Monday, February 29, 2016

Where there is a WILL!

My mom always say "where there is a will there is a way"...

My upbringing was very different than other kids... I was really naughty as a child and my parents never tried to tame me... I was left on my own to make decisions since I was a small kid... I was never forced to study while other kids were compelled by their families to score well.. My parents always told me the relevance of things and left it on me to decide whether I want it or not... I was always allowed to play outside, climb on trees, watch TV and do whatever I wanted to do...

And trust me the result was amazing... I always used to score well and most of the times used to top in my class plus I was independent from the very beginning... I was always involved in sports, extra curricular and later on in students' union..

I was independent, rebellious and responsible. I made rules for myself and had no limits. For I knew I can do everything I ever I wanted to.

I sincerely believe we should have one person apart from our family whom we can trust blindly... Someone who can advice us from a broader perspective of the world outside.

Once my super boss who is like a Godfather to me shared something from his work experience... He said "I joined this organisation as a customer care executive 12 years back... I worked day and night to build this.... In the course of my journey, I met many people who were better than me in terms of skill-set, communication, contacts, experience and many other things... But, I outgrown them for just one reason.. I had a will to grow which was stronger than anyone else and I never gave up.. So, if you are willing to grow nothing can stop you!" and today he is heading North India for the organisation.

Although there are many things I get inspired from.. This is something I always keep in my mind.. If your will to do something is strong enough and you work hard for it... You'll eventually get it.

Yes, there are outside factors.. and they might not support you but these all are just supporting elements... Faith is the biggest thing.

I'll share an example, in school I was always a language topper and my English & Hindi teachers always admired my command over language plus the ability to put my mind forward... It encouraged me to deliver my best... But, in class 9th's final exam my English paper was checked by some teacher who had certain grudges against me and had her own pets in class. I scored just passing marks after doing my best and I stood 2nd in class.. I lost my rank by 3 marks... And the difference in my marks in English with the topper was of 40..

I cried, felt shattered.. did everything I could.. Being rebellious makes you a fighter without any fear plus I always knew my family never stopped me from doing what was right..

Well, nothing happened. I stopped everything... I focused again on my studies... Worked hard and I topped my school in all languages in board exams. I was called on stage and given a medal for the same. In front of all the students and the teachers. And that was my answer.

So, people might misuse their power to pull you down at times but there is a power above all of us... That power knows us and if we are good at heart... Honest in our efforts.. No one can stop us from growing.. If not one place... May be some other...

I strongly believe.. Will makes things easier & faith makes them possible.. So, be kind... Work hard, decide it and do it...

There is a quote in Hindi too- "Nishchaye kar apni jeet karo"

I really wish to write more on this.. But, I am getting late for work... :D

So, go rise & shine.

Thank you God for everything... Take care of my people.. Love you :-))
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