Sunday, April 26, 2009

Delhi- Amritsar- Delhi

A Place of delicacies….
A place of joyful people….
A place so moving….
A place where you’ll never feel you are new to it….
A place giving feel of old Delhi…
A place of Golden Temple….
A place known as

…But before i start with Amritsar I really wanna say…. Every place is beautiful in its own sense but Nothing’s like ‘My Delhi….!!!
More I go away from it more I fall in love with it… And I realize this is the place where I wanna spend my life… Of course I love to travel and I wanna see the world but i wanna live here…….. :D
Before starting with my journey I would like to describe Amritsar….. Its green, cooler than Delhi, crowded, people are helpful and friendly and I got few friends too :), you’ll find 'kulcha' and 'lassi' everywhere it’s their staple food, you’ll find more 'beer and wine shops' than other kinda shops… in every market there were at least 3-4 wine shops, their local transport is shared autos and cycle rikshaws, it’s very hard to find ice cream there :(… I had to try hard for that…, it gives feel of old Delhi…., the best part of the place is Golden Temple… which crowded even at 10 in the night….. Now starting with my journey….
I reached Amritsar on April 22, 2009 around 2.00 PM rushed to my guest house…. and my first meeting was at 3.00 PM since then my work started…. Got free around 9.30 PM had food at their famous Dhaba which was 90years old place…. I rushed back to my guest house and slept…. Got no time for photography on day 1…. :(
Day 2 i.e., April 23, 2009 started at 5AM…. Quickly got ready and left at 6.30AM…. After a hectic day full of work….. I got free at 9PM since my next day was the last day and it was already fixed with presentations and meetings and very tight schedule…. I thought of visiting Golden temple…. I went there at 9PM… it was looking beautiful in the dark… I was stunned…. Speechless….. Then I slowly murmured WAAOW!! I Went inside…. after coming out I sat there for an hour and was looking at the fishes in the water…. It was the best part of the day and was a stress buster for me… I suddenly realized I have meetings tomorrow first one starting at 7 AM so I rushed back and slept…. Yes, I got chance of clicking few pictures… :D
Day 3 i.e., April 24, 2009…. It was hectic…. Hectic like anything….. I got free at 4PM and my train was at 5PM….. I got ready and left at 4.30PM for station…. And was in Delhi at 12.00 midnight…. And guess what I had office in the morning…. Well…. After working on Saturday I got Sunday finally off…. Though my boss told to come on Sunday too :((…. But I badly needed off….
In three days in Amritsar or say 2 complete days I had 5 presentations and 4 meetings…. It was a hectic week… but overall I really enjoyed it…. :)) it was a nice experience…..
Though I didn't got chance of clicking many pictures…. I am sharing the ones I clicked….

Golden Temple, Amritsar(side view)

Golden Temple, Amritsar(front view)

Morning in Amritsar

Khalsa College, Amritsar

A Snapshot


Amal Bose said...

it looks really beautiful at night.. and good take too, looks pro
Im sure ill be visiting it soon.

muthu said...

the golden temple snaps are good....

hmhm... i always wanted to go there..... :)

Sourav !!! said...

Umm .. pics were as real as they can be !!

If ur planning for Kashmir, I'm planning for Amritsar, and other parts of Punjab soon !!

With the rigorous and tiring routine...u had there (i understand i have been through the over-coveted MBA internship too) ... at times, it becomes impossible to find time for urself, forget places... But whatever amount of calories u had "gained" in going to that place and enjoying the lassi and kulcha ... will be worth it :D
Golden temple is real GOLD by any sense ... sorry but i had to copy that pic from ur blog and keep that as my desktop wallpaper ... !!!

Keep updating and keep commenting and not to forget keep falling in love more with yourself more everyday ... !

Amit said...

Interesting indeed!.... are u doing your summer internship?

Deepika Gupta said...

thanks.. you shud visit it :)

Thanks :)

Thanks :) i'll surely

Thanks... yup m doing my summer internship...

nitin said...

good one!!!
even the clicks are beautiful:)
even though u were tired u still gave ur best that was the good part overall... and yup keep writing!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Deepika,
Nice Pictures, Nice Blog Design,You Done Good Job.
Thanks For Your Comment On My Blog, I Feel Better If You Follow My Blog. You Have Good Writing Skills.
I'm Waiting To Your Next Post.

