Saturday, January 30, 2016

Love at First Sight- Snowline!





I strongly believe in love whether its family or friends or lover or animals or life or any other form.

And love at first sight is something I learnt from travel... Every time I step on to a new land I fell in love at the first feel of it... I love every sunrise and sunset in a new place... Star gazing... the air, the feel and every damn thing... And just to be a part of it is an unmatchable feeling... I discover a different me every time I travel... And that’s why I love it to the core.

My 2016 came with new surprises; I always wanted to see snow... And my first trip of this New Year fulfilled my 2 dreams- My experience with Snow and Triund trek.

Triund trek was something I was planning since 2014 and somehow I was not able to go... one or the other reason. So, I decided to go solo... I searched a group online going for the same and joined them.

And the adventure began....

It was 3 day Snow-trek to Triund & Snowline. Triund is a place above Mcleodganj, Himachal Pradesh and Snowline is 4 kms above Triund.

I met 15 strangers during my trek... They were from Mumbai & Pune... And we started our journey.

The temperature was -6 degrees and was dead cold. The only life saviour was fire but we had no wood to burn on day 1 so we just played antakshari... Not even for a second I felt I was meeting these people for the first time... May be travel makes me feel at home and everyone I meet like a family... :-)

Night 1 was deadly without fire... we were all freezing...

Next morning we had to trek to Snowline to meet ‘the snow’ :), I was super excited as this was going to be my first experience with snow... and what a sight... :) I was totally mesmerised... I didn’t realise I was sitting alone for quite some time... Totally hypnotised...

We came back by lunch time and had awesome vegetable pulao... couldn’t be any better!

As the evening was approaching we were all scared of the cold night... In the evening we again went for a short trek to the other side of the mountain and enjoyed the sunset... by the time we came back it was almost dark... We enjoyed star gazing and started bon-fire... Aah great relief... We started fire at 7pm... And refused to get up at all... had dinner by the fire, talked about different things, discussed game of thrones, Sherlock, suits and every thing... played antakshri... By 11 fire was almost over... we were still sitting there trying to manage some heat from the left over.... We managed till 1.30am... Night was good till then :P

Temperature was too low... we all decided to sleep... The tents were frozen, the dew on the surface turned into ice... deadly it was... I somehow managed to slip inside my sleeping bag and tried sleeping....

We all never loved sunrise so much, as sun was the only relief in the cold weather...

Once again the night was over and sunshine was all around... We quickly ate breakfast and came back to Mcleodganj.

Since, it was our last day, we had to explore the cafes, markets and the most talked about Bhagsu falls and Shiva Cafe..

I quickly grabbed my Espresso & lemon ginger honey, changed and left for Shiva Cafe in between I managed to shop some woollen socks and cap... It was again a short trek of around 2 kms...  But it was all worth it. The place was heavenly and the view was beautiful... We ate maggi there... Generally people go there to smoke up and get high... That’s one reason you won’t find many girls up there.

The day was coming to an end and we had to leave. We quickly came back packed stuff... on the way we grabbed pastries , bhelpuri, golgappe, gulabjamun, spinach momos and everything else :P

It was already 7.30pm and our bus was at 7.50pm.. We rushed and managed to reach on time...

Next sunrise was in Delhi, and after coming back I caught tonsillitis... Which is now getting severe than ever.. And might have to get operated (as per the doc) :P

Too much fun and now too much pain... Let’s see ;-)

But, I wanted to jot it down before getting admitted.. By the way, I am already planning my next venture... Will update soon...

Love you God, Take care of my people... muuuaaah  :* :)))

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