Tuesday, August 18, 2009

…..And LIFE moves on…..

Today my closest girlfriend told me about her formal engagement with a guy in her office… And I am really really happy for her :D

I remember before 4 months she had a break up with her guy….. And she was shattered though she wasn’t showing her pain… But I sensed it…. Then her guy got married to some other girl…. Arranged marriage and all that…. She was really very upset…. Honestly, I hated that guy for what he had done….

Anyways life moves on… She met some other guy in her office… though they were friends from the very beginning but things were never more than friendship and one fine day the guy proposed her and now they are getting married soon…. :) :)

Wow!! Thousands things started popping up in my mind the moment she told me about her engagement :D… Very first thing I asked her was “Do you love him?” and she replied “He loves me a lot” I again asked but “Do YOU love him?” and she replied “yes, I do and I’ll be happy with him”….. And also about all those li’l things he do for her…. That was really very cute :D

And I know she has realized why her last guy got married with someone else because she deserved someone better and that moron was damn unlucky :)

Once one of my guy friend told me… there is nothing called true love and its all about understanding and care… and if these two things are there you can spend your life with anyone… Well…. I don’t agree (I also feel only guys can think this way :P) though it’s just a personal opinion… nor I’ll justify the statement though I can… but I know one thing…. life is not so simple and obvious now a days like it was in the past…. When people knew that they will fall in love after marriage and live their life merrily…. Now things are different and people are complicated and so are their lives… you can’t take it for granted that the person will accept all your complexities…. And there you realize the value of love (of course m not talking about friendly, brotherly or motherly love here :P)… Because when you are in love you know you’ll do it and will win every situation… It makes life different and nothing seems difficult :D :D

I know when my parents talk about marriage in front of me I don’t react negatively though I know my mindset is very clear and what I have to achieve in life they too know my career goals very well… And I won’t blame them if they are worried about marriage and all… Earlier I used to deny now I just don’t utter a word…. No that doesn’t mean I am ready it simply means go ahead and I’ll handle things my way…:P :P ;)

I don’t think about this aspect of my life at the moment…. Before few days I saw a dream that I was about to get engaged with a guy I don’t love and I was locked in a room and I was trying to run away it was a very weird dream and specially when I don’t even think about this issue… it was a damn suffocating nightmare :P :P

I don’t know about people but I know about myself I can’t dare to imagine a life without love…. Nor I can fall in love with just anybody I meet… In fact I feel I can’t actually fall in love… Complex…. I know…. :P

I dunno what’s there for me in store… Right now have so many other things…. My MBA… my placement….. :)))

And then how can I forget I don’t need to take all this pain when God knows everything… I know He’ll handle it ;) ;) And he knows what I want from Life….
Whatever…. Dunno from where I started about myself…. Huh!! :P :P….

In the end, I just wanna congratulate my friend once again… Wishing her a wonderful life ahead :D….. Cheers!! :)))
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