LAN said...

hey; what i liked is the snap with a sardarji on a cycle; awesome snap!! keep it up.....nice post; i have never been to amritsar.......this is tempting!!!

raj87 said...

Amritsar,I've heard is some place....Great to see the pics...

Boby Thomas said...

Great entry ... golden temple is awesome.

Boby Thomas

Vikram said...

I need some gold

Sachin Kumar Gupta said...

Starting poetic lines r really cool.
Keep writing.

Puneet Parakh said...

Really, Amritsar is Great !! I plan a visit there October this year :-)

Hopeless Romantic said...

i visited Amritsar n wagah border in aug 2006. Wagah border was a treat with celebrations on for 15 aug....good u enjoyed ...keep in touch !

Nazish Rahman said...

nice....i should say your office is making full use of interns...but at the same time its a nice experience for u guys!!!

nice pics by the way!!!

take care!!!

et said...

Aww the golden temple is awesome.. like glowing in the dark. I badly wanna visit the place!
And then the Khalsa college..wat kinda collg is it? Anyway looks way cooler than any colleges around here!! :D

U must be too lucky to have seen these all in realtime!

Deepika Gupta said...

hmm.... thanks :)


he he thanks... Golden temple no doubt is worth visiting

yes.. u have heard right.... :)

Thanks for visiting my blog...

He he you won't get gold from that temple ;)

Thanks :)

Thanks... do visit you'll enjoy :)

I missed that part :(
had no time for that....

he he he, no doubt they are... so am i.... not leaving any opportunity ;)
Thanks :)

yea i was lucky... i wish i could explain that feeling of sitting near water and watching colorful fishes in the dark... and that beautiful golden temple....
That is khalsa college just like Hansraj in Delhi ;) but of course no comparison.. :)

Sharad Sharma said...
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Sharad Sharma said...

the first few lines for me would be : the farther I go from Chandigarh , the more I fall in love with it :P

came back from a trip to Delhi today.
Delhi has always been a fascinating destination with different type of people,rich heritage and so many places to see but the traffic and dust was maddening

Amritsar,of course,is a fantastic place and heaven for foodie like me. Golden temple is a place where one can feel the positive energy flowing all around..absolutely brilliant.. nice pictures/post

Keep traveling,

Anonymous said...

Sounds like an awesome summer internship! I'm doing one too, but I'm not half as busy, and I don't get to travel like you do.

Deepika Gupta said...

:) i know it happens we love our place..... Yes, Delhi is crowded and polluted but its all because of us... but there are more good things than bad ones.... place of culture and foodies' paradise.. Here you can find the best of food and drinks from all across the world.... the best hangouts and everything.... i'll soon write on my Delhi.. i am thinking from long but i always run short of words.... :)
And waise bhi
'No state is perfect usey perfect banana padta hai' ;)

Even i had that option of taking that corporate internship in Reliance, Mahindra, Indiabulls, sharekhan and all... but i chose this one coz i wanted to learn and i know my friends who are in those companies are just sitting and doing nothing more than preparing reports :)
And thats why i feel lucky though i have to work realy hard round the clock and thats so with no word of appreciation.. but i know what am doing and what am learning, people to whom i talk appreciate and i know the changes am inculcating in myself.... And am working for a good cause this gives me the feeling of immense satisfaction.. :D

Anonymous said...

yeah I'm in the corporate world. It's really really great work, lots of brain-thinking stuff... but it's definitely not the experience you're getting! Keep sharing stories :)

Sharad Sharma said...

hmm Delhi sure must be a fascinating topic to write on..if I have stories from my limited and short visits to Delhi , you must have a whole lot..
would love to read your version of Dilli :)

hope it happens soon :)


Anonymous said...

WOW Deepika !!U write so well, even I feel like visiting Amritsar ;-) !!! HA HA HA HA....
The Khalsa college school pics r awesome :-)!!
Too bad u did nt take pics og GNDU :-( !!!


Deepika Gupta said...

Next time i gonna take pics of your GNDU for sure... ;)
you know baby.... my routine over there :(
but i miss those days :)

BrownPhantom said...

It's a matter of shame for me that even I still haven't visited Punjab, considering the fact that I've covered nearly 20 states and yes, I've stayed in Delhi/Gurgaon too. Not going to let go af the next chance I get to visit Punjab :). I love the energy there.

