Saturday, August 29, 2009

Are changing trends changing Men…?? ;)

Once I was reading a case about increasing popularity of men’s beauty products…. Hell… It was so damn interesting…. :D I was figuring out the reasons behind this revolution in the men’s beauty industry and also their changing mindsets regarding work, home, women and personal care… Here I would like to share my views….

Earlier, there was a time when only men used to go out for work and women used to take care of household chores... Time changed women also started moving out and engaged themselves in office work but it’s not only women who changed their place but same happened with men too…. They started working in kitchens simultaneously and started going to Men's Saloons and the use of Exclusive Men’s creams and products came into being…..

Of course there are few things which are still the same and can’t be changed as far as men are concerned :P… But then yes… they are now beauty conscious in fact many are even more conscious than women… They are regular about going to men’s saloons and their beauty treatments.. their complexion… Skin, hair style, waxing and everything which usually only women used to do….

I personally know few guys who are too conscious about their skin, hairs, fitness, complexion, dress up and all that… In fact I would say obsessed with it…

I remember once I stepped into the lift of my apartment and a guy was standing with his face covered with some sort of face pack…. He was kinda embarrassed too… :P and I was thinking how can he step out of his home like this! A girl would never ever come out like this except emergencies like earthquake or fire in the building :P

What are the basic reasons behind these changes in attitude of men…??? Well…. I feel one of its reason is women…. :P

Of course I can justify myself…. Why they need to cook or go to men’s saloons?? It’s because they are now required to prove that yes they can be all rounder too and women are proficient in everything whether it be cooking, home management, sports, work place stress, emotional stress, personal care, technology etc…..

And now cooking and other tasks are not only specified to fairer sex when both work equally and together…

One reason mentioned in the case was “Men are moving towards beauty products because of the increasing number of female employees at workplace ;)” Well, it can be one of the reasons….

Other reason can be overall personality…. Say if two people are going to appear for an interview for same job with similar credentials then personality factor plays a very important role…. Well groomed one is always preferred over the one who is messy and clumsy…

And no doubt looking good boosts one’s ego as well…. This is the reason why all the beauty products, deodorants, shaving cream advertisements project things like

“If you’ll use Axe effect or so and so deodorant you’ll be famous among girls”

Or in case of girls they show “fair and lovely can help you getting your dream job” :P

Though it doesn’t makes any sense because it’s not any deodorant or beauty cream it’s about way of perceiving yourself…. But these are the games which marketers play…. And they usually derive what they aim at by the means of these advertisements… I guess I am going deep inside marketing…… let me put a full stop here…

Coming out of marketing and entering in to the kitchen…. Earlier men were not into usual cooking but the changing trends like prolonged bachelorhood and dual income cultivated this habit in them… And of course it’s always good to be independent… ;)

Well, I know still not all guys are into going to men’s saloons or working in kitchen…. But in the changing scenario it’ll be a necessity for all…. And it’s always an added advantage for them to look good and cook well ;) ;)

And for this all I can say is "Good Luck Boys…!!!" :)))
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