Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A DOZEN things to be accomplished in my Tweenhood.... ‘A tag’

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Here goes the list of 12 things I would like to achieve in my twenties…. Though my dreams are quite big… but since they are dreams... And dreams have no limit….. :) :)

1. First thing is to complete my MBA and to grab a good job with a package by which I can fulfill dreams of my parents and my all luxury dreams.. ;)
My dreams include….
In next 5 years: To buy a luxury car, a house of my own with at least 5 rooms(not going into details of that), bank balance from which I can spend money blindly without checking out the balance and knowing that I have much to throw, to build an orphanage and an old age home.
In next 10 years: To have my own private jet, to buy my dream company, to buy a luxurious beach house on a deserted island of Australia… ;)
**not going in details of all other comforts….
(M very down to earth you see) ;) ;)

2. To marry a guy of my dreams…. Umm…. Its not a right time nor place to discuss about this…. ;) ;)

3. To give my Family a wonderful life of their dreams or even better…. :D

4. To learn horse riding and to spend at least one year or say 6 months (lack of time)…. on a ranch….. And to experience “Ranch Life”…. It’s my inner dream…. Its a life which I visualized while reading my favorite novel…. ;)

5. To indulge in adventure sports for fun….. And to try every damn scary adventure sport…. Rock climbing, river rafting, scuba diving, bungee jumping, skiing, para gliding…. Just everything…. :D

6. To associate myself with one sport for the rest of my life…. Whether it be tennis or badminton…. To keep myself not only fit but also sharp and focused….. (For only fitness gym is there)

7. To go on a world tour and to enjoy photography and to live life to the fullest…. I remember when I was a kid I used to watch a program on “discovery channel” named as “Lonely Planet”…. I would love to live such life…. In fact I would love to do such job too :D

8. To adopt a ‘below poverty line’ village: Rasoolpur and to work in order to improve it….

9. To have people around me to admire me and love me…. After all m a Libran gal…. And it’s an inner need of Libran people to have loving people all around…. ;)

10. To visit Disneyland at least once in every year along with my family…. :D :D

11. To achieve everything I wish for…. No matter what!

12. Though I love being a kid but yes I wanna be li’l mature in order to understand the hidden intentions of people….. :)

Well… 12 are too less for me…. But these are what came in my mind first while writing… I might have skipped many super crucial ones ;)
I believe in God..... I believe in Myself.... :D

I am Tagging

Looking forward to read your say….. :)
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