Friday, November 27, 2009

Life is good….. “Full form of LG”

I have my Brand Management exam tomorrow…. So started with brand stuff :P
I am over flowing with various thoughts in my mind….. Dunno from where to start… It’s been a long time since I was here… more than a month…. I did miss my blog and my blogger friends but life is being different and dynamic…. I have finally shifted back home… And I have decided to continue rest last 2 months of my MBA from here only…. And I am loving it :)

I always hated Noida buses but now I have experienced it and I feel it’s not that bad… I have got few companions as well going college from South Delhi… Actually nothing can be worst than staying alone especially when you are not in any kinda relationship and people around you are too self indulged… yes, I do have good friends but how much a person can talk on phone with friends…. Even after spending 4-5 hours a day on phone still the feeling of loneliness never goes…. I personally feel people in true love never feel alone no matter where they are… In a group or just simply alone…. Because people in love are always accompanied by the thoughts of their better half (I hate using gf/bf terminology) if not them in person…. And they don’t even realize days… months…..years……

In past sometime, I came across people with different meaning of relationship and love… I won’t say they are anywhere wrong but they are different in thoughts…. Practical and materialistic…. They do not crave to be with their love nor they expect much… possessiveness is nowhere for them and they don’t mind or feel jealous seeing their better half with anybody or dating anybody else….. They truly ‘Understand’…. Must say they do…. I know I am a very possessive person :P and I personally lack ‘that’ understanding factor…. And my level-headedness changes its definition where relationships are concerned… Am I biased….?? Yes! I am :P

Sometimes I feel it’s only me wrong here… Now days everyone is practical and happy being so…. But why the hell I am not ready to accept the fact there is nothing called ‘the magical dream like feeling’ in real :’(

I feel I am still living in my school life…. Where this ‘feelings’ part was so prominent in everyone’s life…. Everyone moved on and I am still struck here… Yes, I do remember what I wrote in my last post was contradictory to this one…. But whatever…. may be am just feeling low ….. I don’t wanna write anymore… I have two exams tomorrow…. Customer Relationship Management and Brand Management…. I talked about relationships and started with brand LG… Now need to sleep… :P :P

And yes, my dear blog I remember your birthday is ahead just 3 more days are left… I was thinking of giving you a name on your day….. Search is on…. Let’s see... I gonna disclose it on your birthday only…. Love ya..

And God I am angry with you this time seriously :| Katti…

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