Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My 25th Birthday…

I had a very strong urge to write blog post on my birthday… But, at the end of the day I was too tired to type anything….

It was my 25th birthday so I had certain plans from past few months which were all thrashed due to my work…. Anyways, I still managed to enjoy my day… thanks to my family and friends…. I feel lucky to have them... :-)

I can sense winters in Delhi… The weather is changing… So is my mood… It’s pleasant and better…. Every time its winters... I feel a different world around me... A better... more beautiful and serene... And as I always say… Winters make me fall in love with everything around me…

On my birthday, someone told me 25 is the age after which many things start changing…. I dunno what it means actually… As far as maturity level is concerned... I am least bothered… brains & heart I don’t posses…. So what is left? May be metabolism level… :P

Anyhow, sometimes I find it very difficult to understand myself.. I ask myself where am I going… I am 25 now, but.. I still ask myself, In which direction I am going… will I be able to reach my destination this way or not and if yes, then when?

I have dreams, interests, destination, resolutions and so many things to do… And, I hate it when someone asks me about marriage plans… Man! I don’t have time for all that but I guess it’s very difficult to make people understand that… So, I have stopped trying…  I just say- “No plans”

I have noticed, lately I am being more social…. May be I have realized the feeling of being away from my friends… I have realized it’s very difficult to find people who truly understand you and still be with you… I have realized people we randomly meet can be deceptive... And, I have realized life changes….

But, honestly, I have no regrets so far… Yes, I am still not very sure about the path I am moving on will take me how far in the journey towards my destination… But, life is all about moving… And realizing…. And rectifying… And the most importantly…. Having FUN!!!

So, cheers to the upcoming life….:)))

And God, thanks for being there for me….  I Love you for giving me the best of parents, brothers and friends…. I really wanna thank you with all my heart…. And yes, you know the things I wanna change in my life… Please help me with that… I promise I will try to be your good girl… Love you… muaah :-))


Sonshu said...

I think we should all thank the people we love once in a while.


Wonderful post!

Happy Birthday!


kanishk said...

living in his grace and Thanking him ... especially on BDAY ... wow... very well said.... Continue writing :)

SOCH... said...

haila... Age bataa di.. :-P gals dnt mention age... Hehehe... Life is a gift.. Njoii it.. :-) and thr is still long way to go.... Just follow the heart nd do wat u like... Nd yes keep thanking him for his grace nd blessings... Bcoz he is the one, who makes it for us all.. :-)

Saif Farooqi said...

I think we both agree on the maturity part :D

Winters do give a nice feeling; especially the sunny winters ...

Oh, there are two things that we're thinking alike on ... strange things do happen :D

It gets difficult to avoid the marriage question ... if it comes in between dreams and aspirations, then it should obviously be avoided ... and I'm sure there are going to be quite a few people out there who'll be happy with that ... if you know what I mean ;) :D

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday once again ... have a wonderful life (which I'm sure you'll be having) ... Take care! :)

Sunshine said...

hi.........depika.First of all belated happy birthday..let god be with u to achieve your dreams.
my name is rajeena..i am sry if u dint like me reading ur blog.. actually i accidentally stated reading it..but when i stated reading it i felt u thing just like i i kept on reading when ever i got time..n when i read u this post i count stop writing.i taught there is no one who things like me.but i was happy to find some one who things just like me...
take care:)

Deepika said...

@Sonshu- thanks for dropping by :)

@Kanishk- Thank you :P

@Prasanth- Isme kya chhupana.. jo hai wo ;hai :P.. thanku for being thr... :)

@Saif-thank you... yes, it was strange we agreed on same thing :))

@Sunshine- Thanks for dropping by... and liking it :)

muthu said...

that was a warm read...

Maya said...

Hi Deepika..

25 is a age where things do change... Hehehe... Well you will realize it with time. I should not be a spoil sport. Live the life you want it to be. And if there are things that are not going your way, just relook at things. Because you can control your life than controlling the world.

God Bless you.



Lungsim Dangmei said...

Today is my 25th Birthday

Anonymous said...

@Lungsim- Happy Birthday :) God bless you