Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Jungle Book!

Happiness is watching your favorite childhood characters on "Big Screen" :-)

It was Friday evening.. 5.00 pm... Sitting in office I was craving to watch "The Jungle book"...

I know I can once again say "agar kisi cheez ko poori shiddat se chaaho toh poori kayanat usey tumse milane ki saazish mein lag jaati hai" and once again I experienced it :-))

This was the same excitement I used to have when I was a small kid... I was dying to watch it... :-)

Luckily we got tickets and yayyyy I was going to watch a 7.40pm show... Super Duper excited I quickly finished my work..

It was my Navratri fast and all of a sudden I wasn't hungry any more...

I left office... Called mom and told her I'll eat after the movie... And quickly rushed to the movie hall...
It started and every bit of it was just superb... I cherished my childhood days..

Movies are one of those very few things I can feel by all my heart.. And I truly loved it.

Somehow Disney movies manage to cheer me up every time and it's like a treat for my heart and soul. I feel so much more alive :-)

And just when I start feeling "feeling less" something like this happens to remind me I am still the same stupid girl... And I know I'll be Mowgli for few days now.... :D

I am waiting for "Fan" now... 

Monday is near and I should try sleeping... Sunday nights are the most terrible ones!

Good night pearl... Love you God.. Take care of my people... :)
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