Monday, September 28, 2009

Disney... My Another Love :) :)

It just clicked my mind while watching another Disney movie ;)… Disney movies are something I can watch anytime…. During exams too I watched one…. It was “Another Cinderella Story”….. It was so damn good… I loved it just so much…..

Disney movies are more like living a dream…. So inspiring and motivating…. I always feel like am living a different life I always wish to live… In fact my real life is no less than any Disney flick ;)

Disney is my favorite since I was a kid…. I used to watch it in episodes during my weekends on DD2 and weekly cartoons which included Aladdin, Tale Spin, Duck tales, Gummy Bears, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy…. And so on…. But I started watching Disney movies quite later…. And now I am a die-hard Disney fan :)

Walt Disney worth to be worshipped for his work…. My madness even compelled me to search Walt Disney’s history, aims, purpose, life and everything….. I studied Disney as a company their work culture, kinda jobs, Marketing and advertising, work environment, ethics, life in Disneyland and everything… And of course opportunities for a fresher in Disney as a company :P but but….. they prefer LOCALITES….. Anyways I would say their hard luck here….. Though I know it’s mine :(( Anyways !!! :P :P

I admire Disney, I appreciate it and love it… I was into it since childhood when I was in 2nd standard… I was always a member of these Disney and cartoon network clubs…. I posted them my drawings, posters, and other handmade stuff…. And they used to send me their stickers, birthday cards and so on…. It continued for quite some time and then I got busy with my school and all… But I still have those 12-13 years old stickers :D

My mom says “you are still a kid watching cartoons and enjoying them”…. I hardly watch TV though… but whenever I watch I search for some good Disney movie or cartoon… though they have spoiled Disney Channel upto an extent by showing those stupid copied Indian programs :P but I still look for original ones….
Duck tales, Wizards of Waverly place, Jack and Cody, my all time favorite Lizzie and all…

No matter what my eyes will be on Disneyland…. If not as a part of their organization I’ll definitely go there for holidaying and adventure :)….. I am just looking forward to grab a good job…. Dunno how long will it take…. But it will happen I know :D

Hello God!! Can you hear me!!! I need a fairy right now…. ;) ;)
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