Wednesday, August 5, 2009

No Sorrow to Die...

This story is written and mailed by my dear friend Natesha whom I met during my official trip to Amritsar…..
I wish to express my word of thanks to her for writing such a beautiful piece of writing for me…. Thank you dear… :)


Here goes her work---

“It was definitely Love at first sight for me. Her name was Deepika. And she had come on an official visit to the office where I worked. Even though my meeting with her was preplanned, I had erroneously been informed that I would be meeting some gentle man. So naturally, meeting this gorgeous young woman took me by surprise. But that was not all. There was something about her that attracted me the instant I saw her. She was so beautiful. Those deep set brown eyes & that pearly smile could have mesmerized anyone. But there was something else too, some force unexplainable, that pulled me towards her.

"Hi mam! can you tell me about this?"

She was smiling sweetly as she held a piece of paper for me to see. It was the address of the office where she was scheduled to have a meeting.

"Ya sure", I smiled back, "I will take you there"

Accompanying her to the meeting was an official duty, but I would have gladly done it even otherwise. Since the meeting was quite some time later, we started chatting casually. I was falling in love with her and would have done anything to spend a few precious moments with her.
Of course, she would never know it. It was not that she did not like my presence, I could sense that she liked being with me. But she would never understand the way I was feeling for her, never know what was going on in my mind. I would not blame her though. She was straight & engaged to the man she was hopelessly in love with. I told her that I was also engaged to be married in a couple of months' time.

"Oh! Congrats!" She again flashed that sparkling smile of hers.

"Thanks", I said feebly.

My engagement had not been with my whole hearted consent. I had been coerced into it. From the day I told my parents that I was lesbian, all hell broke loose in my house. Instead of trying to understand me, they simply accused me of being abnormal & perverted. They blackmailed, brainwashed & begged to be a "normal girl”. And for this, it was important that I married a man like all "healthy minded" women do. Accepting my sexuality & coming out of the closet itself had been an enormous challenge, and now I just could not bear the emotional torture my parents were piling up on me. So I had agreed to the proposal they had been insisting upon even though I had never met that man. But I knew instinctively that this marriage would never take place.

Tringg... tringg.... tringgg.....

It was Deepika's cell phone ringing.

"Its boss", she said, making a mock serious expression. She moved away from her chair to take the call. Her boss had called to inform her that the meeting had been canceled.

"Hey, let’s go for a walk then", I suggested. My own boss was absent from office that day, & I decided to make good use of this opportunity.

As Deepika & I set off together on a short walk, she told me about her future plans & ambitions. The more the time I spent with her, the more deeply I was falling for her. I just could not take my gaze off her angelic face. Suddenly she looked at me in the eye & asked about my future plans.

I lowered my gaze."Whatever my parents decide"

She started laughing on hearing my reply. "Ha ha ah you are such a typical Indian girl!”

I simply gave her a pathetic look. There was not anything else that I could do.
How could I ever tell her about my future plans? How could I tell this girl who was so much in love with her life that I no longer loved mine? How could I tell this angel who made me feel so alive that I planned to commit suicide?
She sensed my discomfort.

"Hey, I did not mean to hurt you. I just want to tell you that you should do only what you really feel like doing. You should not give in to others' pressures."

"Hmm.. ya.."

By now we had almost reached back to my office. It was 7 O'Clock in the evening & the sky was churning out different hues of orange, pink & dark blue. I looked as she marveled at nature's beauty.

"What a beautiful evening! I am so happy to have spent it with you, I just like you so much!"

She hugged me tightly for a few seconds. When she had freed me from her arms, I looked deep into her sincere dark eyes, & felt engulfed by love. The kind of love that reaches deep into your soul, deep into your very being. The kind of love that liberates you from all worldly attachments, the kind of love that takes you to a higher realm.

"I love you", she whispered into my ear, holding my hand.

"Me too", I smiled back.

Meeting Deepika had made me realize the power of true love, and once you are touched by it, there is no looking back.
Even though she had made me see the beauty of life, still I would go along with the things I had already planned.
I would go home & end this hopeless life of mine. I knew I would have to do this, there was no other way out. But now, I would have no sorrow to die as I had experienced true love in this life time.”

“I simply loved your work dear…. You are such a sweetheart.. Your writing skills are really very well… Wishing you all the luck, success and happiness for future…. Take Care…. :D :D”
Loads of Love…


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i liked it very much it actualy leads u to the new insight of love..
the moments when u would fell for someone(regardless of orientation) and the feeling that sets u into the other is realy is amazing. all the best for future
God bless u
take care

Hopeless Romantic said...

i am a bit zapped as in this is a true story or just a piece of fiction (its not very clear with the structure of the post), but whatever it is well written!

however, is it true that someone (a girl) has fallen for Deepika.....even if she has, i don't blame her...Deepika waise bhi apni fav hain :D


Shaunak said...

That was beautiful. You must be pretty special to make someone feel that way.
And good luck to her. It ain't easy being a lesbian or a homosexual in India. People just aren't that open to the concept.

Deepika Gupta said...

Amit and Shaunak
Its just a story.... fiction... she is straight too :) :)

Rush said...

For me somehow i never get the cnocept of lesbianism or gay, i feel its more mental driven than anything else.
Has a good friend of mine who was gay, very sweet cehherful guy who always told me one thing " its like a womans soul trapped in a mans body"
they had their papparazzis at J49 and i was alltime actively involved in whatever was going on in his life.
But, at the end felt it was just hogwash and faraway from reality..some incidents that took place had made me believe otherwise and seek attention differently.

