my people... :)

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

My best Christmas Ever!

I wanted to write this from the day it happened... It was truly the best Christmas of my life.

I always believed in Santaclaus, from the very first day I learnt about Christmas...

You may say, I was born and brought up in a set-up, where, as a kid.... all we had was a perfect family, not so perfect situations, a small TV,  and ample time to play and weave dreams...

I still remember how eagerly I used to wait for Christmas eve, watch all Christmas cartoons on doordarshan before Disney took over and wait for Santaclaus with a list... in a hope... I was a born optimist! :P

Santaclaus never came; I never got any gifts near my pillow on any christmas morning... I used to feel heart-broken... but, I changed that for my brothers, they always had a santa to gift them whatever they wished for... For initial years.. they didn’t know that there was no santa in real and that was a true feeling of success for me :)

With time, I changed in size and looks but from inside I was always the same girl who wished for a miracle... till today... I believe in miracles and yes, I have witnessed many of them...

One such miracle was my last year’s Christmas!

It was my best Christmas ever... And it gave me an experience of a lifetime which I’ll never forget...

In December 2014, I planned a trip with a group of people who were travelling to south India. I am a travel freak, so, even though I didn’t know all of them I decided to join them.
Since, my plan was finalised on last moment.. My flights were different from the rest of the group.... 

A day before Christmas, All energized... I was at airport to catch my flight for Chennai... 

Although, I was alone, I felt like I belong to the airport... I was very happy and excited... Much before time I was standing a queue for security check when I realised.. I missed my flight... how... when... and why... were of no use... My flight was gone and I was standing there without luggage for security check..

I was furious, and upset... I complained.. requested.. argued.. shouted.. pleaded and tried everything to convince them to send me to Chennai... but all waste...

I decided to go to Chennai come what may... I was already separated from the group... And since, they had to go to Pondicherry from Chennai they proceeded while was struck at the airport in Delhi...

After 7 hours and all the efforts they agreed to give me a seat in a connecting flight to Chennai... I was delighted.. I left my home at 4 am and I reached Chennai at 8 pm....

Aahhhh... I can’t explain what a great feeling it was when I first came out of air-plane and inhaled the first gulp of air in that warm weather of Chennai, I was instantly in  love... I stepped-in to the Chennai airport... It was beautifully decorated for Christmas eve.... My fone was dead... So, I first decided to charge my fone.... I saw a socket and sat there on airport floor while my fone was charging... Amazing feel... I dunno why I feel like home everywhere I go... As if I was born to travel.. :))

I charged my fone, called up home to inform I was safe, booked hotel to stay.. took a cab and enjoyed the drive through the decorated Chennai on Christmas eve... My hotel was brilliantly highlighted for Christmas... And that was the time... when I realized.. this was my true gift for Christmas which I always waited for... if I wouldn’t have missed my flight I would have been somewhere else, missing this beautiful experience... I thanked Santa and checked in...

I was planning a solo travel from a very long time but never got permission from family... this one day in Chennai was my gift for a lifetime... I was all solo and decided to roam around in Chennai all alone.... I had one day with me.... Christmas day it was...

I got up early, checked internet and penned down places I wanted to visit... I visited 3 churches on Christmas... blissful... bought home made cakes... checked out serene beaches of Chennai... talked to strangers, made friends, clicked pictures and realised life couldn’t b better....

And again my fone was dead... So, I visited a mall there and bought a power bank for my fone, it was so like a mall in Delhi yet so different, finally.. I decided to roam around in T-Nagar market to get the feel of being a local and try some authentic roadside south Indian food... And trust me that was the best part of my day... I loved the food sooooo much... I roamed in the market for around 2 hours... eating everything or rather say over eating everything... :P

Seriously, I felt 1 day was too short, and it was the best trip of my life... next day, I met the group and we proceeded for Coorg but in the entire trip the best was my one day in Chennai...

All my life I waited for Santa and He gave me all the gifts I could have asked for in just one day... Without even asking.. :-)

I love you God.... I know I am your favourite... bless my people and thank you for everything... muaah :))) 
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