Saturday, August 4, 2012

The 'Friday' Feeling! \m/

Yesterday was Friday and while driving back home after a nice evening I was thinking on 'Fridays are truly awesome'... And its not just yesterday, I think of it on every Friday....

Though.. everyday is new... everyday is different with somewhat different feel...

Lets start with Mondays..
Mondays are very lethargic.. rarely charged up.. Unless I am looking forward to something meaningful! Although Mondays are start of a new week but as they say mornings are laziest part of the day... Mondays are the laziest day of the week..

Tuesday comes with a hope that thank God... Only 3 more days to go for Friday.. Lets work hard ;-)

Wednesday says yayy! Friday is near.... Lets finish up the tasks beforehand to avoid any last minute Friday hassles :D

Thursdays are usually busy... to wind up stuff and fix up few meetings for Friday.. So that I can enjoy my weekend without a guilt of not performing well..

And FINALLY, the Friday! ohh... Its a brilliant incomparable feel... very hard to describe...

Fridays are the best even if I remain busy in my office or do not party at all.. I still love Fridays... I love that different feel... "The Friday feel'... :D

Fridays are the even better when I am eagerly waiting for some movie to release... Last one I remember was 'Rockstar release' Friday.. I was crazily waiting for that one..

My weekends are usually working, so, anyhow Saturday- Sundays are special but I am rarely very sure about what I am gonna do on my weekend... Honestly, I love sleeping, cooking or just relaxing by doing nothing on weekends (provided they are off)...

Weekends are uncertain but Fridays are certainly rocking... :-)
Well, its almost 6 days to go for another Friday... But I guess the wait will start from Monday.. Till then I'll enjoy my weekend... Cheers!!

Happy Weekend dear God ;-)
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