Saturday, August 29, 2009

Are changing trends changing Men…?? ;)

Once I was reading a case about increasing popularity of men’s beauty products…. Hell… It was so damn interesting…. :D I was figuring out the reasons behind this revolution in the men’s beauty industry and also their changing mindsets regarding work, home, women and personal care… Here I would like to share my views….

Earlier, there was a time when only men used to go out for work and women used to take care of household chores... Time changed women also started moving out and engaged themselves in office work but it’s not only women who changed their place but same happened with men too…. They started working in kitchens simultaneously and started going to Men's Saloons and the use of Exclusive Men’s creams and products came into being…..

Of course there are few things which are still the same and can’t be changed as far as men are concerned :P… But then yes… they are now beauty conscious in fact many are even more conscious than women… They are regular about going to men’s saloons and their beauty treatments.. their complexion… Skin, hair style, waxing and everything which usually only women used to do….

I personally know few guys who are too conscious about their skin, hairs, fitness, complexion, dress up and all that… In fact I would say obsessed with it…

I remember once I stepped into the lift of my apartment and a guy was standing with his face covered with some sort of face pack…. He was kinda embarrassed too… :P and I was thinking how can he step out of his home like this! A girl would never ever come out like this except emergencies like earthquake or fire in the building :P

What are the basic reasons behind these changes in attitude of men…??? Well…. I feel one of its reason is women…. :P

Of course I can justify myself…. Why they need to cook or go to men’s saloons?? It’s because they are now required to prove that yes they can be all rounder too and women are proficient in everything whether it be cooking, home management, sports, work place stress, emotional stress, personal care, technology etc…..

And now cooking and other tasks are not only specified to fairer sex when both work equally and together…

One reason mentioned in the case was “Men are moving towards beauty products because of the increasing number of female employees at workplace ;)” Well, it can be one of the reasons….

Other reason can be overall personality…. Say if two people are going to appear for an interview for same job with similar credentials then personality factor plays a very important role…. Well groomed one is always preferred over the one who is messy and clumsy…

And no doubt looking good boosts one’s ego as well…. This is the reason why all the beauty products, deodorants, shaving cream advertisements project things like

“If you’ll use Axe effect or so and so deodorant you’ll be famous among girls”

Or in case of girls they show “fair and lovely can help you getting your dream job” :P

Though it doesn’t makes any sense because it’s not any deodorant or beauty cream it’s about way of perceiving yourself…. But these are the games which marketers play…. And they usually derive what they aim at by the means of these advertisements… I guess I am going deep inside marketing…… let me put a full stop here…

Coming out of marketing and entering in to the kitchen…. Earlier men were not into usual cooking but the changing trends like prolonged bachelorhood and dual income cultivated this habit in them… And of course it’s always good to be independent… ;)

Well, I know still not all guys are into going to men’s saloons or working in kitchen…. But in the changing scenario it’ll be a necessity for all…. And it’s always an added advantage for them to look good and cook well ;) ;)

And for this all I can say is "Good Luck Boys…!!!" :)))

Monday, August 24, 2009

LIFE is like a Game of TETRIS….

Tetris is one of my all time favorites… I can play it for hours….. And I started playing it when I was in class 4th… Since then I am into it…. That was the time when me and brothers used to fight for “My turn to play” and used to wait eagerly for the next turn……

Life changed so are we…We don’t fight for Tetris anymore nor for TV…. There was a time when we used to fight for TV remote… They used to hate discovery and random cartoons and I used to hate 24X7 sports channels….. They are into sports since they were in 4th standard…..

But yes there was something common in us and that was sports…. We used to play together and we had common friends…. We used to play every sport…. Whether it be cricket or football or kho kho or hide ‘n’ seek or whatever…..

Ahh… feeling nostalgic again…. Everything just flashbacked from childhood….. :) That was certainly the best time of my life :D

Coming back to Tetris…. While playing Tetris I was comparing it with life (it’s my natural inbuilt tendency… I just can’t stop thinking :P)…. Life and Tetris are quite similar… For instance in Tetris random blocks keeps on coming and we adjust them in our best way we can just like Life where different situations keeps on coming and we handle them in our best possible manner…. And just like the shapes of blocks the situations are also random and different in nature and design with their distinctive features and we need to fit/solve them accordingly…. When we adjust the blocks in the best manner we get extra points and in life we get best of results…. One more thing is you can never predict which block will be next or after that… it’s random without our will sometimes it is what we were looking for sometimes it’s not….. Same goes for life too…. We can’t predict what is coming our way next nor it’s always our wish but then life is a game we need to play in a best manner we can….. Sometimes things get messed up too and they can be resolved on playing well further… Mistakes teaches us and we can always try our best not to repeat them….. :D

Life is a well designed game by God…. And we all get an equal chance to play…. Now it’s up to an individual how to manage it…. yes, Destiny plays its role and so do Luck but then they are not the ONLY THING!

Well this was what I‘ve felt and few other things too but I guess this was what I wanted to write :D….. I love playing Tetris........ ;)

And life…. It’s my favorite GAME :D :D
P.S.: I know life is much more than just a Tetris game... but this was just a comparison... I love finding life in everthing I love to do :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

…..And LIFE moves on…..

