Thursday, April 24, 2014

Learn. Swim. Move!

Its my longing desire now to learn swimming... I dream of it every night in my sleep... I dream of it with open eyes...

Yes, i am making an effort too to begin with it... But I m so much into the thought that I have started relating swimming to everything else I do..

For say my job.. I have recently joined this new organisation which is a different industry... I am now in Banking from a Media background... So, things are very different here...

I have always heard people saying banking is very difficult and boring... Its toughest place to work for a sales person... Well, no comments on their mindset.. But, I believe for a person who loves to work hard, earn money and grow professionally nothing is better than banking.. Its no jazz.. No cloud.. No fooling around... Its a REAL GROUND!

Now, since my mind is preoccupied with swimming and  new work place I tend to link them both.. :-)
I really visualize a pool where i m thrown to learn swimming and all my colleagues are expert swimmers enjoying the dive.. Some are comparatively new but since they are from banking industry they know how to swim... For them only this pool is new.. But for me I don't know how to swim...

Now, the challenge is training... Since, at mid senior level 98% of new joinees come from banking industry only.. The training is also imparted by keeping that in mind... It is similar to my MBA course where I was from B.Sc background and accounts & economics were taught by keeping in mind the commerce background people.. It becomes a real struggle when you have to learn from very basics where experts are competing with you.. 

Now, similarly, I have been given instructions here too but not taught practically how to swim.. All i m trying to do it disturbing every swimmer crossing around to learn the technique where they all are very busy in focusing on their task... No one is supposed to bother why i have got so many questions regarding every new thing... May be because i need to know it.. Why & how its happening... I am moving my myself in the pool but techniques are something I still need to learn & master.. Its about survival of the fittest!

Pheww.. Lets see.. Where will this take me.. I m just trying to be positive... :-)

God, no one understands better than you what I m into at this moment.. Please give me courage... I have my faith on you.. And take care of my people... Love you :-) muuaaah..

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