Monday, April 6, 2009

A Walk to Remember….

Have you ever thought what all can happen over an hour’s walk….!!!
Well… An hour full of unlimited songs…. Or mixed thoughts popping up in mind….. or an hour in which you got a new friend, met a friend and listened to his li’l love story and and and that’s not all you unintentionally hurt a good friend…. Pheww!! All that in just 1 hour 20 minutes or precisely in one hour coz in next 20 minutes I was doing for what I was there…. I was relaxing with music…..
It’s that part of my routine which helps me to relax and
give me one such hour after a tiring day in which I think about my day, my coming day, my coming years, my coming life and many other things just about me and myself or sometimes I don’t think anything I just listen to music and walk to relax…. Today it started precisely at 7.32PM I remember as I note down the time I start… I was walking alone on the track suddenly I felt a young school girl approaching me with long steps and fairly good speed…. Since it was dark and lights were not working properly I felt strange… but I continued with my earphones on with full volume…. She came to me and said something…. I switched off my music and listened to what she was saying…. She was asking whether she can join me for walk…. We started with talks along with our walk…. Then she told me that she is being punished to walk in park by her teacher coz of her naughty behavior and she shared about her school and friends and like…. After around 20 minutes she said bye….. i again continued with my music…. Then I noticed two of my li’l friends came in park and started playing….. They were trying to interrupt my track and when I continued walking they came and stood in front of me…. Then we started walking together…. I do remember their names…. Dev and Daniel…. Before moving ahead I would like to describe them…. They are 9 years old kids whom I met 2-3 weeks back in the same park and we discussed lots of things….. Like taekwondo, cartoons, movies, games, siblings, friends etc…. coming back to today…. Daniel went back as his mom was calling…. And me and Dev continued to walk…. suddenly my cell phone rang…. I picked and Dev started giving background commentary…. Since it was an STD call my friend got upset and disconnected the call…. Well after that Dev started telling about his love story, his girl friends, and his favorite gf to whom he wanna marry…. He he he.. it was really cute… its always great to be with kids and at the same time very relaxing…. After a long tiring day it’s something I just love to do…. :)) And dunno how wherever I go I somehow attract kids around me… :D and we end up being good friends…..
Well it was all happened in just one hour and then I continued walking alone with my thoughts and music... But…. with a smile on my face…. Though I know my friend is upset with me… but I’ll manage that he he…. Just wish me luck ;D…..
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