Friday, March 20, 2009

In last Seven days…. ;)

English version of pichhle saat dino mein’…. ;) Yup am gonna share things happened with me in this week…. Or can say this was kinda amazing week when so many things I never thought happened ;)…. Week started with Monday… yup my Sunday was bad like hell…. My marketing professor expired in the morning…. And it depressed me a lot…. Then my week started with Monday when I got an opportunity to attend a national seminar on ‘Business responses to Climate Change’…. Well it wasn’t the first seminar of my life…. But yet it was something I never attended before… it was so relevant to what am doing in internship… and the best part was the delegates present over there… or I would rather describe them as corporate celebrities…. Most of them were foreign delegates…. And rests were coming from all over the country…. And the presentations they gave were just Stunning!! But the best part of the seminar was the guy sitting next to me he he he…. He was a foreign delegate from Austria smart, young and professional… And he was getting irritated by the presentations and to overcome it he was playing game on his i-phone…. That was really impressive.. I thought lectures bore only me ;) That day went cool… Tuesday… Wednesday I don’t remember actually… but yup nothing was professionally upsetting this week ;)….. It went awesome… I got all the relevant appointments I tried for… And engaged my next week with back to back meetings :D…. In between I got to meet many brilliant and nice people…. I went to my favorite organization(not to mention the name) last to last week or this week I don’t remember precisely… for my project work… where they offered me to join them as intern…. But their bad luck ha ha am already into one organization now… :D
Today a strange thing happened…. In the lunch time…. I was walking on the road and was busy on phone… a nice car stopped… I thought the guy must be asking some address but he offered me a job in his exhibition for seven days…. Just like that… ha ha ha… he stopped and told me that he is senior manager in so and so company… And have some exhibition in Pragati maidan… would like to talk regarding that and he was looking for a girl like me…. ;P…. I obviously refused and told that am already working :)… I was later on thinking is this the work for which senior managers are hired in companies ;) to roam on roads and stop girls like this to ask them to work with them :P
Apart from these few incidences my professor met by boss and they discussed about my performance in the organization…. That went cool… :) nothing went against me…. :)
Overall it was a good week when people called me up to fix appointments on their own ;)…. Lots more lined up for coming week…. Have 2 meetings tomorrow…. Working Saturday rocks!! And then am eagerly waiting for Sunday…. Something waiting for Sunday too another commitment :D… Well many other things happened but i prefer not to write here ;)
Its going great…. Enjoying work and having fun feeling the passion within to achieve everything I dream for…. :D…. Lovely Life!!! ;)))
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