Wednesday, March 16, 2011

An interesting day at Work!

I have joined my new organization from 1st of this March and since then whenever I used to ask for work from my boss I used to get a reply like ‘you’ll be busy in few days… ‘ ‘Enjoy your time…’ ‘ its just your 1st week in the new office’ and blah blah…. And trust me it’s really tiring to do nothing!

We say these two words ‘nothing much’ quite often on asking ‘what’s new?’ or vice versa….

I have felt the deep meaning of these two words in these few days…. :P :P The most difficult thing for any workaholic is to sit without work in an office full of people engaged in their own work…. I really don’t mind going out and shopping some stuff or hanging out with friends or doing any other work but sitting idle in a busy office is bad bad bad!

Finally… today…. I started with my work… And trust me it was really a great start… :-) :-)

Starting with a short briefing of my job role... It’s a sales job again but it’s about selling a concept to the people sitting at the top level of good and relevant companies and good here means actually good… Nothing like running around on the roads like usual sales jobs… But.. since, I am very new in the system m not allowed to work on the recently ongoing project… And moreover… they want me to see and learn by interacting and studying what other people are doing before starting with something big….

So.. to begin with my work they gave me a task of handling the sales of a Russian group we recently signed a contract with…. And from past 15 days my task was to send emails to their director named Julia and understanding their business plans in India so that I can help them to grow their business here in India and to help them in penetrating in the market…. Pheww!! :P

Julia scheduled her visit to India on 14th of his month and today she was here in Delhi…. As already decided via emails we met at the airport…. From there we proceeded towards Gurgaon since she wanted to see spaces here in India for setting up their office in Delhi/ncr… We decided to start with Gurgaon…. We had our lunch in Gurgaon itself and as I had already scheduled few appointments for her.. We had most of the things pre-planned….

After having our food we were still left with 40 minutes for our 1st meeting so we decided to enter in some mall again for some shopping…. From there she picked some stuff for her daughter and then we checked out some accessories…. We didn’t realize it was almost an hour and I got a call from the salesperson (for office space) that he was waiting…. So we rushed from there for our meeting…

We reached there and the person supposed to be there sent somebody else to explain and show the space… Guy showing us the space wasn’t that well versed with the services offered…. And it annoyed me… seeing my anger he explained that the other guy will reach in 10-15 minutes... I was bit angry with him but again thinking about my last sales job I controlled myself and explained Julia that the guy must be struck in the traffic or so… And it’s quite normal with the field guys….. We need to wait for sometime….

While waiting…. Julia was lost in her thoughts… And she slowly whispered in my ears… “I think that purse we saw in the mall was really nice can we go back and buy that….” I smiled and said “ya, sure”. After 10 minutes.. the person was there and we finished with our first meeting…. And went back to the same mall and from there she bought that purse and a T-shirt…

Second meeting was in one of my personal favorite places…. Cyber city, gurgaon… And the space was in one of the best buildings… I recommended Julia to consider that as her first option and even she was very impressed with the location…..

We were bit tired by that time…. So we both slept in car while going for the third and the last meeting… Last place was Nehru Place…. We got up… dunno about her but I was dead sleepy…. Office was again good but with fewer facilities….. So we dropped that option….

In between, we talked about their business in Russia and other countries… her culture and favorite stuff… She told me about her husband.. kids… friends…. We discussed about their business plans in India… and growth so far…. It was overall a nice day… I really enjoyed it…..

Tomorrow again I have scheduled few meetings for her…. I guess I should post it and go to sleep… Have to get up early in the morning :-)

So…. Good night Pearl… And Thank You God for being there for me… Love you…. :-)
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