Friday, September 11, 2015

10 things I learned in my 1 year @Mirchi

Today, on 11th September I completed my first one year in this office. This is not the first office where I completed my 1 year but this one year was great in terms of learning. I learnt things which no book or work experience can teach ever.

I learnt practical things about life and people and I am glad I stayed here after all the storms and troubles.

So, beginning with my list of lessons-

1.      There can be a life with a background music

O yes, I clearly remember the day when I walked into this office for the first time, there was a music in background all the time. For a girl like me who loves music, office couldn’t be better. The only thing I prayed was to be a part of this organisation and as you can see, I am completing my 1 year here. :D
So , when something bad happens to me here I think about the music and cheer myself up instantly.

Learning- Music truly lightens up mood and makes life beautiful.

2.      Life is Filmy

I am a Disney princess and my life is always filmy, and here I feel I am living a movie in real... where i have paintings of bollywood actors all around me, music in background. Freedom to think and do what I like. Just WOW!

Learning- At times, Dream jobs are for real! :)

3.      You need to be your own HERO

Yes Sweetheart, you need to fight for yourself and stand up for what is right, even if it means standing all alone. But, trust me its all worth fighting for, it’ll only make you a stronger and a better person. So, when bad time hits badly, just hold on and fight. NEVER GIVE UP. In future it’ll help wherever you’ll go.

Learning- God keep on testing all of us, just have faith and carry on.

4.      Don’t believe what others think of you

 I know myself the best. Period.

Those who don’t even know me are no one to judge me or tell me who I am. I am introvert, silent, aggressive, mean blah blah blah. To hell with the opinions. I spent 27 years with me, so, I know the best. And in 27 years I met more than 27000 people to judge me. I don’t care anymore. Peace.

Learning- Believe in YOURSELF. That’s what matters in long run.

5.      Eating alone

Yes, I was always reluctant to eat alone in public, not because I lack courage, it’s because I love eating with people. In my all previous workplaces we used to eat food together always. But, here I learnt to eat my food alone. Though, I really hated it. I even stop carrying lunch to office for sometime, but, then I gradually adapted. If that’s how it is... LET IT BE, why should I suffer?

Learning- If it’s necessary for you do it, even if it means doing it alone.

6.      No, you cannot find friends everywhere

This reminds me of Ranbir Kapoor’s answer for an interview question (In office context though), he said “ there are times when I pick my fone and scroll down contacts list but out of more than 1000, I can’t find one to call and share my heart out”. Believe me, initially used to think with time I’ll make friends, I was sure as I think I am a good friend. But, it doesnt matter how nice you are, you can't always find friends. So, instead I have learnt to work without them. Though even if I believe it’s great to have friends, I can do without having any in office.

Learning- I am now very comfortable being alone in office. People you need to impress can never be your friends.

7.      Everything happens for a reason

Yeah, though I need answers for many things happened. I need to know the reason behind :P
Just kidding, everything happens for a reason for sure and I always got my reverts from God. I believe in supreme power and I am sure anyone can be unfair to me but God can never be. I am his favourite Kid and I have blind faith. This one is for you, God- Muuuaaah ;-)

Learning- Trust the power above when you are restless.

8.      You cannot change everything

Though I know it’s obvious, I am no God. But, at times I really want to change certain things and it’s the only point where sometimes I feel really upset. But, as they say life is not always a bed of roses. Disney princess will have to fight a few villains anyways :P

Learning- Problems really makes us feel alive.

9.      People will judge you anyway

Yo, it’s very true. No matter what you say or do, good or bad, right or wrong, people will judge you. So, really do whatever you like, in a way you are comfortable with. At least please yourself because it’s really worth it.
Initially I used to attend all office parties thinking that they are my office people I should know them and I never enjoyed it for 1 good reason I never had friends here. And if they are not my friends it doesn’t matter what they think. So, if you want to skip a few parties you don’t enjoy go ahead and do it, anyways it doesn’t matter as long as you are happy doing it.

Learning- Do things for your people and please yourself, not everybody.

10.  There are happy workplaces in REAL!

Yes Yes there are and mine is one. So, it doesn’t really matter if I have friends or not, or I eat alone, I like working here. I am happy when I enter my office with background music, happy faces, colourful walls, creative and independent work culture. I am in love with it!
Whether I talk to people or not I find myself attached to them automatically I dunno how, its the culture bond we share. So many happy people around and it all seems like blessing to me.

Learning- Second time I am in love with my workplace. First was my first Job!

Dear God, I would like to thank you for everything. Be there with me always. And bless my people. I love you :)) muaah
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