Sunday, May 22, 2011

Amritsar and lots more! :D

I was craving to be here since I came back from Amritsar…. It was a brilliant trip for sure… From the beginning till the end… I loved it…

Let’s begin with my day… I am excited to share about today because after a very long time I got my Sunday free…. Can say almost after 1 year… that’s a real long time……. So many things happened in this 1 year which I wanted to write but had very less time…. I used to steal out my own time to take my feelings out on blog… And most of the time it used to be on the darker side…. But.. as they say nothing is forever… I am happy to be on the other side… :-)

I wanted to write but was not feeling inspired or motivated so I slept….. The weather today is amazing…. I guess that’s the one reason I was dying to write…. Honestly, sometimes I feel like a frog who loves to jump when it rains :-)) or like a Disney movie character who loves to sing a song whenever something good happens… The other day I was driving to my office and was singing at full volume… Of course.. no one can listen to you when windows are closed and vice versa and I was so lost that I was about to bang my car.. :P

Coming back to Amritsar it was an awesome trip…. Beginning from the journey… to the stay… photography…. Food… yummyyy…. Everything was just rocking… Moreover, we planned a surprise birthday party for my boss… It went great too…. I just loved it… :D

The only thing I didn’t like was the Wagah border…. It was simply boring… And the best part was after a fun day I watched ‘Hercules’ on Disney Channel at night.... Lucky me :-) it was a short trip though.. I bought lotsa stuff for mom from there and she loved it :D….

Running short of words… May be because I wanna write so much… :P…. I’ll write and post…. For now I am leaving it here with the pictures I clicked..… :-)

Thank you God… Love you… Muaah :D

Fishes @ Golden Temple

Pigeons @ Golden Temple

Me and Sharmi

Golden Temple

Golden Temple

Kid at Wagah Border :-)

Wagah Border

Abhishek Sir's Birthday cake

Wagah Border

Wagah Border

A Painting :-)


Prasanth said...

Happy Sunday... :-)
the pics r nice, special mention for the golden temple nd the kids..
you captured them very well...


sush said...

just stumbled into blog other day, read many posts and started following too. what a vibrant blog u own. nice.
i'd never seen amrithsar. ur blog feed is too good.

Anonymous said...

its nice to see u happy
and great pics...

Nikita said...

Loveliee pics..

I love Amritsar myself.....

Creativity!! said...

Beautiful Photography :) :) Wish I too Visit Golden Temple.

Rohit Dassani said...

good one mam!! keep it up!!

Deepika said...

@Prasanth- Thanks :-)

@Sush- Thanks dear :)

@Chirag- Thanks :-)

@Nikita- Its indeed a lovely place.. Thanks for dropping by :)

@Creativity- :-) thanks dear

@Rohit- Thank you :-)

Catherine Tramell said...
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