Sunday, April 27, 2014

Give it TIME :-)

Time.... its precious.. very precious... it flies.. but there are phases in life where its very difficult to pass and survive through it... And those moments are the worst where we just wait for the time to pass away...

Certain moments are so deadly that we wish we could have a fast forward button in life and just press that to move on... Such times comes in everybody's life.. They are called testing times... where we actually realize the value of our people who are close to us.. Those who are not there for you may not always be wrong... we may not know their part of story why they are unavailable... Anyhow time never stops for anybody but life sometimes does...

Life... Wow! its  a definition which changes for us every next moment... it teaches us so much... It keeps changing... e.g., I said its beautiful at one point.. at the other it was eventful... then the next moment it was adventurous... So, life is the most difficult word to define... The most meaningless yet the most meaningful word.. 

People say who give up their lives are cowards... I don't agree to that... dying is equally difficult or even more..

Running away... escaping... are still easier but to face life or to end life are two extremes... Being Alive and facing it, I personally believe is the most difficult in tough situations!

In recent past, one of my close friend was going through a break-up.. where she was cheated by a guy.. I know how difficult it can be for somebody who is emotionally so badly attached... every moment is just impossible to survive.. physical pains are far more easier to deal with.. but internal wounds kill you each second... with every damn breath...

"Give it time" its easier said than done because its only the time which one just cant give... patience... mental strength... physical caliber all goes in vain... negativity attracts... mental instability comes... no hunger, no thirst, no sleep, no focus forget about positivity!

Heart-break is the worst thing to deal with... It makes one feel weak, really weak.. mentally and physically... the self worth goes to zero when a person is rejected by someone... these accidents are realities of life... which not only shows us ground but bury us inside it so deep.. that we name it as depression... from where it is a real brave task to come out and bounce back... that's the real test of all your will and strength...

But, the moment you realize you are the best and deserve all your love for yourself which you were wasting on wrong person... you understand that the one who left you was not worthy enough... with that realization comes a super-power inside which makes you a new person... Its a rebirth actually... rediscovering your own self...  its like in the same life you are born again... A complete NEW you... with immense strength and power... unbeatable... Invincible!

Stronger the pain you carry inside you harder the person you become... So, if you feel you are going through the worst pain of your life... get ready to be the best.. Something you never thought of!

As they say time is the best healer.. It heals almost everything.... today my friend is also fine... yes, it took her time... but now she is recovering well... time does heal everything.. 

These internal wounds are somewhat similar to external ones in one thing... they both take their own time to recover... no matter what you do... whichever medicine you take... medicines can fasten the process of cure but it takes its own minimum predefined time to heal... 

These all pains teaches us- "what cannot kill us, makes us stronger.." These are the lessons of life... that if you are not wrong still you can be treated badly... Not everybody is same... people are different... practical.. rational... run on logic... they have motives even behind emotions... Such cheaters makes emotional people stronger... sometimes even stone strong.. they makes one realize that there are no buyers for your tears.. Its a practical world and there is no place for emotional fools..

In a way, I would say its good.. these instances teaches a person the lessons which people might gain in years or even may not... they makes one very strong emotionless or at least they teaches how to create a shell around you for further protection!

God, you made a beautiful world... but you made thorns to protect roses... then why there aren't any thorns with emotional people to hurt the cheaters! I need an answer for this.. 

Love you God.. please take care of my people.. Muuaaaaah :))

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