Thursday, July 21, 2016

Heart vs Brain- On midnight Snacking!

Now a days it's happening more frequently.. On almost everything there is a conflict going on between my stupid heart and stubborn brain... today.. it's on midnight snacking...


Heart- I am hungry!

Brain- Go, eat paneer.

Heart- I wanna have something unhealthy and delicious.. you know something like butter popcorn or creamy cheesy pasta or crunchy buttery cornflakes :D

Brain- shut up! It's 11pm.. it's not the right time.. have warm water.. and go to sleep.. .

Heart- dude, I could have asked for pina colada or beer or LIT... I am just asking for snacks.. that too light ones.

Brain- huh!

Heart- and I always consider your opinions.

Brain- As if you listen to me!

Heart- Whatever!

Brain- Go. Eat. Brush. Sleep. And don't irritate me. You have to get up early.

Heart- you are a sweetheart ;-)

And this is how I ended up stuffing myself with snacks... :P

Brain is so right sometimes. :P

Good night God... Muaah.


Smita Nandi said...

So beautifully you have put the love-hate relationship between the heart and the mind. Pour more...

Anamika said...

nice topic

Ritu Sexana said...

Deepika Padukone

Deepika said...


Thank you :)
I'll certainly try to write more on this.

Deepika said...

@Anamika- thank you :)

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