Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Chosen One!

Well... This post it dedicated to my dear God... Usually, I mention him in the end of my every post... But here ...I am going to write a post to say a word of thanks to God...
Dear God, you have always given me answers for every question I asked from you or any wish you never fulfilled you justified your point... You have your own way of dealing with me.... And you understand me the Best!

Sometimes you were harsh while answering my doubts but you never ignored it... I love you for that.... You take care of me like a child and you know where to be tough and lenient.... And you use the best way to teach me!
This time again you were harsh... but I am glad that you answered.... I remember few months back I had a question.... I asked you-
“What it will be like to be in a Marketing job...?”
You never answered it at that time.... And then, you gave me a situation where I can experience what it is like in real.... And along with it you also shown me the relevance of work environment and importance of people you work with.... Now, I somehow understand what it is like... I always used to think it must be a perfect life to be in such profile and... A best thing to do ever!
I always miss my marketing professor Late Prof. S.K. Jaimini.... He was a great source of learning.... He inspired me to take up marketing as a life.... One of the best Marketing people I came across.... I still feel He was needed on this earth.... He always strived for perfection in everything he did and he lived marketing as a way of life... He used to see it in every damn thing around him.... I wish to have that kinda thought process!
In my previous posts I have mentioned... your 1st job is like your 1st love..... You rarely marry it.... you just explore... how it feels like to be in it... you are vulnerable and more in the learning mode rather than commitment mode (with marry I mean stick forever).... Now, when I am in second job I can say it’s like your 2nd love... You are experienced... you somehow know your preferences... you are bit practical and your intentions are mostly to get married but it’s not always destiny.... Of course, everybody is different!
I watched a story once with a title ‘The Chosen One’.... It was a story of a boy who was living a very ordinary life.... with an extraordinary power around him.... He used to be like every other person.... but God always gave him answers for everything he ever asked for.... He got what he ever wanted... He was The Chosen one! So am I!!
Yes, I am a blessed kid of God.... I know tough times come and go.... We face troubles.... but that’s how life is made... It’s again a blend of everything.... And God is with me to protect....
Did I tell you about Bora Bora?? Aah... No.. I guess! :P
I’ll come up with it soon.... It’s a travel destination and I really really wanna explore it! :D...
Now, I am going to read about Bora Bora and have to finish reading a book I started....
I am leaving it here.... :-)
Thank you God.... I love you! :D
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