Today my closest girlfriend told me about her formal engagement with a guy in her office… And I am really really happy for her :D

I remember before 4 months she had a break up with her guy….. And she was shattered though she wasn’t showing her pain… But I sensed it…. Then her guy got married to some other girl…. Arranged marriage and all that…. She was really very upset…. Honestly, I hated that guy for what he had done….

Anyways life moves on… She met some other guy in her office… though they were friends from the very beginning but things were never more than friendship and one fine day the guy proposed her and now they are getting married soon…. :) :)

Wow!! Thousands things started popping up in my mind the moment she told me about her engagement :D… Very first thing I asked her was “Do you love him?” and she replied “He loves me a lot” I again asked but “Do YOU love him?” and she replied “yes, I do and I’ll be happy with him”….. And also about all those li’l things he do for her…. That was really very cute :D

And I know she has realized why her last guy got married with someone else because she deserved someone better and that moron was damn unlucky :)

Once one of my guy friend told me… there is nothing called true love and its all about understanding and care… and if these two things are there you can spend your life with anyone… Well…. I don’t agree (I also feel only guys can think this way :P) though it’s just a personal opinion… nor I’ll justify the statement though I can… but I know one thing…. life is not so simple and obvious now a days like it was in the past…. When people knew that they will fall in love after marriage and live their life merrily…. Now things are different and people are complicated and so are their lives… you can’t take it for granted that the person will accept all your complexities…. And there you realize the value of love (of course m not talking about friendly, brotherly or motherly love here :P)… Because when you are in love you know you’ll do it and will win every situation… It makes life different and nothing seems difficult :D :D

I know when my parents talk about marriage in front of me I don’t react negatively though I know my mindset is very clear and what I have to achieve in life they too know my career goals very well… And I won’t blame them if they are worried about marriage and all… Earlier I used to deny now I just don’t utter a word…. No that doesn’t mean I am ready it simply means go ahead and I’ll handle things my way…:P :P ;)

I don’t think about this aspect of my life at the moment…. Before few days I saw a dream that I was about to get engaged with a guy I don’t love and I was locked in a room and I was trying to run away it was a very weird dream and specially when I don’t even think about this issue… it was a damn suffocating nightmare :P :P

I don’t know about people but I know about myself I can’t dare to imagine a life without love…. Nor I can fall in love with just anybody I meet… In fact I feel I can’t actually fall in love… Complex…. I know…. :P

I dunno what’s there for me in store… Right now have so many other things…. My MBA… my placement….. :)))

And then how can I forget I don’t need to take all this pain when God knows everything… I know He’ll handle it ;) ;) And he knows what I want from Life….
Whatever…. Dunno from where I started about myself…. Huh!! :P :P….

In the end, I just wanna congratulate my friend once again… Wishing her a wonderful life ahead :D….. Cheers!! :)))

Sunday, August 9, 2009

God's favorite Girl :-)

Time is moving pretty fast…..Half of my 3rd semester is already over just like that…. Enjoying…. Having fun….. Exploring new opportunities….. And with time the fire within me is growing stronger… and deep… More I am moving forward more I am wishing to achieve everything…. My life before 1 year was different….

I had an ambition since I was in school and I knew I’ll do something good…. I was precise about my career path since my school time… in class 9th I wanted to be an Archaeologist…. But my love for science pushed me towards science stream….. That time I wished to be an engineer…. Since I was good in Biology my teacher used to praise me a lot and I was inclined towards medical…. But from within I knew I’ll never go for human-dissection so medical field never dominated my mind…. But yes I was throughout a topper in literature….. So when my result was declared my English teacher very hopefully and happily suggested me that I should do Mass Communication or English honors…. But something else was destined for me…. I gave all entrances…. Medical and Mass communication and luckily I got selected in both but none of the colleges were of my choice…..

Before I could have compromised I have got an opportunity to go for Anthropology honors which was a perfect blend of everything- Genetics, Medical, forensic, Archaeology, Social Anthropology, Practical fieldwork and required good writing skills…. And the best part Hansraj College… I am still thankful to God for choosing such a wonderful thing for me…. Yes! it was chosen by God…. Entirely by Him… I nowhere… never… asked Him for this… And I was blaming Him for not giving me Mass communication college of my choice of course I was not interested in medical… I gave its entrance just for the sake of it…

Entered into the college life…. It was beautiful and different…. A free life….. Independence of doing whatever… no uniform…. No boundaries….. No pressure…. A free bird…. Flying high…. Learned lessons of life….. Tried every stupid thing with friends…. Loved every damn bit of my graduation life and for the first two years of my graduation I was sure of doing M.Sc. in Anthropology…. But in final year a major change in my life turned me towards MBA…. I was so motivated by it that I knew I’ll do MBA… my friends were taking coaching for MBA entrance exams and I just thought of it! I wasn’t sure of cracking entrance exam and further stages…. And then I was restricted from giving CAT due to certain practical evaluation in college which was mandatory for clearing final year… Things were not coming easy…. But luckily I cleared the only entrance exam I gave and its further stages too….. Here again I’ll give the credit to God and of course my family who always supported me in my every damn decision…. No matter what!

