Saturday, March 7, 2015

Right or Wrong!

The topic itself is very subjective... As the definition is absolutely different for each one of us... What is wrong might be right for some... and vice-versa.

Recently, media released a documentary projecting the views of a rapist involved in Nirbhaya’s case.. listening to which I had a strong urge to kill those 5 people... And their mindset killed something inside me... So helpless I feel... what a useless existence I have if I can’t do anything to change this!

I was thinking about the points he said, the crime he committed... and our law’s take on it... I wonder what our government is waiting for. Why is he still alive?

But, thinking deeper on it, I asked myself “Is all law so weak, or, we as a society are incapable?”

We all blame law & order, it’s easy... but are we strong enough to raise our voice against wrong things.... And the answer is clear NO!

We all think about our individual existence, these cases like rapes, robberies are happening publicly but what people are doing except for keeping their mouth shut... I sometimes hate it... people can argue, gossip & crib later but when it’s about taking a stand for right or wrong they only think about themselves as an individual and stay quiet... If we as an individual will not stand against wrong we won’t be able to stop injustice... it’s not law... It’s ‘us’!

People always favour the one in power whether it is political or any other... no matter whether he/she is right or wrong... We live in a country where if you are strong ‘power-wise’ or ‘position-wise’ you are always right... And no one is bothered about the one who is weak, whether he/she is actually wrong or not..... And our media shows what they are paid for... It’s all “Power Game”...

Politics, law & order are very different level altogether... And most of it is beyond our control but this power game can be seen easily everywhere.. Be it a corporate or college or any other organisation...

No one supports an individual fighting against wrong... Everyone is only concerned about their existence, promotion, reputation etc... When we love gossiping and debating about these big level issues and blame our law and order why can’t we look around us and see what we are really upto... Most of the times people never support the ‘right thing’ till the time they are also affected... They blindly support the one in power... Issues are ignored completely till the time its personal! 

For rapists and murderers, we love saying “inko faansi pe chadha dena chahiye!”, “goli maar deni chahiye” but really what we are from inside... They can be hanged till death if only we learn to take our stand... I wonder, I live in a country where people died fighting and today all I see around me is a bunch of individuals living for their comfort and cribbing about social issues without even trying to play their part.... No one cares about right or wrong... All they know is their existence... And talk about justice... Bullshit!

The problem is we love cribbing & gossiping but don’t wanna take an initiative to stand against wrong... When its about taking a stand even the so called 'independent' guys are like "chhod na yaar, apne ko kya"; "hum kyu fassein, hone de jo ho raha hai"!

I feel I live in an era of “Spineless” youth....

And, alone I can’t change everything but... that cannot stop me from playing my part... I am not scared or afraid....

For... if I am right I fear nothing!

God, give me strength to not only stand for what is right but, also, to accept the fact that you are all alone when you take a stand! Amen.


KParthasarathi said...

I understand the anguish with which you wrote this piece.But individuals have limited role aginst an established system unless one goes into the agitational mode inviting public attention by sitting on a dharna in public place or squatting on a rail track or climbing high masts.More often than not,the guy would be hauled up to spend a couple of days behind bars.One must gather a crowd and not all people despite their sympathies with the cause, can risk their job,family and plunge into agitations.All they can do is to write letters to editors or in blog as you have done.

Deepika said...

That's the irony of life :-(

Deepika said...
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