Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Loving My Life! :-)

I dunno what really compelled me to write this post but anyways I am glad to be back here...

Life is being dynamic and eventful... Till last year I used to say I am not happy with my Job because of whatever reasons... I also had a fear in my mind that leaving it might leave me with regrets as the future is always uncertain... But honestly, I am proud to say that it was my best decision of the year to resign from that place.

As far as my present is concerned, touch-wood, I am happy :-)

Yes, life is full of ups and downs, successes and failures... surrounded by people who make you or break you.... Politics.... dirty games and so on.. But, whatever it may be I believe everything in life happens for a reason... Its good or bad is decided by the outlook we carry... 

It will be unfair if I'll say- I hate it when people around me play unfair games and make my life even more complicated.... I wish I could punch them hard on their face..

I would rather say- Yes, I do hate the dirt around but I am learning to fight for it... As life can not be a piece of cake every time, so meeting such people prepares me to fight for what is right and enable me to learn more about humans. (Of course, I'll always be an Anthropologist) ;-)

Well, no regrets from life... Although, I do miss my first job a lot... May be because I had real good people around me whom I'll cherish for the rest of my life... And yes, it was like my first love.. And deserves a special corner in my heart..

New in life is nothing much.... Or I would say so much that I am unable to gather it and jot it down.. ;-)

I keep meeting new people daily.. And like it... I am still a kid without any change so far in my thought processes... So, that ways I do face problems... Specially by trusting wrong people most of the times.. but that is again an integral part of life.. So, no complaints.

Recently, I spent hell lot of money on shopping... I purchased everything- clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, gifts and so on.... Last year, I used to feel that some part of me was not living or rather say was dead/dormant... Now, I feel... I can sense it... I am the same Deepika that I used be 2 years ago... :D

I feel things, good and bad... I m loving shopping again...  I love meeting my old pals.... Hanging out... I can feel feelings... praise music... appreciate beauty... And, I watch every interesting movie on its release weekend without a fail... I cherish my life... I love being busy... I love myself... I love my people.. I am in love with my life....

The only thing drastically changed is my frequency of writing blogs.. Many times I start with something then leave it in-between... May be I am too confused what all to write and what not....
But.. I'll try to write more as it helps me a lot personally to figure out what I am feeling... I can express well in words... in my mind emotions and thoughts are very vague and random... I can compile them in a post and analyse... :))

I'll end it here now, once again.. Thank You dear God... for everything you gave me... forgive me for the bad things I do intentionally/unintentionally.... I'll always be your favorite kid who will never do any wrong to anyone knowingly.. Please be there on my side and take care of my loved ones... Love you.. Muaah.. :-)

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