M a driven person… driven by will power and passion…. And I know God is there for me…. The best thing He gave me is my family…. And people around me…. I am really a *Blessed gal*… :)

I know God I blame You at times….. Emotionally blackmail You by shedding tears…. Whenever things don’t go my way I shout at You… complain…. But trust me I really love You and have complete faith in You…. From within I know You won’t do any wrong to me…. And I know each time You show me WHY You do not listen to me… I know am still your li’l kid who is too reluctant to grow up…. And I know that You still love me that way…. :D…..
You always choose THE BEST for me…. And God.. To tell You the truth… I am loving it ;)

And I know… that You know…. What I am waiting for now…. *wink wink* :D
Love you :-) :-)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

No Sorrow to Die...

This story is written and mailed by my dear friend Natesha whom I met during my official trip to Amritsar…..
I wish to express my word of thanks to her for writing such a beautiful piece of writing for me…. Thank you dear… :)


Here goes her work---

“It was definitely Love at first sight for me. Her name was Deepika. And she had come on an official visit to the office where I worked. Even though my meeting with her was preplanned, I had erroneously been informed that I would be meeting some gentle man. So naturally, meeting this gorgeous young woman took me by surprise. But that was not all. There was something about her that attracted me the instant I saw her. She was so beautiful. Those deep set brown eyes & that pearly smile could have mesmerized anyone. But there was something else too, some force unexplainable, that pulled me towards her.

"Hi mam! can you tell me about this?"

She was smiling sweetly as she held a piece of paper for me to see. It was the address of the office where she was scheduled to have a meeting.

"Ya sure", I smiled back, "I will take you there"

Accompanying her to the meeting was an official duty, but I would have gladly done it even otherwise. Since the meeting was quite some time later, we started chatting casually. I was falling in love with her and would have done anything to spend a few precious moments with her.
Of course, she would never know it. It was not that she did not like my presence, I could sense that she liked being with me. But she would never understand the way I was feeling for her, never know what was going on in my mind. I would not blame her though. She was straight & engaged to the man she was hopelessly in love with. I told her that I was also engaged to be married in a couple of months' time.

"Oh! Congrats!" She again flashed that sparkling smile of hers.

"Thanks", I said feebly.

My engagement had not been with my whole hearted consent. I had been coerced into it. From the day I told my parents that I was lesbian, all hell broke loose in my house. Instead of trying to understand me, they simply accused me of being abnormal & perverted. They blackmailed, brainwashed & begged to be a "normal girl”. And for this, it was important that I married a man like all "healthy minded" women do. Accepting my sexuality & coming out of the closet itself had been an enormous challenge, and now I just could not bear the emotional torture my parents were piling up on me. So I had agreed to the proposal they had been insisting upon even though I had never met that man. But I knew instinctively that this marriage would never take place.

Tringg... tringg.... tringgg.....

It was Deepika's cell phone ringing.

"Its boss", she said, making a mock serious expression. She moved away from her chair to take the call. Her boss had called to inform her that the meeting had been canceled.

"Hey, let’s go for a walk then", I suggested. My own boss was absent from office that day, & I decided to make good use of this opportunity.

As Deepika & I set off together on a short walk, she told me about her future plans & ambitions. The more the time I spent with her, the more deeply I was falling for her. I just could not take my gaze off her angelic face. Suddenly she looked at me in the eye & asked about my future plans.

I lowered my gaze."Whatever my parents decide"

She started laughing on hearing my reply. "Ha ha ah you are such a typical Indian girl!”

I simply gave her a pathetic look. There was not anything else that I could do.
How could I ever tell her about my future plans? How could I tell this girl who was so much in love with her life that I no longer loved mine? How could I tell this angel who made me feel so alive that I planned to commit suicide?
She sensed my discomfort.

"Hey, I did not mean to hurt you. I just want to tell you that you should do only what you really feel like doing. You should not give in to others' pressures."

"Hmm.. ya.."

By now we had almost reached back to my office. It was 7 O'Clock in the evening & the sky was churning out different hues of orange, pink & dark blue. I looked as she marveled at nature's beauty.

"What a beautiful evening! I am so happy to have spent it with you, I just like you so much!"

She hugged me tightly for a few seconds. When she had freed me from her arms, I looked deep into her sincere dark eyes, & felt engulfed by love. The kind of love that reaches deep into your soul, deep into your very being. The kind of love that liberates you from all worldly attachments, the kind of love that takes you to a higher realm.

"I love you", she whispered into my ear, holding my hand.

"Me too", I smiled back.

Meeting Deepika had made me realize the power of true love, and once you are touched by it, there is no looking back.
Even though she had made me see the beauty of life, still I would go along with the things I had already planned.
I would go home & end this hopeless life of mine. I knew I would have to do this, there was no other way out. But now, I would have no sorrow to die as I had experienced true love in this life time.”

“I simply loved your work dear…. You are such a sweetheart.. Your writing skills are really very well… Wishing you all the luck, success and happiness for future…. Take Care…. :D :D”
Loads of Love…
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