Saturday, July 15, 2017

Oh no! I missed my Flight!

This nightmare is haunting me since the day I missed my flight for Chennai in Dec 2014, and to add on to it... I reached just 2 mins before the boarding gate closure for my Kolkata flight in March 2017. So, I know my brain is not at fault. It’s me. :(

It’s 5am… a beautiful Saturday morning and here I am… up with my eyes wide open, sipping coffee and waiting to leave for airport for a flight which is at 10am.

And… I need no alarm. My brain is strong enough. :P

So, last night I decided to sleep early… thinking I have to travel tomorrow so I’ll get up late by 8 or so and quickly rush to the airport. But no, my brain had some other plans... I couldn’t sleep before 12. :P

Then a beautiful dream started where I saw, I was playing cricket and missed my flight. I was up again at 1 am. :P

Ah! it was just 1, I slept again just to see another similar dream and was up at 4 am.

My my! My brain is so good and hyper active all the time during weekends. I am loving it. :P

On weekdays, I set 6 alarms to get up early... just to miserably fail at first 5 and push myself out of bed on 6th and on weekends it’s absolutely a different story altogether. I crave to sleep till late but up at 5 or 6 am without any alarm and that too after sleeping late, sometimes very late.

I wanted to be in deep sleep at this hour where I am sitting on my bed and typing this as I sip my coffee... Anyway, that’s how may be my Saturday was supposed to begin.

Let’s see what’s in store for me today... By the way, I am too excited to travel to this new city.. yayy :D

Ahh and my eyes are hurting :P

Dear God, I LOVE YOU… Please take care of my people and please think over granting my wish we discussed this Thursday and wait… yesterday as well… Muuaah :*

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