Sunday, December 28, 2008


We love to party
We love to rock
We know what to do next
We know good time management
We understand no rules
We are ambitious
We are cool….
We are future managers!!!!!

Every time in every other lecture one or the other faculty delivers this dialogue ‘You people are future Managers…..’ (And obviously then followed by some criticism like learn to do this learn to do that)...
Well… we are now pretty sure that we are going to be future managers… coz each time we are given a task a night before and we present it the very next day… it is very well said for us ‘if you’ll be given a task to submit next Tuesday you’ll start with it on previous night…’
And I won’t say this statement is incorrect….. In fact this is very true and that’s what we are learning here ‘Prioritizing’… so when you know you already have other important things today why to do something for which you have a week or so…. ;)
We love to party…. No matter what we score…. We party coz it’s over…. ;) say exams…. They rarely go well but we never forget to celebrate the moment that it’s over…
Earlier for most of the people… sleep was the solution after a tiring day…. Now it’s shifted to relaxing by doing some party or going out…. And of course sleep too but no fix time for it….. We can sleep at any time of the day and work mostly late at night…. It’s obvious when you are thirsty you’ll drink more water….. Similarly when you are working under such hectic schedule you need more party ;)
We know how to work smart…. Of course with touch of hard work…. We are concerned about everything from social life with friends to personal life and time for ourselves… We are tech savvy and style concious.....
Future managers are always concerned about their social image but are equally concerned about their appearance… time is gone when people used to concentrate only on work….
We are too demanding we want everything from life…. And we move with lots and lots of desires….. And somehow we know we’ll fulfill them too…….
We are carefree but not careless….. We are cool but ambitious…… we are willing to work but love to party….. We enjoy life to the fullest….. We rock…. Yes…… We are future managers….
CHEERS!!!!!!!!!! :))
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