Monday, July 7, 2014

All is well, All is well!! :-)

When things are going against you... Always remember, there is always something to be thankful for... You'll find thousand things... Thank God for giving you chance to find your true Superhero power... Most people never realize how powerful & blessed they are... You are lucky if you do! :-) :-)

It’s a beautiful Monday morning :-)… beautiful weather.. strong coffee… And everything full of excitement… :D

A major goof up has happened at my workplace though I am not truly responsible, but, I am the one to be blamed for it… after all I am a Sales person… :P…. So, I am trying to gather all my positivity to resolve it… And since Saturday I am telling myself  “All is Well”…

This major trouble panicked me on Saturday… But since it was a Saturday eve… I decided to focus on party as I had two options either to enjoy my party or spoil it by thinking… So, I decided to choose former option & I had a great evening… Awesome food, drinks & shopping ;-))

Out of my dream world, it’s a real & practical Monday where I have to face what already happened… God, please save my life… I can sense now.. how big it is… And it’s time for me to be a warrior :P

Recently, I have started playing Ironman on my fone.. So, I’ll take some lessons from him… how to fly… gather all electricity in one go and shoot…. :P… Even when you are attacked & injured badly… you still regain your power by giving up few credits... It’s not an end :P

All is well… All is well…

On a serious note, I am totally scared… I dunno what will happen... I wish I could post my real expression here… But, what may happen… Let’s think of worst… I might lose my job or screw up my confirmation or affect my first appraisal very badly… what more… :P… It’s not an end of my life… It won’t affect my shopping, parties, my workout, plans of Goa & Bora Bora, bhai log’s birthday… things which truly matter won’t be affected… hmmm… :D :D

Sometimes I feel like Dennis of “Dennis the Menace”…. Queen of problems… All troubles love me so much that they automatically come attracted towards me… But, I guess that’s what is adding spice to my life… :-))… without these problems life will be like everybody else’s.. dull & boring… Of course, a Disney princess life can’t be boring & smooth… :-P

All is going to be fine... I just have to be calm & composed… which I know is a very difficult task :P

God, Please please be there with me… Like you are always… I understand you have followers and lots of work.. but today you have to be with me on priority… Love you…

And… Of course, take care of my people :-)) Muuuaaaah :* 


Anmol Rawat said...

I really hope all will be well :)
We tend to mess up things and that's why we are humans. I sure hope you are excused of things :)

Sindhu Devi K said...

I do it when I am in trouble... Just this what would be the worst, it relaxes so much! And, worrying doesn't lake any problem less but will make it worse. So why to be sad?

When I think in this way, I always will be ready to face the situation and I found myself managing really well!

So, I hope everything in your life will settle down soon!

TC! Keep smiling :)
The Arts & Me

Kiran Acharya said...

I hope everything goes well.
Ups and downs are a part of life. These moments don't last long.

khyati sanger said...

You won't believe! I, along with 80 more students, was told to take off my shoes and assemble in the music room and I was THE ONLY ONE who wet her socks. This is not as terrible as your problems AT ALL, I am sure. But, you know, when I wet my socks, it was summer and the mishappening gave me coolness :) also, the water evaporated after some time :) so, every problem BIG or SMALL is just for GOOD, and RUNS OFF after some time if you FIGHT it..
Take Care.
I really like your blog and your attitude towards life.
May God bless you.

Tinker Bell said...

@Anmol- I hope so... things were bit better today... lets hope... :-))

thanks for dropping by :)

Tinker Bell said...

@Sindhu- Ya.. it does helps.. atleast it gives courage :))

Thanks for dropping by :)

Tinker Bell said...

@Kiran- I m hoping the same with my crossed fingers :)

Tinker Bell said...

@Khyati- I loved your example :-))

Thank you for sharing optimism.. thx for dropping by :)))

God Bless :)

khyati sanger said...

Disney Princess :) you are a great blogger and a fab writer. Even im an aspiring 1! Could we keep in contact if you don't mind :) Are you on Google+ ?

Tinker Bell said...

@khyati- I never created my Google plus I doubt its there.. :-)
But we can keep in touch..

khyati sanger said...

:) Thanks! But, how will we keep in contact? :/