Thursday, July 17, 2014

Super cool life ;-))

Inspired by honey Singh's 'Char botal vodka'... I tried drinking 4 glass full of milk today... Lol.. M too full in 2 glassful..

He he... Life can't be better...

Now a days my life is being very exciting & eventful at workplace... I joined this new office in March and till now I m fighting for my PC... I call myself a queen of disguise... Tough situations love me and I love them back with equal intensity.. May be that's why we are always close.. ;-))

This PC trouble was not settled down when I realized back-office people deleted my system login ids which I was using daily... Pheeww... a long chase began today for that as well..

I have not seen any workplace so slow or may be God is adding more spice to my life to enjoy the show.. But you know what God, I love spices.. ;-P

This phase will pass too... And its actually good that I am learning something which no one knows... And I am really happy about it.. :-))

Yesterday night, I saw an interesting dream... I saw I went to Mumbai... Although I won't share the reason here on blog :-P but I liked the city... I feel like going there in real now... :-((

I wanna travel everywhere and enjoy the beauty of every place... I especially love beaches... Its kinda good that I don't live in Mumbai or else I would never have left beach... I imagine at times... how it would be to get up every morning with a sunrise above the sea... And sitting near sea in the evening after a stressful day... Wow... :-) :-)

I love sea... I also like mountains but I dunno still... somehow.. there is something very special about Delhi that attracts me... And I know I don't wanna spend my life anywhere else in the world... May be that is my love for my city... :))

Why I m writing such posts today... Am I falling in love..? :-O Wait.. I m already in love  ;-))

God, I love you for giving me such a brilliant life... Take care of my people... Good night... Muuahh :-)

Rain Girl-2 :-)

Wow! Rains in Delhi :-))

Have you ever experienced the feeling of dying in excitement or happiness...? I do when it rains... :-D

Rain truly drives me crazy... My heart sing a song & soul dances when rain pours down... And getting drenched in it.. Wow! is one of the world's most pleasurable experience.... :-D

God, I truly love you for pouring down rain.. it washes away all my pain and I feel truly blessed... It internally touches some part of me... Which even I am unaware of.. I feel like a frog or a peacock.. I just wanna dance.. :-))

When it rains I think of all good things... It induces positivity in me... And gives me a new life every time I get drenched in it...

God, today while driving I was recalling my school time.. how you always blessed me... when I was weak... Whenever someone used to do bad to me and I used to feel upset and helpless you used to answer and do justice on your own.. You are my sweet Mafia... love you :-))

I love you for the love and blessings you gave me... You know me and understand me without judging with all my badness... I remember whenever you refused to give me something, I used to fight with you but you always answered me why it happened and I always felt blessed and thanked you.. :))

You made me believe that sometimes its a blessing if you refuse to fulfill my wish... I am sometimes too kiddish to understand things...I am an emotional fool kid of yours but, I know, you love me the most... And you can't do any wrong to me ever.. :-)

God, I m sorry for thinking negative about life in bad times... I know from within, I have the most wonderful life... My people are the best in the universe... Family... Friends... Though, now, I am not a very friendly person but people around me are good they like me and make me feel amazing... I love it.. :-) 

Rains makes me feel awesome and brilliant... This post I am writing while sitting in my car enjoying the most mesmerizing & sensuous sound of rain...

Now, I ll go home and post this.. Yayy... Life is soooo damn beautiful...

My heart is singing a song... Lala la lala la la la lalala la la... ;-))

Love you muuuaah.. ;-)

PS- I am back home, ordered my favorite pizza and posting this while waiting for it.. Yayy Yayy :-)))
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