Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Amazing 'JUNGA'

Junga… a small village 40 kms away from Shimla, Himachal Pradesh..
A very beautiful hill station in the lap of nature.. A place away from noise and pollution…
A place that existed somewhere in my imagination… A place which is as beautiful as its people….
A place where everyone fall in love…. A place called as Junga A Land of Love….

I got this opportunity of visiting Junga last year i.e., final year of my college for our fieldtrip.. I must say it was not just a fieldtrip which taught me in terms of the place and its culture but also in terms of life and how beautiful it can be…. It was something which is still alive in my memory…. As if I just came back from there or may be the cold winter nights are reminding me of those cold nights.... amazing place…. I feel as if I lived a dream… scenic beauty that I composed in thoughts…. Such a beautiful creation of God it is…. Must say… like a heaven on the earth… at least for me from the places I visited till now it was something different… A place in the lap of hills…
One strange thing about Junga was 98% of total marriages there were love marriages… and it was belief of people there that Junga makes people fall in love… Well.. no comments on their belief ;) ;)
One reason of why am writing on Junga is… it is something I can never forget...…. how about living a life where your day starts with your favorite espresso and a long morning walk in the hills.. Followed by a work you love to do... which was study of culture of that place and interacting with people.. Playing cricket or any other game in the evening with the localites... and after a tiring day… a peaceful night with your friends… And few things I prefer not to mention here… Aah!! life can’t be better…. Well I don’t think I missed anything there except few people I left here in Delhi… :)
Now when I think of it I really feel it was a dream…. How can life be so good…… and perfect….. or I would rather say… I loved those imperfections as well… whatever it may be I would love to go there at least once again in my life…. Life was different there…. Completely different….. and it was like a dream world for me…. Really AWESOME!!!!! :D
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