Monday, August 24, 2009

LIFE is like a Game of TETRIS….

Tetris is one of my all time favorites… I can play it for hours….. And I started playing it when I was in class 4th… Since then I am into it…. That was the time when me and brothers used to fight for “My turn to play” and used to wait eagerly for the next turn……

Life changed so are we…We don’t fight for Tetris anymore nor for TV…. There was a time when we used to fight for TV remote… They used to hate discovery and random cartoons and I used to hate 24X7 sports channels….. They are into sports since they were in 4th standard…..

But yes there was something common in us and that was sports…. We used to play together and we had common friends…. We used to play every sport…. Whether it be cricket or football or kho kho or hide ‘n’ seek or whatever…..

Ahh… feeling nostalgic again…. Everything just flashbacked from childhood….. :) That was certainly the best time of my life :D

Coming back to Tetris…. While playing Tetris I was comparing it with life (it’s my natural inbuilt tendency… I just can’t stop thinking :P)…. Life and Tetris are quite similar… For instance in Tetris random blocks keeps on coming and we adjust them in our best way we can just like Life where different situations keeps on coming and we handle them in our best possible manner…. And just like the shapes of blocks the situations are also random and different in nature and design with their distinctive features and we need to fit/solve them accordingly…. When we adjust the blocks in the best manner we get extra points and in life we get best of results…. One more thing is you can never predict which block will be next or after that… it’s random without our will sometimes it is what we were looking for sometimes it’s not….. Same goes for life too…. We can’t predict what is coming our way next nor it’s always our wish but then life is a game we need to play in a best manner we can….. Sometimes things get messed up too and they can be resolved on playing well further… Mistakes teaches us and we can always try our best not to repeat them….. :D

Life is a well designed game by God…. And we all get an equal chance to play…. Now it’s up to an individual how to manage it…. yes, Destiny plays its role and so do Luck but then they are not the ONLY THING!

Well this was what I‘ve felt and few other things too but I guess this was what I wanted to write :D….. I love playing Tetris........ ;)

And life…. It’s my favorite GAME :D :D
P.S.: I know life is much more than just a Tetris game... but this was just a comparison... I love finding life in everthing I love to do :)
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