Saturday, July 15, 2017

Oh no! I missed my Flight!

This nightmare is haunting me since the day I missed my flight for Chennai in Dec 2014, and to add on to it... I reached just 2 mins before the boarding gate closure for my Kolkata flight in March 2017. So, I know my brain is not at fault. It’s me. :(

It’s 5am… a beautiful Saturday morning and here I am… up with my eyes wide open, sipping coffee and waiting to leave for airport for a flight which is at 10am.

And… I need no alarm. My brain is strong enough. :P

So, last night I decided to sleep early… thinking I have to travel tomorrow so I’ll get up late by 8 or so and quickly rush to the airport. But no, my brain had some other plans... I couldn’t sleep before 12. :P

Then a beautiful dream started where I saw, I was playing cricket and missed my flight. I was up again at 1 am. :P

Ah! it was just 1, I slept again just to see another similar dream and was up at 4 am.

My my! My brain is so good and hyper active all the time during weekends. I am loving it. :P

On weekdays, I set 6 alarms to get up early... just to miserably fail at first 5 and push myself out of bed on 6th and on weekends it’s absolutely a different story altogether. I crave to sleep till late but up at 5 or 6 am without any alarm and that too after sleeping late, sometimes very late.

I wanted to be in deep sleep at this hour where I am sitting on my bed and typing this as I sip my coffee... Anyway, that’s how may be my Saturday was supposed to begin.

Let’s see what’s in store for me today... By the way, I am too excited to travel to this new city.. yayy :D

Ahh and my eyes are hurting :P

Dear God, I LOVE YOU… Please take care of my people and please think over granting my wish we discussed this Thursday and wait… yesterday as well… Muuaah :*

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Monsoon in Delhi!

I couldn’t find any better title. :P

Ah! Its monsoon in Delhi and I am more than happy. Rain makes me go crazy and adding music to it never fail to uplift my mood... not to mention the coffee effect when combined with these two, out of this world!

I came back from Rupin Pass, my recent trek last week and since then I am trying to write it down but not able to. It’s about too many feelings I am not able to gather words for. Though, I am not going to give up and I’ll keep trying to write.

In short, Rupin pass was everything beautiful from sceneries to experience to people! Everything much more than I expected. Everything I can never forget.

Recently, I have realised since the day I am back from my trek, I feel very different although I am always better after my every trek but this is slightly different. I feel more powerful and free and nothing looks difficult, as if everything is there I just need to go and get it. It's a wow feeling!

This week, my meetings went fabulous, I loved my normal daily routine more and enjoyed music more than ever. And not to forget I missed my trek, every day.

So many things going on in my head and I am not able to express it, I hate it. :(

Anyway, it’s weekend. Yayy :P

Dear God, help me clearing my head of the thoughts I am occupied with and please take care of my people. Love you, muuaah :*
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