Thursday, May 21, 2015

I miss being a Kid!

Though I genuinely believe I am still a kid! :P

Sometimes, I feel... how much we change with time... We grow and learn and turn into somebody so different...

Although, It all happens for some or the other reason... but, at times I miss the kid version of me... The naughtiest & adventurous kid ever :P

I seriously miss how little things used to make me feel on the top of this world....

A packet of Cadbury gems by dad used to make my day, an Amul chocolate used to be a jackpot, a pack of fun flips was a packet of joy.... How excited I used to be for a trip to India gate with family... And then spending the rest of our evening playing with balloons & bubbles.... Wow! :D

Life was so simplified, easy... So stress free & peaceful... Only stress used to be the Home work...

Only I know how badly I miss my Summer Vacations... Chutti Chutti on DD2, playing cricket all day long in sun without worrying about the tanning... followed by cycling in evening with brothers for till the time mom used to call us back... Nostalgia!

I feel I had the best of childhood, I have learnt my sportsman spirit by playing cricket & badminton; I have learnt to be a scientist by experimenting with so many things like fixing lights, opening up the music system with screwdriver and closing it back, by cooking food in self made solar cooker and ‘n’ number of things; learnt cooking by helping my mom in kitchen; tasted adventure by running on the roof fences of buildings while playing hide n seek & climbing on trees to steal mangoes :P; learnt farming by working in my kitchen garden... whoa... I truly enjoyed every bit of my life as a kid....

Even after growing up I always loved my life & believe I am God’s favourite girl... Yes, we do argue but that’s because we love each other :))

There are and there were ups & downs in my life but that’s just a part of living an eventful & most happening life... There is no fun in living a dull life... And yes, I am a Disney princess so my life is supposed to be filmy & dramatic... And the traits I possess are very well suited... :D

Life is great in terms of everything, but, really sometimes I want to go back to the time where there were no mobile phones to keep us busy, there was a life which was social in real sense & happiness which had a REAL meaning attached to it... Far beyond materialistic love & fake happiness... I wish!

Love you God, Take care of my people, Good night... muaaah :))


Anupama Halder said...

i really love your blogs dear its simply amazing... you just put your thoughts

KParthasarathi said...

It is a nice read.Loving small things around us and enjoying nature in its many forms is the delight of children and a rarity of grown ups.

Deepika said...

@Anupama- thanks dear :-)

@Kparthasarathi- ya, kids are so pure.. I wish I could go back in time...
Thanks for dropping by :-)

Gazal Bharadwaj said...

let the kid inside remain... then u'll never grow old

Deepika said...

@Gazal true :)

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