Friday, March 20, 2009

In last Seven days…. ;)

English version of pichhle saat dino mein’…. ;) Yup am gonna share things happened with me in this week…. Or can say this was kinda amazing week when so many things I never thought happened ;)…. Week started with Monday… yup my Sunday was bad like hell…. My marketing professor expired in the morning…. And it depressed me a lot…. Then my week started with Monday when I got an opportunity to attend a national seminar on ‘Business responses to Climate Change’…. Well it wasn’t the first seminar of my life…. But yet it was something I never attended before… it was so relevant to what am doing in internship… and the best part was the delegates present over there… or I would rather describe them as corporate celebrities…. Most of them were foreign delegates…. And rests were coming from all over the country…. And the presentations they gave were just Stunning!! But the best part of the seminar was the guy sitting next to me he he he…. He was a foreign delegate from Austria smart, young and professional… And he was getting irritated by the presentations and to overcome it he was playing game on his i-phone…. That was really impressive.. I thought lectures bore only me ;) That day went cool… Tuesday… Wednesday I don’t remember actually… but yup nothing was professionally upsetting this week ;)….. It went awesome… I got all the relevant appointments I tried for… And engaged my next week with back to back meetings :D…. In between I got to meet many brilliant and nice people…. I went to my favorite organization(not to mention the name) last to last week or this week I don’t remember precisely… for my project work… where they offered me to join them as intern…. But their bad luck ha ha am already into one organization now… :D
Today a strange thing happened…. In the lunch time…. I was walking on the road and was busy on phone… a nice car stopped… I thought the guy must be asking some address but he offered me a job in his exhibition for seven days…. Just like that… ha ha ha… he stopped and told me that he is senior manager in so and so company… And have some exhibition in Pragati maidan… would like to talk regarding that and he was looking for a girl like me…. ;P…. I obviously refused and told that am already working :)… I was later on thinking is this the work for which senior managers are hired in companies ;) to roam on roads and stop girls like this to ask them to work with them :P
Apart from these few incidences my professor met by boss and they discussed about my performance in the organization…. That went cool… :) nothing went against me…. :)
Overall it was a good week when people called me up to fix appointments on their own ;)…. Lots more lined up for coming week…. Have 2 meetings tomorrow…. Working Saturday rocks!! And then am eagerly waiting for Sunday…. Something waiting for Sunday too another commitment :D… Well many other things happened but i prefer not to write here ;)
Its going great…. Enjoying work and having fun feeling the passion within to achieve everything I dream for…. :D…. Lovely Life!!! ;)))

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Is it ever possible that a person don’t feel like having food nor eats anything and unable to sleep feel like just going away far away… and just keeps on thinking day and night about certain thing…. Thing that is killing from within and with no escape… A feeling that doesn’t seems to be going away… A feeling so strange as if you are not going to wake up tomorrow…. But when you wake up again you feel hell another day…. Why… I don’t need it anymore….
This thing happened with me currently…. For 3 days I wasn’t able to swallow a bite of food…. It was so difficult to swallow a single bite…. Sleep it was just far away…. Mood bad… intense mood swings… condition didn’t felt like talking to even my close friends….
But a person who cares for you is there for you always…. Tough times reveal who are there standing really with you….. Who truly cares…
In past few days I learnt few lessons about life that I would like to share….
In last two years I was in my own world and I never realized the people I was walking with were losing touch… I was so indulged with myself and my feelings for a particular thing that I ignored everything else…. Just everything else… my close friends who really cared for me… I was away from my closest friends for just one particular thing… And I never felt that I left many people behind who were really concerned….
Now I am on a stage where I don’t have that one thing left with me and am standing all alone…. For a moment I felt I lost everything in life but then I turned back and I realized those people who cared standing at their places with their arms wide open and waiting to hear from me……. and that was enough to made me realize what i was doing.... it was another life for me....
In last few days I learnt that your care and love is precious don’t just waste it someone who do not just care for you… you might be losing those who really care about you…
Now I have learnt this lesson though I might take some time to come out the previous things but yes life has taught me a lesson I’ll remember and I really Thank my all friends for being there for me…
I am feeling sorry that weakened the friendship bond but I can make sure that it won’t happen again… Life is precious and there are many people for whom your smile matters for those your tears are precious so just care about them and celebrate life…
People come and people go some hurt you some walk with you…. But life moves on….
And it is a fact!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

