Friday, April 3, 2009

Back to ‘Photography’….. :)

How many you have heard about Wildlife Sanctuary in Delhi? Well I guess I was not the only one who had no idea that we have a wildlife sanctuary in Delhi itself…. Known as ‘Asola Wildlife Sanctuary’ near Surajkund…
Yesterday, I got this opportunity to visit this place regarding my internship project work… I was feeling lucky… what more a photographer need ;)…. I was in heaven…. As I always carry my digicam with me I utilized the extra time in clicking pictures of the surroundings… Wow!!! It really feels great when you do what you really want to do…About after 2 years I was totally lost in the nature with my camera…. Though I missed few shots of spiders, lizards and rabbits as they are hyperactive and too alert species… but managed to I click few pictures of still sceneries and black bucks….
The girl who was guiding me was expert in her field so I really enjoyed being there on the nature trail with her… though I had less time I wasn’t able to learn and see the entire thing but yes I’ll go there again and that’s for sure :)… I also asked my guide about other sanctuaries in Delhi and I got to know that there is one bird sanctuary near Delhi…. And also about few other natures’s home in Delhi…. I wish to visit all these places :) let’s see when I’ll get this chance again….
For now I would like to share some of the pictures I clicked…. :)

Lotus pond

Composition that clicked my mind

My Green Delhi

Black bucks (male)
Will update more on flickr soon... :)

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