Sunday, December 27, 2015

On the greens!

Yes, the post is about Golf!

And cricket!

And me!

And my beautiful life! :-)

Lately I have started playing golf... To be precise, I played 5 times till today and I am already in love with it. :-)

I was into cricket since I was a kid (I am still a kid though) :P, I mean as a kid.. I used to play cricket a lot...  I was raised with my twin brothers so I played cricket with guys most of the times...  Watched it, played it and was totally into it!

With time I switched to badminton... In between I tried volleyball, athletics, football, basketball, cycling, shot-put etc., but cricket was always my first love... followed by badminton...

Now, I am loving golf... it is a game of mind.

I have a very noisy mind, so, I have this habit of analysing everything...

Coming back to the game... while playing I was analysing golf and cricket... I feel, while cricket is like an exam with unexpected questions... Golf is more like an open book test...
For instance, in cricket you always wonder what kind of ball it might be or what kind of shot you’ll hit... In golf, you know the ball is in front of you... you know your swing and clubs... All you need is a control over your mind which decides your game!

One more reason of loving golf is you are your own judge.. You know your game and your weak points... you know you can improve with practice, you can judge yourself on an individual level... No one is sitting there to tell you that you are no good or you are rejected or you can never play! here, if you think you can play, you can play. :-)

This game tests your character, your patience and your true self!

You can easily tamper your score or cheat to win... that’s where it helps you being a better human. So, you know what you can do but you don’t...

For now my game is bad... But, I know I’ll improve with time and practice...

What is the fun without targets in life, so, with this game my target is to play at par by the end of “Game of Thrones”-Season 6. And I do have an incentive for myself... if I’ll improve my game.. Yayy, I am super excited :D :D

With this I am ending my post... tomorrow is a Monday.. I am just waiting for the day when I’ll start loving my Mondays :P

Good night Pearl.. Love you God. Take care of my people... Muuaah. :-))))
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