Friday, July 4, 2014

Its July! :-)

Its July... So.. With the beginning of this month.. Its time to give myself some new interesting targets to achieve.. life is being super busy now a days and I m loving it..

I wanted to be in a place where I could be super busy.. This is the one... And here I work like a bee... Yayy.. :-)

Financially, I am broke.. I bought two more phones last month on cash down.. One for bhai and one for me.... So far both are awesome...

Rest, I have improved my health... Not yet started collecting watches though... Need more money.... Looking forward positively.. 

You know what pearl... I like many people around me... I like people who can convince me as I m a very hard to convince person... I feel good..

Last month I was absent from blog.. But it was a good month... I enjoyed watching all movies released on theatre.. Went to places..  Had fun... I loved June overall...

Coming to the target... My account balance is really low... So I have no idea how will I manage... I know God will show a way.. :-)

But yes, this month I'll buy one watch... My swimming costume plus I also wanted to buy shorts but not sure that offer will b there or not anymore..

I am very happy and monsoon is here to add on to it... Life seems beautiful and I am loving it..

God ji please give me strength to move on successfully and to meet all my targets personally & yes professionally too...

Take care of my loved ones... Love you... Muaaah :-)))

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