Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Life! Of course, it’s Beautiful!

Note- This is not my usual cheer up post... So read at your own risk! :-P

From past many days, I was thinking over everything happened in my life in last few years... Though I have things in my memory in bits and pieces... And I don't remember anything precisely but I do remember the time when I started writing Pearl...

I started blog with things which used to make me feel happy or positive... In fact, I truly believe that it was a point in time where everything going on in my life was just superb... Those were my MBA days... I had super awesome friends... Good fitness, cool grades and the best of life... :-)

Life moved on and things kept on changing... I was always so happy about everything around me... Be it my first job or my friends or my body... My attitude towards life... Everything was always a fairy tale... And I was the Princess...

I messed up in my jobs by choosing wrong ones but still my life was great as I had my friends & family to support me in my decisions... And my decisions were mainly ruled by heart... Many times I had done things without practically evaluating the pros & cons of it... And never regretted.... That’s the power of your people and their faith on you.

Moving on in life... I faced some real bad situations and met some disgusting people. Of course, in every fairy tale there is a villain to spoil everything... Things changed drastically and horribly...  I lived a nightmare in real... All the fairy-tale theory came to an end... It took me everything to gather myself back... I so wished to disappear from this earth but as God had others plans and I stayed here... :P But, it all changed something in me...

And as they say “What doesn't kill you, makes you Stronger” :P

I don't wanna recall that depression I went through for more than an year... but, all I know today is I am not the girl who started writing this blog... Those incidents altered me completely.

After all the turmoil... I landed up in a bank as a salesperson... It truly helped me in realising that “working in a bank is not the worst thing that can happen to you..., it can be good too

I had this phobia in mind since college days that banks are real bad, but trust me... I had good time there and I met some great people.... which helped me in overcoming the depression I was facing... I moved on... I never liked my bank job... but, even today I love the people I met... And it's always about people, unless you are travelling! :P

Finally, the present... I love the organisation I work for but I terribly miss my friends...

I realised why people in college used to say life is not a bed of roses, grow up and be practical! And how I used to tell them it’s always beautiful no matter what... Now, I know they were not wrong :))

They say "har jagah sab kuch nahi milta" which I never agreed in life... I always believed it’s in our mind... It’s all here if we are content... But, first time I realised... No matter what you have and what you do... If you don't have your people with you... It’s all waste...

I never felt this way in my life... Except... once in school when I was shifted to a new section with new kids and I was lost for many days... This is a similar feeling... I somehow feel everything is missing... I have learnt a lot though... It’s a churning experience for me and it was important... 

Today, I am less bothered about people... but, I have realised the value of my people more than ever and I miss them.

As of now... I m in search of the girl I used to be...  I know it’s in me... Somewhere scared... She used to inspire people to follow their heart and live life king size... Today, I am looking for that zeal again...

I need a miracle... I know they happen... God send me your angel... your best angel... I know I am your favorite... :-) Love you.. Please bless my people... Muaah :-*


Anonymous said...

nice blog!!!and nice very nice blogpost which brought the realities of life.liked the sentence-"my decisions are ruledby my heart"!!!very beautiful sentence and honesty good blogpost!!keep writing many more!!

Deepika said...

Thanks Anonymous

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