Deepika Gupta said...

20 states!! lucky you... i've hardly been to 8-10.... :(
but yup Punjab is cool place... really energetic :)

Anand said...

Deep..... I can jus about imagine how u must abeen laughing at that time.

And be it Amritsar, Delhi, Mumbai....every place has it's own highs and lows, inni?

I visit Delhi often..yet..Im an out n' out Mumbai dude.
So instead of sayin....there's no place like MY Mumbai.....I'd rather say..there's no place like...HOME !!! :-)

Hey..heard Delhi rite now is burning?? Garam garam..solid garam ho gaya hai??

Deepika Gupta said...

Very TRUE... Nothing's like 'home sweet home' whether it be any place.... but i have heard alot about Mumbai... Will surely go there too sumday :)

yeaa.. Delhi is burning :'(
temp is touching 44... 5 degrees above normal :((

ShantanuDas said...

Hello Deepika .. thanks for landing on my relationships blog.. I got a chance to visit yours and saw the Golden Temple.. how lovely.. very beautiful photos u have taken.. Since you have photo as a may like to follow my photoblog.. and also the other blogs..

I am following you now so that I rbr to come back.. lets exchange our views of India.. cheers!

Deepika Gupta said...

Thanks Shantanu :)

- R.K. said...

just a passer by

BTW 2day it rained in amritsar, which gave me an excuse to bunk my summer internship :D
but by the noon, it was again hot here. thats amritsar. :)

and believe me when i say this, its not that cool here, really.

try visiting amritsar during new year, diwali, or gurupurab. they put up laser lights at the golden temple, and that makes it look even more beautiful.

Deepika Gupta said...

Wow!! sounds good...
Someone from Amritsar.. yesterday it rained here in Delhi too.... :)
And i just compared the weather.. No doubt its cooler than Delhi....

I would definitely like to visit during the main season you are talking about :)

Creativity!! said...

Woowwwww......Superb Fantastic Description along with pix:) I really extremely liked and feeling like rushing to Amritsar:) Thanks a Lot for sharing pix Dear :)

Deepika Gupta said...

Thanks :)

Karan said...

lovd ur description of th city of the Golden Temple... :) ... i hv been there n it is a really nice city.. nice n peaceful... thr r many othr places to visit.. like the wagah border.. sme othr Gurudwaras apart from the Golden Temple.. but undoubtedly.. Golden Temple.. or Soni Darbar... as sme call it.. is the best...!! :) ...

u shud go thr whn u hv more time.. u hd an extremely hectic schedule.. whr r u doing ur internship frm ?? and wht r u supposd to do ??

lovd th icecream n kulcha line.. :) ..

u hv an eye for photography... n u hv a really nice cam.. lovd th Golden Temple n Khalsa College pics... :) ...

Deepika Gupta said...

Thanks Karan... :)
Next time i surely gonna spend more time there...
M doing internship with Centre for Environment Education (profile marketing).... Its an NGO....
its part of my MBA curriculum....

Karan said...

oh an NGO... and that too one which is into Environmental issues.. nice.. :) ... wht are you exactly doin fr an ngo ..?? marketing n ngo somehow dont go togethr...

n u r welcome.. :)

Deepika Gupta said...

I am working on their social campaign...for which m going in schools, organisations etc and giving presentation regarding current environment issues....
for the same purpose i went Amritsar :)

Karan said...

ohhh that ways... this is so cool ya... :) ... very nice.. :) ..

u working Al Gore Style.. :) ... like in that documentary.. An Inconvenient Truth.. :)

Keep it going.. :) ...

Deepika Gupta said...

yeah... same ways... its really cool.. :)
Thanks :D

Anonymous said...

To Travel is gr8 ! and if you get to travel and see places @ company expenses its double gr8 ! :D

Njoy ! ;)

Deepika Gupta said...

he he.... true ;)

Anand said...

Nice Post. Visit mine and tell me your comments..

With Warm Regards


BHARAT said...

thats was a great blog... how long have you taken to reach this level of blogging
anyways chkout ma blog

Deepika Gupta said...

there is no level... :)
Thanks i'll visit urs soon :)

Maya said...

Dear Deepika

THe images were amazing. And it is so amazing to that even in a hectic schedule you manage to say you enjoyed. You really inspire.

take care