Thursday, September 6, 2012

Another Thursday!

Today was my 4th working day without my car... And even today I dint get it back…. Of course! I am not liking it….!

It’s not very easy every time though…. But, I Love being positive… :)

Anyhow, I dunno how to react on it…. But recently I have noticed something very strange…. From past 7-8 times I am experiencing very bad Thursdays…

I seriously don’t know the reason behind it… All I know is… Thursdays are disastrous for me and I really pray to go invisible from this earth for this one day or God just make this day go disappear from the week… It’s so so bad…

Every Thursday morning I tell myself…. “come on… It’s a new day, It will be good” but the day ends on a very depressing note….

I still believe if it happens there must be some reason behind it….

I have also noticed, the problem starting with Thursday usually ends by the next Thursday because the next one comes with a new disaster… Eeeeew, I am hating it, simply.

I m not being superstitious though…. Even I ignored this thing for quite some time…. But when things went extremely idiotic… I was compelled to notice... Moreover, I have this bug of thinking over one thing for hours, days, months or even years (very rarely though)!

Even today was super bad… I so wish to hide underground or just disappear for this one day… I desperately ask God to put an end to the day at every single second of my Thursday….

Anyways, I’ll try to sleep now… My Espresso usually doesn’t work on my sleep… but since, it’s Thursday and I wanna end it early…. My coffee effect might work :P

God, I really wanna fight with you today… seriously… Let’s take it offline…. Good night!
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