Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Belated Happy Birthday Pearl!! :D :D

Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY :) :)
I hate my internet :( the moment is all spoiled.... I was so excited yesterday and wanted to wish you Yesterday only but my internet wasn't working it goes out of service hardly once or twice in an year why the hell it was the day I was waiting for so eagerly :( :(

Here is the birthday post I wanted to post yesterday evening...

***Today is your 1st birthday :D.... And here I am with a name for you... Pearl!
Pearl.... when it came in my mind I was not thinking about its meaning but once I started liking it I wanted to relate you with its meaning........

"Pearl is a hard substance found deep beneath the sea inside the shell covered with number of coated layers on it and due the presence of numerous layers it’s very hard in nature its appearance is soft and soothing.... "

Pearls are of different colors.... Earlier I thought of calling you "Pink Pearl" but then I felt it’s not going with my personality.... Way too girly... :P Second option was "Red Pearl" but it’s already given to Nokia's new phone series.... Well... I dropped the idea of using colors and I decided to leave it as Pearl only.....

In college all the time I was thinking about this moment when I’ll go home and wish you your first birthday...It’s such a great feeling... :D
I am feeling nostalgic :D.... Last year when I started writing I was stressed about my SIP and this year too scene is no different am worried about Job :))
But whatever I am happy about this one year.... We spent together :)) Writing was always my hobby but now when you are here in my life it’s a part of my life I know at times I feel lazy or moody or remain busy but the thought of your existence is always there in my mind... just like your loved ones whether you daily meet them or not but the feel that they exist is always there in the back of the mind.... I really wanted to do something special on your birthday so I tried poetry for you.... :) My first attempt exclusively for you :D here it goes......

You were with me when I was feeling low....
You gave me reasons to feel good and glow....

I shared with you the moments I smiled I cried
At times I was crazy but I never lied ;)

You are special and so is your day
Here I am wishing you a Very Happy Birthday :D

Love you Pearl…. muaah… :D :D

And thank you God for everything :)***

This was something I was waiting to post whole day long.... but anyways :) :)

Once again Belated Happy Birthday Pearl! :) :)

Note: Yesterday was my blog's first Birthday :)
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