Sunday, April 1, 2012

Beach, Of Course! ;-)

Well, the other day I and my colleagues were discussing if given a chance where we would like to go for a vacation… I dunno why but the only places promptly clicked my mind were Goa & Bora Bora…

My colleagues anyways favored mountains as their ideal vacation spot…. That whole day I was trying to think… Why I couldn’t say any hilly region as my favorite… I have been to more mountains than beaches and I love mountains too… Now… after analyzing… I feel I am more of a beach personality!

Beaches are calm and clear... what pulls me the most is the mesmerizing sound of waves…. The magnetic comfortable warmth around….. The feel of sand on the feet is just incomparable and gripping…. I am not a swimmer though…. But still I love beaches but only clean beaches without any crowd… :P

I can spend hours playing in the water… ;-)

I have been to mountains... I love climbing them… I like the warmth of sun in the chilly weather... I love having a cup of hot black coffee while walking in the mountains…. I love eating my favorite food in the dhaba/restaurant on the hills…. but I would any day choose to go to a beach over mountains….

Although, psychologically I dunno the inner personality traits of either mountain lovers or beach lovers… but I believe there must be some kinda personality traits linked to it…. Any ways.. that I’ll see if I can find it out on Google… :-)

Now, I am in holiday mood…. Let’s see when I’ll get this opportunity to visit some nice beach again… :D

For right now, I’ll go and sleep… Weekend is over…. And I loved it.... :-)

Good Night God.. Love you and Thank you for everything… :-)

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