Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Weird Me! :P

I love winters… I even love summers…. But monsoons drive me super crazy.. :-))

God, I know you made rains to take some kinda revenge from me…. I don’t feel like doing anything on a rainy day... I just feel like getting drenched in the pouring water from sky… :P

Life is indeed good… And monsoon is truly beautiful…

Half of my team is in Goa from office… My office rewarded last year’s performers by a sponsored trip to Goa… Lucky people… I m here dreaming of it… dyinnggggg to go…. :-(

Anyways, there was a guy in my team not interested in going I counseled him that he should go… After all Goa is religious place when alcohol is your religion.. Convincing somebody to go Goa... that too when it’s FREE of cost... is a Godly work…  :P

Ahhh Goa, even the thought induces excitement inside me… :-D

I don’t really appreciate discussing about work after work hours, but we can discuss workplace of course… while driving today my brain was busy thinking.. as usual… sometimes, I feel it also runs on diesel :P

So, I was thinking why professionalism and friendship can’t go hand in hand… few days back when I got this team to work with… I had nice terms with every one… We used to share lunchbox, laughs and general talks apart from work… But, as soon as number pressure started building up… that so called ‘good terms’ changed in to professionalism… of course, work is the priority and if the team I got will not work from where will I meet my numbers…

Sometimes we need to choose, we intentionally murder one relation to survive the other one…  at times without our will…! :-(

I very strongly believe that I am a feeling less, cold blooded, devilish girl… but I hate it when emotions bother me… they should not be a part of me at all… They only create barriers in life… I hate this part of me… Emotions are like an injured body part… they don’t leave you but compel you  to bear the extreme pain and live with it…

But I hate how strongly and extremely I think about things… God, you made me a weird person! :P

Dear God, If you call this growing up… I am not really having fun in it… After all life is all about having fun :-))))… So, you kindly alter it and make it interesting and happening for your favorite girl…  :-)

I am willing to write a lot…. About every damn thing… My yesterday’s trip to Manesar…. My PC trouble… My SALE plan…. Brothers’ Birthday planning and what not…. Bhai log’s birthday is the topmost priority as of now… I wanna make it grand this time… beyond their imagination… :D Lets see… lets see…

Weekend is also near… Another interesting movie coming up… yayy! :-))), also, I wanna go for photography… I wanna click… Just need a push… May be a company would do…  I am way too lazy…. :-) :-)

God, I love you for being there for me…. Just stand by me.. Give me strength to carry on… And take care of my people...! Muuaaaah :-) :-)

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