Ur incident is almost a true life story that happened to a very close friend. Her boss was madly in love with her, but ended up marrying a guy, and now my friend says that the boss is planning on getting straight.
i just dont get it.

Shaunak said...

Well, in that case, it was a piece of fiction well woven. Nice work! :)

eye-in-sty-in said...

different is not abnormal.... when will ppl realise that...

Nice post. Feels real!

Nazish Rahman said...

Written n expressed well..but i think gay or lesbian is not normal..thats my opinion!

Benny said...

Fiction? hmm hmmm... gud wrk! I thought it was some real incident! wel written! :)

Suree said...

i was in thinking whether this is real or fiction , confirmed that this if fiction after reading the post...

any ways, well written by natesha, but You should have mentioned it exclusively that this is fiction , evrybody wont read comments .. is i t?

Creativity!! said...

Very Well Expressed :) Dear, Wil come up with the tag very soon :) u had tagged me for ur previous post :D

Well, in ur free time, visit here,

Saif said...

I thought its a real incident ... but its nice :)

Karan said...

Very well written.:) The way the beauty... nature.. and something as simple as a conversation has been described are very gripping.

And the issue that this story touches upon - the stigma attached to same sex relationships, and the social pressure that forces such individuals to give in is disgusting. And so much pressure that it can lead to suicide ??!! DAMN..!!

Every Individual has a right to personal liberty, and should not be forced to heed to the pre-established societal norms against their wishes. Period.

Harshita said...

Hi Deepika

Pehle toh thanks to you.. aur fir thanks to ur friend Natesha that we got to read this wonderful yet soul-touching story...

For few moments, I could almost see the characters right in front of me...

The pain a gay or a lesbian goes thru, we can never even think abt it and ur friend has portrayed it so wonderfully that it felt as if it was her story...

Loved it... :) She is amazing n so r u.

Deepika Gupta said...

Its not a true story.... it might be with some random person... but here its purely fiction...
yes people need to understand that there are people who differ in orientation and are independent if they feel so.... Instead of separating them one must try to understand....

I so wish to see people grow up and let others live their life their way... :)

Deepika Gupta said...

Thats what i feel.. All credit goes to Natesha....
And her wonderful writing :)

Deepika Gupta said...

hmm.... our opinion differ here.... :)

Deepika Gupta said...

yes dear fiction.... I know its s well expressed it seems true.... :)

Deepika Gupta said...

Suggestion taken and you can see the change... :)
Thanks for droping by... And thanks for your suggestion :)

Deepika Gupta said...

Thanks dear... sure i'll :)
and m waiting to read that tag on your blog :)

Deepika Gupta said...

No.. :)
Its not real... thanks :)

Deepika Gupta said...

What more I can say to you
":) :) :)"

Deepika Gupta said...

@Harsh :)
Thank you dear... :)

Kn said...

Hi Guys !! I am Natesha, the one who wrote the story.
Thanks a lot for the wonderful feedback u all have given..... I am very overjoyed to see ur responses :-) !!

This a a piece of fiction, which I wrote puting myself in the shoes of a homosexual who does nt get any support or understanding from others. Its important for people to respect others' orientation & support their feelings.Love is a very beautiful feeling & every1 irrespective of orientation has the right to fall in love.

( The character "Deepika" in the story is based on our REAL LIFE friend Deepika Gupta :-))

sajith viswam said...


Shaunak said...

This one's to Natesha:

Really well written. It's very difficult for someone to personally understand the mindset and ordeals that homosexuals have to face in our country. It isn't that apparent here in Mumbai, but I've known people in places where they're completely misunderstood, and being more sensitive to others, it's pretty hard for them.

But that being said, the beautifully descriptive way in which she falls in love with deepika was very vivid. Nice work!

abdul hai said...

Nice story said...

very well written ... compliment ur frnd frm my side :)
nad this is my first visit ... and I loved ur blog :)
happy blogging :)

Deepika Gupta said...

:) :).... M glad that you replied :)

Deepika Gupta said...

Sorry i dunno your name :)
Thanks for dropping by :)
M glad that you liked it...

Manish Raj said...

Well written..

Amit414@IT-BHU said...

So touching story!

"But now, I would have no sorrow to die as I had experienced true love in this life time.”

This line truly depicts the gist of true love...

Ashish said...

Nicely expressed.


shanky said...

it was awesome mam , i liked it :)

Deepika Gupta said...

Thanks :)

Thanks for dropping by :)

Kn said...

Thanks a lot everyone, once again for ur comments :-) !!

@ Shaunak, ur comments r very encouraging, do suggest more topics for my future stories !!

Shaunak said...


Your stories are your inspiration. You can write on everyday events like, for instance, if you're writing something romantic, write on when a girl is at a coffee house with her boyfriend and a really hot guy is sitting at a table nearby, what goes on in her mind, the conflict, when she finds him more attractive than her boyfriend.

(not off the top of my head though...was discussing this with a friend of mine at a CCD nearby this morning, so popped into my head) :P

shantanudas said...

Which part of the story is fiction? The story part or the note part?

Deepika Gupta said...

the story of course :P

workhard said...

I really liked the story.. Homosexuality is a very sensitive issue... and should be dealt in such a way.. Its too bad in our country... ppl still think twice to acknowledge it..

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kalyan Dheeraj said...

the story was great..creating fiction is a real art..and the perception of love is something different and interesting in this story..nice work..