My Earth….. My beautiful Planet

….And my second weekend is here…. Phewww!!! Seriously work load is increasing with time… but with this I can see my destination i.e., my major objective for which am hired here…. It’s mainly an awareness project which aims at spreading awareness about climate change mitigation and to reach as much people as we can and a field study that is after the completion of this project…. It’s a big task and we are aiming at covering 200,000 schools in all over the country and I have been assigned Delhi region… Wow!! Am just waiting to move to the next step of going to the schools and to talk to the people and to have interactive sessions with them along with a presentation in order to spread awareness….
Well my entire week was busy like hell and was busy doing preparations for the final move… And I can really sense this TGIF thing the feeling of relief aahh... thinking that I have got a weekend though it’s my last weekend as well… as from next week i won’t be getting any off…. So…. Just enjoying this last weekend….. I love my work….. Though it’s very big thing and needs lots and lots of efforts but I feel its great when you have to go to the various colleges, institutes and schools in order to give a presentation regarding environment and to raise debate over it.…
Before few weeks I was just a person blindly contributing towards the depletion of the environment but as soon as I have opted for this environment project I can feel the sensitivity within me regarding this…. Earlier I only used to think yes I should work for environment and planet but now I think before wasting a glass of water, or to switch off the every light when I can avoid using it, I avoid using plastic bags, and try to recycle used papers…. Or say utilize most out of it….. I can’t say I can change the world by doing this but I can initiate from my part at least… After all it’s not only ‘Human’ planet its planet of billions of other species and we have no right to spoil this planet... it’s high time and we need to wake up or coming generations will crave for water…..
From next week I will be in front of many people talking about this environment and what we can do for it…. But before that it’s important to realize what I am doing on my part…. Do I have any right to ask people this Question of ‘What you are doing for environment?’….
If you want to bring the change initiate it from yourself….. And this job is not only giving me a learning experience but helping me to realize my duties and contribution towards my beautiful planet earth…. How well we plan everything our future, money, career but only about us!! What about Biodiversity we are harming unknowingly…?? Our every single step in our lavish lifestyle ruins environment… And we can compensate that by just adding few simple habits in our lifestyle…..
Well…. For now I wanna put a full stop here... but if you really wanna know or talk about this issue you can directly comment or can mail me on my ID… I’ll feel lucky if I can help in contributing to our environment… :-)
And I need you help too in saving our planet…
Long live my beautiful Earth….

Sunday, March 1, 2009

A new beginning…. A long way to go...…..

Well... I always think about my plans and dreams though I don’t really remember the time when I have got exactly what I dreamed of but one thing I must say… whatever I always got was always better than what I wanted…. And what matters the most is the satisfaction and happiness I derived from it…. going back in the time I can say the way I enjoyed my life was always AWESOME though there are hell lot of things am still willing to do…. Am happy with the things around but not satisfied coz there are many things I still want from life….. Any ways…. Every phase in my life went great with the mixture of every flavor…. Now am into a new phase though it’s my first job and that’s so internship…. I can’t say this is what I ‘dreamed’ of….. Although it’s going good and I can understand you can’t expect to be on the top in your very first work exposure and that’s so counting nowhere in your work experience…. And its giving me the kinda exposure I wanted I have everything in this… a complete marketing profile, communications, interaction with the target and convincing them, learning basic level work place operations, field work for a month anywhere in India (in any place of my preference which I’ll be getting after a month or so), managing their database and using their confidential information and working over it….. I am learning every aspect of an organization their financial details, HR operations, Marketing techniques and other management activities….. Since its giving me a very good opportunity to learn I’ll not say am not happy… My aim from internship was to learn and here am learning along with earning…. Well… what more you can expect when you have never worked before and you get an excellent chance to learn in the field you want to work in future...…. I remember I left three jobs in three days in my graduation days when I was just willing to work to pass my vacations while making some money…. But the kinda work I got was ‘disgusting’ am not a kinda person who is very comfortable doing telecalling for selling credit cards nor am into the kinda work where I just have to sit and do office work…. It’s simply irritating….. What I want is something moving…. Interesting…. Involving people and communication…. Travel… Celebrations… Something creative… a career full of life….. Career is one thing in life where am not ready to compromise…. I want a job where I can work enthusiastically for rest of my life and though am a kind of person who loves to work… me and my kinda job will be an “Excellent” combination…. And this is something bothers me a lot…. I used to think about my past earlier the memories and stuff….. Now I devote that time in thinking about my future… and I feel that’s much better and much strenuous….. I feel that may be this is a part of professionalism which I am learning….. Setting my priorities….. Being more practical…. Understanding the needs and wants I have from my future…. Realizing dreams of my parents and their expectations from me…. Last one year of my life changed me a lot….. I feel am into a phase where I know what it really means to be rational…. Where I can see hidden faces of people around you who call you “friend”…. A phase when am learning what I really need to learn…. A phase…. Which is adding to my experience in terms of everything… And being Honest…. Am enjoying it…. Am enjoying the change…. In me and my life…
I have an ambition…. Lots of desires…. I know the direction am willing to walk into…. So am just waiting for this one more year of my MBA to finish and to teach me some more necessary things……. Aaaah I have just started with internship… I still have a long way to go….. I am eager to see…. Where my dreams will take me… :-)

"I wanna fly high... up there in the sky....
And my dreams are my wings....."
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